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  1. Are ppl still experiencing crashes in Poe when going in solo? If not. I might just have to do the rest of this even solo
  2. This event really needs to be extending. It’s possible for me to get 10 arcanes and plus Cetus wips is its stops crashing and sending me to the dashboard
  3. These crashes are really getting in the way of doing this event and getting standing in a timely manner.
  4. I don’t understand how bladestorm dmg works

    Not sure if you have Steel charge on Ash but that also increases his blade storm dmg too.
  5. XB1/PS4: Post U22.3.5 Crashes (December 7th Updates!)

    Can we also expect an extra day or 2 after a fix for this event?
  6. Ever since the update. Me and my squad do some Eidolon runs. Enter Cetus. Then we try to enter the Plains once again. We or some of us crash. Getting really annoying. DE hurry and pls fix
  7. My Idea's to improve the game

    Wait what? How would mining work in the air and in water?
  8. Toggleable Scope Mechanic

    I would actually like this.
  9. Zephyr prime next?

    She needs a whole rework I think. I mean if you really look at It. She has 2 of the same abilities (Her 1 & 2). Zephyr has been very underwhelming to play. If DE released a chart on what Warframe players least play. I’m sure she is right at the top with Limbo.
  10. Funny moments in warframe!

    Back when the Tonkor did little self dmg and would make you jump. I was in the raid. On the second stage and I was standing on a plate. An enemy came my way. I shot him with my tonkor. The blast made my Warframe automatically jump and It made everyone else on the plates go down. Truly an embarrassment.
  11. Why can't we enter the simulacrum from our orbiters?

    Don’t know how it’s a pain ever since we got Arsenal added to the simulacrum. Atleast we don’t have to leave everytime we wonna test different weapons/frame etc etc
  12. Atleast 2 to 3 times a day. Me and ppl are getting these erros and it’s making us lose out on rewards from the Eidolon battle and Cetus whips since It doesn’t save and force kicks us. What is going on?
  13. Am I The Only One That Find Gara a Little ....... Lackluster?

    Guys. You can’t say Gara don’t need a change just because you can spam her 4 for infinite dmg buff for her 2. That is just straight up boring. How is that fun? Please explain. Because if you take that away. Is Gara still good in terms of dmg??
  14. When first hearing about DE making a Glass Warframe. I figured the frame would synergize around Slash because you know ... broken glass makes people bleed. But no. Her ability designs are great. But the dmg behind them rubs me the wrong way. How come she doesn’t spread slash procs? I visioned her abilities like this. •Shattered Lash Does what it does now but does increased dmg against targets with Slash procs. Increases the Slash dmg proc depending on how many enemies are under the effect of slash dmg. •Splinter Storm Should have a small AoE like Limbo Banish. Procs Slash dmg until duration runs out on enemy target. Proc dmg increases every tick until duration runs out or is killed. When an enemies is killed under the effect of Splinter Storm. Glass shards fly outward inflicting Slash dmg procs to surrounding targets. Dmg depends on how long the target was under the effect of Splinter Storm •Spectrorage gains a bigger dmg delt to enemies depending how many enemies are under the effects of slash within the mirrors. Extends the slash proc on exsisting enemies with the the mirrors every time one breaks •Mass Vitrify Fine the way it. With the addition It can also inflict Slash procs when you break It with Shattered Lash. Just something I came up with for her abilities to mean something in higher levels and does a little more dmg against armored foes. Because right now. She don’t amaze me. I don’t regret buying her. But she needs improving. If you don’t believe Gara needs a change. Please don’t use spamming her 4th for a crazy dmg buff for her Shattered Storm as a example. Because that is just a straight up boring play style.
  15. Sooooooo much this. It’s even worse when you try to go into your arsenal in Cetus