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  1. Its gonna take awhile before we will have the ability to mute Octiva's in ur squad from the options menu and not mess with the n game music. Just gotta get more buzz to get DE attension. Then problem solved
  2. Yeah. If I was working on Octiva. Mandachord mute button wouldve been 1st on my list to make. Just to mute other Octivia's in ur squad. Maybe thats harder to pull of than we think. Either way. Needs to happen. Im sure if we get enough players to ask for this. DE will do it. So far we asked for ability to name our loadouts, toggleable prime details, toggle old archwing and we recieved them all. So we know DE is listening.
  3. Them bundle prices arent cheap. Plus the exclusive skins arent really worth paying for. They meh at best.
  4. Im sure we will get that one too because that pretty much was apart of that tac alert
  5. I found Vay Hek so annoying to fight. Dont like how you have to wait for his mask to open to fire on him. Even though you will be missing most shots because he flys all weird. Im with a rework for him. Not fun to fight at all.
  6. We will get the pvp tac alert after the current event. The tac alert will start in April
  7. Also technically you cant ask a Octiva to stop playing music. Well because thats her whole kit. Id advise to play solo for awhile until the Octiva craze die down like with Nidus if she bothers you that much.
  8. Im suprised DE didnt give her, her own dedicated button in the options to mute Octivia's in your squad.
  9. I thought of this too as soon as Octivia came out. This is probably most difficult than the Warframe builder.
  10. If you have some free time I would love to hear what sounds you came up with. Ive been loving what ppl came up with for her
  11. He saying that he wants to make new sound packs via tennogen
  12. Im not seeing how. From seeing how the 2 abilities works. You would throw Mallet out. Let enemies dmg it enough for the ability to do dmg and then throw out Resonator for it to travel and have enemies follow it while packing a punch to enemies Seems like a better combo then anything else in the game.
  13. I was just about to say this. Lol
  14. That looks awesome. Suprised a sculpture havent replaced the 4k endo from sorties yet.
  15. Theres a new one? Wonder what it looks like.