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  1. Still patiently waiting for Tiberon Prime. Let's hope DE still keep what makes the Tiberon the Tiberon. Which is low base crit & status chance. Just much more base dmg.
  2. Mm. Sounds like an idea that could honestly work. I thought of something similar like this when I saw the description for Harrow's pistol had a chance to consume 0 ammo.
  3. You can use void blast to collect Kuva. You just literally have to be face to face to it in order to do so
  4. Meaning turn this wall of text into actually paragraphs. Easier on the eyes than seeing a wall of text.
  5. I thought the same exact thing when I see it. It just fit him so well. I can't even imagine how cluttered it will be with 4 Oberon primes.
  6. I would say Valkyr. High armor. Invincible in Hysteria. Can clear rooms. Regain health. I would also say the newest frame is too. Great CC. Can get insane amount of over shields. Gain energy on kills. Even more on headshots. Harrow seems top tier to me.
  7. Sentinels most certainly do not survive longer than pets. I don't know if you fully modded a pet to equip all max necessary mods or not. But pets last alot longer. Obviously depends on what frame your running with too. Dont expect a pet to last as long as you with for example Limbo with no Vitality or Redirection equipped. Sentinels can revive but that's only if they don't get destroyed either before or during the revival process lowering how many times you can revive in that mission. Also Obviously pets could also use a similar mod but it also needs some sort of restriction instead of saying "can only revive 3 times a mission". Like how Sentinels destroy themselfs. Kubrows or Kavats don't stay next to their owners 24/7 but that's generally a good thing because they can't be easily killed by a bombard or a scorch if you happen to get caught by there weapons. Plus pets have a huge advantage over sentinels. That is pets can be revived.
  8. Well Hydroid needs something. Because he is almost the most useless frame. Truthfully. Hydroid really has no place in the game. I never see anyone running Hydriod unless using his 4th ability augment.
  9. I can't really give a story about how I got back into Warframe. I get off and only log in for the log in rewards for a few days. Some days I don't feel like playing. Other days I feel like wasting a few hours on Warframe. Idk what you mean by Archwing 1.0 but there is an option in settings that allow you to revert back to the original Archwing movements.
  10. I don't see the problem. It's not even that hard to land headshots. I'm more concerned about killing enemies at all when paired with frames with nuke abilities.
  11. I guess it could always be the first exilus mod to be primed. I still stand by it.
  12. Well currently rush is 30%. Im thinking Primed Rush could get a 20% buff and would have 50% movement speed instead of 30%. I honestly might use primed Rush on certain frames if it ever released. Rush isn't an exlius mod is it?
  13. Primed Rush or Primed Intensify could be great. Primed Intensify seems like a stretch but I believe in do time. We could get it.
  14. Well we have Primed Cyro Rounds and Primed Heated Charge. So literally either Toxin or Electric would be totally fine with me. I'm fine with either.
  15. Don't forget we still need an primed elemental for melee. Baro still hasn't brought us one yet.