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  1. KHORA

    Interesting. Also does It run on duration? I couldn’t tell from the recent Devstreams
  2. KHORA

    Idk about anyone else. A exalted Whip was totally fine to me. I was excited for It. Now since they changed her 4th. I’m probably not even gonna buy this frame. Her 4th is a little underwhelming to me. Everything else is fine. Her 2 should be faster at ensnaring close enemies. Could be a great crowd control. Also can we mod Venari as a pet or do It scale off of melee mods?
  3. Or take it even further and when we customize our weapon. It only shows the weapon close on screen without the Warframe? So we can really get a clear view of the details & colors
  4. Melee Ults Should Benefit From Blood Rush

    What if Blood Rush only offered a fraction of its 165% crit chance then? I only use True Steel on my Tekko literally only for melee frames that utilizes melee mods. Simply because even on melee frames. I still use my melee weapons and I only use the tekko for melee frames also because of Fashion Frame
  5. So I read somewhere that Blood Rush & Body count don’t count towards abilities that use melee mods. While I understand why. I think this should be adjusted. Have melee ults benefit from Blood Rush but not Body Count. If it gets the 165% critical chance at 1.5x combo counter. Then that’s totally fine for for abilities that accept melee mods simply because the stacks wouldn’t last long. It will only last if your fighting maybe one or two enemies at a time. Of course the stronger the enemy is. Then stronger the dmg become. I only say this because a lot of players replaced True steel with Blood Rush and It kinda sucks melee frames are missing out on dmg simply because of True Steel isn’t equipped. Or just have melee frames just keep the 165% critical chance but it won’t increase with the combo multiplier. Or atleast a fraction of It.
  6. Chroma’s Spectral Scream Still Needs It’s Rightful Damage

    Oh. Interesting. I will remember this when I make yet another Chroma post within a month. Lol
  7. Chroma’s Spectral Scream Still Needs It’s Rightful Damage

    That kinda sucks only because we would have to wait for his prime. Unless he’s next to get primed. Which I would doubt
  8. Chroma’s Spectral Scream Still Needs It’s Rightful Damage

    You know what. I’m actually fine with Chroma scream becoming his 4th. Like seriously. Why the hell not? I’m down for that.
  9. Chroma’s Spectral Scream Still Needs It’s Rightful Damage

    Yeah I noticed the hit detection is off a bit as well. If It worked just like the Ignis. It would be fine tbh.
  10. Chroma’s Spectral Scream Still Needs It’s Rightful Damage

    That’s one way we could play with It. But first. I just want to see It get the effigy treatment with an increased fire rate to see better dmg ticks. Mm I could see spectral scream getting the new beam mechanics. Interesting idea
  11. Chroma’s Spectral Scream Still Needs It’s Rightful Damage

    Exactly!! If Nidus was gonna get nerfed. I feel like he should’ve by now. But he not for a couple of reasons. 1. It takes time to build up. Meaning building your stacks for quick missions isn’t worth investing in. Plus even at 100 stacks. At max level enemy you ever faced will start to take more than 1 stomp to take down. He not gonna get nerfed. It takes time to invest into Nidus. As for Chroma. I just want his scream to BE GREAT. Just have Chroma scream hit hard like effigy and let us play around with It. Plus don’t even get me started with the awful fire rate. Dmg ticks is just terrible.
  12. Chroma is a dragon. Dragon breathes destructive fire breath. But why is Chroma’s so weak? I think it’s unfair that both Chroma & his Effigy do the same spectral scream but calculated very differently. There are other frames that have destructive 1st abilities. Atlas, Nidus. Why can’t Chroma have the same spectral scream damage as effigy? Sprectal scream should be Chroma best ability. He is a dragon. It should be rightfully destructive. Not a one hit kill but atleast should be like effigy & the fire rate should be increased.
  13. Is Prime Accessories really worth 50 USD?

    $50? Last I checked I though It was $60
  14. Harrow Augment Ideas

    What if the augment for his 1 grant more shields to yourself & allies in range of harrow when chained enemies are killed. Your ideas for his one are both typical augments. Shows no creativity for a augment. Your 3rd suggestion for his one is already an ability. Don’t think It should be an augment. Your augment ideas for his Penance and Thurible are pretty solid. I like em.
  15. Need good beginners build for rhino

    Mods like Redirection or Vitality (probably be more suitable) is a must. Next would be any armor mods you have. The rest is entirely up to you really. If you want a bit more detail. Just go with a little bit of everything (strength, duration, efficiency, range). Generally whatever you can fit on your Warframe until you become more invested into the game to come up yourself what’s the best mods to equip.