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  1. Hydroid post revisit

    I just think Hydroid himself is just a awful frame. Of course a frame having water powers on paper sounded really cool. But if what we get is Hydriods current abilities. It's not all that great. I still think Hydroid entire kit should be changed and not tweaks to his abilities to add synergy.
  2. Sekryt - Another Stealth Frame

    Eh stealth frames are usually boring. Especially if your in a survival or a defense mission. Stealth itself is already very limited just because of the game modes itself. Stealth is only good for Capture, Exterminate ( some can argue here ) and Rescue. No need to make a frame who is only good for 3 game modes really. I like the passive though. But even a stealth frame need at least 1 offensive ability
  3. Neat Captura Screenshots

    Trust and believe captura is definitely not a under appreciated part of Warframe. I always mess with it from time to time. So does a lot of others on Xbox. Players are always flooding the Warframe club feed with captura shots.
  4. Real question is. Do we even need it?
  5. Nerf Zakti in conclave it's too op

    I believe that DE already has nerf has dmg once before. The weapon can't just be good? Not every weapon needs to be mastery fodder.
  6. Cernos Prime Needs a BUFF and Damage FiX!!

    Bow would be perfect if it an an alt fire. Single bow to take down the heavies and split arrows for crowds.
  7. Ferrox vs Opticor?

    Eh I wouldn't say that. Opticor does have a nice chunk of dmg but Ferrox can dish out more shots than the opticor and have a chance to red crit with both Argon Scope and Point Strike. There is really no comparing which is better. They both are great. Can really compare 2 great weapons to see which is better.
  8. Unused augments

    I have this currently equipped on my Nova. It has its uses for semi crowd control on close targets. It has more of a use than the other posted ones.
  9. Plains of Eidolon

    Yeah I pretty much asked this on a thread I recently made pretty much saying how much would a player spend on Edioion vs the normal nodes we all are used to. I just hope there is a lot to do once it comes out.
  10. Plains of Eidolon

    So words can't even describe how exciting this is about to be. But there are still some stuff that came up in my mind after viewing the video. World Enemies Levels I don't really like fighting weak enemies at all. I make my frame strong. All my weapons strong to their full potential. To fight already weak enemies? I'm hoping that there will be different level instances of Plains of Eidolon where enemies can be harder Archwing on Demand is cool but. Being able to actually fly our ships. When?? I was pretty blown away when you was able to actually call in your Archwing. But when will we be able to actually fly our ships? Not only in our loading screens Exactly how big is the open world? I really don't want to get excited to jump right into an open world in Warframe only to find out the the open world isn't exactly big as we all want it to be. Set Mods? Im excited for this but after carefully modding each and every one of our frames even down to the utility slots. Can we really fit another mod into our builds? This one concerns me. Exactly how much a player would spend on Plains of Eidolon vs the nodes we all are used to How much there is to do in the open world plays a very big part. There should be so much to do that you can stay within the open world in one sitting Well I just wanted to share some thoughts about what was shown. What are some of you guys questions, concerns, maybe something that caught your eye? Feel free to share
  11. Tennocon Liset decoration could use some improvements.

    Didn't notice it till you mentioned it but that is a lot of blank space that isn't getting used up.
  12. Can Anyone Tell me the price ranges between my rivens?

    Depends on the weapon, stats, & rerolls to get a good estimate on which rivers sell for. Brakk & Simulor will probably sell for more than the other 2 thou.
  13. Speargun Idea – Mobility

    That's a little tricky considering when you throw your melee and it switches to your secondary weapon. So if you secondary weapon doesn't have an alt fire. It will just do nothing. Or you will just activate your secondary alt fire if your using one. Unless it automatically teleports you to the location immediately after landing. But then you have to worry about teleporting in out of bounds areas.
  14. Does pistol amp affect Titania's 4th

    Since secondary weapons doesn't exist for Archwing. Pistol amp does not. Dez Pixia is considered a primary.
  15. So the recent update on pc. One interesting sentence said that void dash now notifies you when energy is replenished per enemy hit. It always been hidden till now. Anyone on console tested this? See if energy is secretly replenished when you hit enemies with void dash in operator form? I feel foolish that I never noticed it.