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  1. Try the Trading post forums. You might have more luck over there if not here.
  2. I think I may just buy the controller & just try. I just want to remap the extra buttons to different powers only. & hopefully it will work on charge abilities without holding a button to bring up the ability menu then holding a additional button to charge.
  3. So I was just wondering. The Xbox Elite Controller has extra switches on the back of the controller. Can you configure these extra switches to activate warframe powers? Thinking about gettting an elite controller but I just wanted to know this first.
  4. Now I know we talked about this topic before but I just would like to once more. Grenades. Enemies have them while us the Tenno does not like we are too uninformed to learn the tech. Now I know there’s probably no need for them since we have powers but hear me out. If we did, we could really get creative with them. Default would cause knockdowns with small amount of ragdolling. We could mod them. Have less slots than your typical weapon. It could have 4 slots for modding. “Grenade ammo” has a rarer chance to drop than sniper ammo. Your typical mods could be damage, range, status, augment. I feel like with 4 slots, it has room for sacrifice so it doesn’t feel overpowered without giving up one stat aspect. Like more damage mods which means you’ll have to give up range & a possible second element for a combined status. “Endgame” mods could be Warframe abilities with smaller effects. A couple of examples could be Atlas: Petrify Banshee: Sonic Boom Excalibur: Radical Blind Frost: Small Aoe freeze Harrow: small aoe Condemn Grenades could really be fun to use & it just sucks there’s not a lot of players out there backing up the idea. What you guys think?
  5. No. Not at all but I would like grenades at some point actually. It would be nice to mod for them to have status effects, setup for finishers. Endgame mods for grenades could actually have small Warframe effects like Nova 4th or something. We could really have fun with this but DE will never allow it.
  6. So pretty much the Balistica Prime effect? Idk about the specters. These mods are just suppose to be fun mods. This actually sound like it could b useful. Which is probably the opposite of what DE was going for when making these mods.
  7. Well players like to define endgame as the highest tier enemy level you can possibly go. Not to far off from what was shown in the recent devstream
  8. “A Lich with a ephemera would be an elite or prime and be more difficult to fight” Idk about this one. Well I dont think enemies should get a “prime” variant since thats already unique to us Tenno. Also a lvl 5 Lich is already kinda a pain to fight so idk if I wonna know how strong a “Elite” level 5 Lich would be. I love everything else thou.
  9. Blast? Who actually mods for blast? You come out better modding for Viral. Also blast & high tier enemies dont go in the same sentence. Experiment with the simulacrum with different mods suggested here. You will find your weapons performing better than this underwhelming build.
  10. So I’ve been using the Basmu and I’m having trouble understanding how the healing effect takes place. So I know the healing effect happens when you run out of ammo and reload but I’m confused because the healing effect doesn’t actually heal all the time but I see the pulses damage the enemies so what gives? I’m just curious.
  11. I’ve been having a lot of fun from the event. I know there some players that have a few issues with it but I’m enjoying it.
  12. I can say I never seen anyone asking about that. I feel like warframe players are never satisfied.
  13. Since when this change was made? I must’ve missed this change somewhere in the patch notes. Can anyone find where this change was listed & why?
  14. You do realize they’ll get to releasing more for him in time. Probably not anytime soon since they released new augments not too long ago
  15. Well they will drain your energy if they hit you right? So just umm don’t get hit?
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