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  1. I feel like Mag is good but she just isn’t that survivable when playing alone. She works best when playing with someone else. Just so she’s not always being targeted by everyone.
  2. There are a handful of challenges that I would rather do conservation over them. Besides are you still trying to reach the highest tier? Because if not, there is really no need to complain about 1 particular challenge
  3. Condition Overload plus any rare stances. Or just go to the codex & see what rare mods you don’t have yet & start there.
  4. I think any game wiki that did have a spot in the App Store got taken down because the same is happening to the Borderlands wiki I recently downloaded (before ios13) around the time I got the game. Sucks because I really used both of those
  5. So I had the Warframe wiki app on my phone for a long while. Recently I try to launch the app and it just force closes. I go the App Store to see maybe it needs an update. The Warframe wiki is no longer in the store. Anyone know why it was taken down? I use that app for pretty much everything Warframe. Now the app no longer exists in the store. Lol (sorry if this is in the wrong spot)
  6. There is no appropriate way to play any frame. I still think Excalibur’s powers should still be changed. More specific, his 1 & 3. They both don’t really serve a purpose into mid game. His 1 just dashes into enemies in a cone & surviving enemies just fall to the ground & I don’t even know what’s his 3 is for. But most players just uses his 4th & his 2 when playing him.
  7. I feel like they should just take the “fast” part from Volt & just have him more about electricity and synergize around it a bit more. A little less The Flash & more of Thor I suppose.
  8. Im sure they figured it out somehow.
  9. Same here. I kinda been putting myself off from doing them. At least the timey ones like mining rare materials or fish or simulacrum scans. But it’s good to know that once you complete all the challenges for that week. The previous week challenges you missed come back. Idk if the 1k standing challenges come back as well tho.
  10. I follow a Warframe page on Instagram and they posted a screenshot of one of the devs saying that it may take up to Saturday for ppl to receive it.
  11. That sucks. I would consider actually buying some tennogen for him if we could because I would use him more. I just wonna build the clone with a bit more survivability than my own since it’s gonna lack moving around like an actual player (bullet jumping, dodging around enemies every 5 sec lol) since he will last until his health runs out.
  12. It doesn’t mentioned it anywhere but will we be able to mode his clone similar to how we mod Mesa’s regulators or Khora Kavat? I would like to mod the clone differently then my own Warframe. That would be neat too.
  13. How can we even activate the special effects? We used to activate it by channeling but that’s gone now
  14. I really would love to see all of this in action within the next devstream
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