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  1. (XB1)Cash201293

    Okay. The Cursor Is Getting Annoying

    Yeah I wasn’t a fan of the new ui for decoration because it’s simply not enough room to even float around.
  2. (XB1)Cash201293

    Okay. The Cursor Is Getting Annoying

    Oh man this too. I find myself doing that quite a bit.
  3. At first. I was getting used to It. But now I’m started to get annoyed with one thing. I don’t know anyone else on console is experiencing this but after I click either atleast 3 links or names. It doesn’t wonna click no more in chat. It’s really annoying. The cursor was nice because you can be able to click ppl names & links easier than searching for their name in the side bar. Anyone else be getting this or it’s just me? Can’t be just me
  4. (XB1)Cash201293

    I would like to suggest a skin for the Giant Eidolons.

    Your not missing anything. I don’t understand either
  5. (XB1)Cash201293

    Describe Pyrana Prime for me

    3 rapid kills last time I remember
  6. (XB1)Cash201293

    Describe Pyrana Prime for me

    I believe if you get 3 rapid kills. You’ll gain a secondary Pyrana so you can dual wield for extra firepower. (Just extra fire rate & ammo most likely)
  7. This post makes no sense. For 1. The platinum discounts you get from logging in counts towards stuff you buy with platinum. You buy prime access & accessories with real money. There is a few things you cant get discounted including what I said above. The others are boosters & tennogen items and warframe/weapon/riven slots
  8. (XB1)Cash201293

    Request to Revamp Aura Slot Forma-ing

    Sounds like extra work since aura mods give you extra mods points.
  9. (XB1)Cash201293

    I need welp with Limbo

    So Limbo passive is being able to shift between planes via roll. Enemies on opposite of the plane cannot harm you and his whole kit is based around that. His 1st ability banish allows you to banish a small group of enemies (or teammates) to the rift. His 2nd ability stops time for banished enemies (movement, projectiles). His 3rd ability charges enemies with void energy that are banished. His 4th ability tears a rift between planes allowing anyone in the given area to switch planes. Ill go over his normal combat situation so you can get an idea of how he works First thing to know is Limbo is about separating enemies from one another. You can only banish enemies that are on the same plane as you. Meaning you can banish someone to the rift from the normal plane on the normal plane and you can banish an enemy from the rift back to the normal plane from the rift. Hopefully that didnt sound confusing. So gameplay wise it wont go something like this 1. Use first ability to banish an enemy (or a few) 2. Dash into the rift (Via roll function) 3. Quickly deal with the enemy you banish The idea behind this is separating the enemy plus yourself from outside sources. Because neither you or the enemy you banish will take damage from any enemy or teammate you didnt banish. Now on to his 2nd ability Stasis. Stasis stops enemy movement and gunfire (and teammates). Pretty straightforward. So the gameplay around this ability would be either 1 or 2 ways 1. Banish an enemy or using your 4th on a large crowd 2. Dash into the rift. 3. Use Stasis 4. Either can go full melee to kill your enemies or fire a few rounds at a few enemies (your bullets will suspend in the air until you end the ability). Once you fire your weapons at your helpless targets and you end stasis early. All weapon fire will resume their flight paths at whatever/whoever you was shooting at. I guess its a way for your targets to take a quite bit of dmg all at once without you ever getting shot at. Now as for Rift surge. This will take some good practice before you really understand when to use this ability. As for this ability. When you have enemies in your rift and cast rift surge. Enemies in your rift will have this electrical aura around them. What you would do would pretty much is dash into the rift and send your banished enemy back into the normal plane. But instead of goin back into the normal plane. The enemy would just banish himself back into the rift with anyone close to him. So technically its a way to get extra enemies into your rift if you banish the surged enemy and he is around others without you leaving the rift plane. Or you could cast your 4th and use rift surged and end your 4th ability and instead of everyone going back to the normal plane. They will just banish themselves to the rift. Takes some getting getting use to but more you use limbo then you will get how to use this ability. His 4th is pretty straightforward too. It tears open a rift and anyone can travel between planes. So now I explained his kit. Lets say you decided to do a Sortie alone with Limbo. His play style is sorta like this 1. Load into a mission. Dash into the Rift (You also gain energy while in the rift) 2. Activate Stasis. 3. Dash back into the normal plane and banish an enemy or activate your 4th if its quite bit of enemies 4. Quickly dash back into the rift plane or end your 4th ability if you used it. 5. Kill the enemy with melee or first a few round in his head (enemy wont take dmg until you end stasis thou) 6. (See enemies gathering around my frozen banished enemy) 7. Activate rift surge. 8. Banish the enemy thats already in the rift. This causes the enemy to banish himself the 2nd time plus all the enemies around him in the normal plane. 9. Now the newly banished enemies are frozen in time because of Stasis 10. Deal with then accordingly. His gameplay should be somewhere like this once you start to know his kit. Ill explain more indepth of anything your still confused on
  10. The catch is the low duration. It’s now 15 seconds which is still plenty of time to deal with time frozen enemies
  11. (XB1)Cash201293

    Zenith Alt Fire problem.

    Or just have It float a few meters in front of where ever you shoot It since It levitate off the ground anyway
  12. What exactly do pbr treatment means? In terms of what changes on a weapon or a frame?
  13. (XB1)Cash201293

    Synoid Gammacor

    Part of the reason I stopped using It.
  14. pretty much what Ive been saying the entire time since yesterday. We dont need a frame who life steals. We got enough frames who can provide health. Eidolon frame works really well by itself. As for abilities. Im liking your ideas for his 1st ability. As for his rest of his kit. I would have to look at all the eidolon abilities before writing down my thoughts. My thoughts of his 4th would be similar to Starfall. Thats where the Eidolon shoots a beam up into the air and all destructive beams falls down.
  15. (XB1)Cash201293

    I'm going to keep asking until someone at least replies...

    This pretty much seems It up