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  1. I’m more jealous that you got all schools maxed. I would hold on to em just n case DE makes them useful elsewhere.
  2. They all aren’t really that great.
  3. Why is there not visually more rock armor on Atlas?

    Probably because of FashionFrame reasons. (Remember Rhino old Iron skin would cover up his FashionFrame?) I personally would love Atlas covered as a Rock being with Rock pebbles falling off of him as time decays.
  4. Atlas

    Ohh then i don’t know. Im still waiting for us to get Nyx Graxx skin but we still haven’t gotten It.
  5. Atlas

    Everything comes to us eventually. Patients young grasshopper.
  6. Will apostasy take place on the PoE ?

    I hope not. The missions on the Plains already get boring too quickly just because there is a very limited mission choices.
  7. The Temporary Future of Warframe Trials

    I guess it’s gonna take even more time to even see a glimps of a Corpus raid.
  8. Chroma Spectral Scream and Effigy Ideas

    Maybe have Chroma Vex Armor & Elemental Ward combine into one ability. Have his one ability change elements (having that as his passive is a lazy thought). Chroma needs his spectral scream. I just think It could use the same function as the Amprex in terms of dmg. It would be better in terms of dmg than It is now.
  9. Chroma's Vex Armor's Armor nerf (FIXED)

    Wow seriously?? I was actually gonna buy his deluxe and forma him to prepare for the update. But I’m not if his buffs got weaker.
  10. Veterans: "We need more Endgame" DE: *Retires Raids*

    I just feel like it’s time to take another break. Lately I’ve just been popping on to Warframe just to keep my logins going. But lately I’ve been playing Fortnite. It’s be alright at keeping me occupied. Now I’m looking at possibly getting the newest Far Cry
  11. Veterans: "We need more Endgame" DE: *Retires Raids*

    It’s the closest thing we have to it.
  12. What are we expecting from Trials Remaster ?

    Tell me about It. JV does not need a nightmare mode.
  13. Veterans: "We need more Endgame" DE: *Retires Raids*

    They are gonna come back eventually but for the better? DE said Dark sectors will eventually come back before they said It will be co op based.
  14. Veterans: "We need more Endgame" DE: *Retires Raids*

    Well while your right. You can’t really say that. We can’t call It endgame content because you don’t really get nothing great from It. Maybe a 3 hour booster and a random arcane. But at the same time. It’s not like someone can hop on Warframe for the first time and complete It like it’s nothing. They was endgame. Just not done right tbh. This is true. I like to fight higher level enemies. I hate fighting/killing low level enemies. It’s no fun. Speak for yourself. Having easy fights won’t even feel like you accomplished anything really. It could be. Only if night get it’s time extended. We still don’t know how to summon these new ones. How much much time It will take since Chroma won’t be able to one shot anymore.
  15. Dev Workshop: Warframes Revisited Part 2

    Will Gara self buff will have a ui? Sometimes when I use It. I can’t tell if it’s on myself or an enemy/friendly in front of me