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  1. I guess DE don’t like players farming for a hour and already has everything building in their foundry within a newly released update without buying anything.
  2. That sucks. I would consider actually buying some tennogen for him if we could because I would use him more. I just wonna build the clone with a bit more survivability than my own since it’s gonna lack moving around like an actual player (bullet jumping, dodging around enemies every 5 sec lol) since he will last until his health runs out.
  3. It doesn’t mentioned it anywhere but will we be able to mode his clone similar to how we mod Mesa’s regulators or Khora Kavat? I would like to mod the clone differently then my own Warframe. That would be neat too.
  4. The other ones I can see your point. Wasting 3 precious Forma just to gain nightwave rep is a good example unless I already plan on forma’ing some things that week but these I don’t understand. You don’t even have 10 relics prior to this? Like I figured ppl have over 100 relics that they barely crack open just sitting in their inventory collecting dust. Then the glyph challenge. That has to be a joke right? Like there is no way your 100% serious about that complaint.
  5. I think it means completing the whole sortie. So yes. All 3 missions.
  6. I don’t think this is something your suppose to use on all frames. Just the ones you can go long runs in endgames. Same with the Umbral polarity. I think with these endgame formas, if you use them all on 1 frame. You can really make a unique build with half of the build cost. Given if DE comes up with more unique formas.
  7. I don’t think Mastery Rank hold much weight to it for it to have a deep meaning other than “this person ranked every weapon in the game”.
  8. Thank you. Will save this image & try these later
  9. Any combo that require you to move down isn’t great and causes you to miss your first swing if it start at the beginning at a combo. Sometimes it’s difficult to hit a guy with your first swing when you do this. It has to be a better alternate for any combo that has a move down within the combo.
  10. I’ll go through 7 Forma on 1 frame before I use an 1 umbra polarity
  11. So I’m currently messing around with 2 energy colors for Nezha & Zenistar since those 2 are probably the best ones you can see the 2 energy colors together on. But as of currently. The only 2 colors that’s probably the best are Purple & Blue. Also given that you can see the 2 different colors. Anyone else have some great energy color combos that they would like to share?
  12. She looks great, plays great and a incredible team player with team buffs and aggro. I’m just hoping her buff numbers aren’t terrible like Titania’s with over 200% power strength. Also I’m sure her Sun ability will be tweaked slightly but it’s good that it’s considered over powered. We don’t have many abilities like it. Most ults are CC or aoe abilities taking out groups. Ults that aren’t aoe should be powerful.
  13. How can we even activate the special effects? We used to activate it by channeling but that’s gone now
  14. I really would love to see all of this in action within the next devstream
  15. When you go to Konzo. He is gonna have 2 bounties that includes the new Warframe parts. Your gonna have to do both of em until you get the part, build & claim em to proceed with the quest.
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