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  1. show against ember deluxe skin space chicken

    It’s probably the 2nd deluxe skin I don’t find that looks good. With Nova being the 1st. But then again. Maybe I need to see it recolored. But I would like the 1st skin over DE one. Who told them to change it anyway? Lol
  2. Bounty Rewards are Still "laughable"

    Has anyone gotten an Eidolon lens blueprint yet? Would love to know the requirements of it
  3. What’s In The Twitch Reward Drop Table?

    So since you can earn rewards from watching Warframe streamers for 1 hour in a sitting. What rewards are we able to get?
  4. So since you can earn rewards from watching Warframe streamers for 1 hour in a sitting. What rewards are we able to get?
  5. Never said it was neither fun or good content. I’m upset about it too when it comes over console. I’m all about now leveling new Operator. You know how much time I would have to put in to maximize my Operator? Including Focus farms plus Eidolon hunting? I’m very disappointed. Maybe if enough ppl complain on the same subject. DE will hear and we will hear a response. Just like it did when we was trying to get the Arsenal added to simulacrum. Also with the Hema costs etc etc. We will hear something. Let’s just hope it’s something we like.
  6. Shield Disruption usefull now ?

    Wow. Since when a mod whole purpose is a bug? DE isn’t making Hunting them any easier. Well. At the same time. They are suppose to be immune to Warframe attacks. Does that also go for auras??
  7. Grind isn’t terrible. I guess its to keep players to keep killing Eidolons just so it’s easy to find a squad who is Eidolon hunting.
  8. [RESOLVED] FYI: Twitch account Linking currently disabled.

    What achievements and what do you earn? Been awhile since I was on the forums
  9. MR Test retries locked for 24 hours

    I’m with you. Never understood it either. I guess it’s to prevent you from practicing until you get good maybe? I don’t know. But with every fail. Your learn it. Remember it. Then finally pass it
  10. Thanks for Watching Devstream #99!

    Ember deluxe looks like she got some touch ups from Nekros himself. Have to see it recolored
  11. I’ve been trying to link my Warframe and Twitch account so I can get that Syandana but I’ve been loading for awhile now and error msgs keep popping up. I can go on any other website fine except the Warframe home page
  12. sooo. archwing equip?

    There’s a little segment your clan have to research first then after it’s done. You equip it in your gear slot from what I’ve seen
  13. Focus on existing content before new content.

    I’m sure they have a team dedicated to fix on bugs. Who knows. Half these problems could be fixed once PoE comes out.
  14. Legendary Foma - A New Way To Forma

    So I’ve made a thread for which someone replied with an interesting idea that I’d thought I share. Possible legendary reward for either POE or Sorties. Legendary Forma. A forma for which you can use on any maxed equipment to add a polarity without reseting the target equipment level. This could ease up a bit on how much time we spend on leveling equipment. Thoughts? Credit: (PS4)NineChoirs
  15. With POE. Can It Be A Vendor For Instant Leveling Equipment?

    Mmmm interesting idea.