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  1. I can see adding specific attachments could turn regular moas into Bursa’s. That would be pretty cool & a way for them to technically not add 2 of the same companion.
  2. So its been a very long time since I focused farmed. Now I’m trying to branch away from Vazarin & change up my operator play style a bit. What are some good focus farming tips? Also should I be focus farming on The Steel Path since enemies start out at 100? Only thing that could get in the way are the Acolytes spawning it messing up stealth farming.
  3. I thought ppl hyped up Second dream more than Natah.
  4. It just sucks imbuing the same element all the time in between ability use. Other than that. I do find him fun to play
  5. I guess the quick fix for that would be imbuing the heat element twice. Once to get the combo gas element & then once again so it can just be heat.
  6. I understand. But the way I think of it is. If your fused Viral. Then all of your abilities will constantly to viral unless you imbue another element. Like for example. You’ll have viral on all your abilities. Then if you imbue toxin. Viral immediately switch to toxin. All abilities will deal toxin until you imbue another element. Then if you imbue electric, turning into corrosive. With this change you always dealing another element into your abilities. I find it a little less frustrating than it is now.
  7. I don’t know if this was suggested already but after messing around with Larvos. He is in deed fun to play but I feel like he is one good change from being even greater. The change is keeping the imbued element for all abilities until you imbue another element. Not trying to nitpick but having to imbue elements after every ability cast on a caster frame is kinda a lot. I don’t know if this change would be too great to get. Or maybe DE wants us to get six packs on our thumbs (on controller) but it just seems too much sometimes. Anyone else agrees or is there nothing really to complain about
  8. This is good to know but I’ll most likely still run with random squads simply because I haven’t maxed out on either Mech & I heard this event was a great affinity gain for them.
  9. And for this reason alone. We will never get them for Warframes. I believe rivens was for the players asking for weapon buffs but DE can’t fulfill everyone request so they give us the ability to. Which isn’t a bad concept. But in reality, it just made already good weapons better. Even with the disposition changes
  10. This has been brought up before when melee rivers were being talked about. Absolutely no one likes the idea. Because it could be game breaking. I could see it happening if it didn’t include stuff like range, strength, efficiency, or duration & focused more on parkour, sprint speed, revive speed, bullet jump etc but those are stuff ppl don’t really care about plus it’s not enough stats to make rivens on.
  11. Ahhh okay this I didn’t know. That’s weird because I don’t even use the Shield. I switch powers using the D pad & if I have one ability in use then switch to highlight another ability to get ready to about to use. It automatically deactivates the current highlighted ability. Idk if this it a Mech feature to limit only 1 ability in use at a time or a bug. But now I know to activate & deactivate the shield if I come across this again. Thanks guys.
  12. So randomly when playing BoneWidow, when using Ironbride. It consumes energy per swing and doesn’t combo. Then other times. It doesn’t consume more energy per swing and does the single combo it has. Is there a reason why this happen & has this been patched in a future update yet?
  13. Thanks for the input. I just might hold off leveling them for now until the event comes.
  14. May I suggest you doing Railjack to max out intrinsics in preparation for the command skill??
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