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  1. Oberon rework seems pretty good. DE just needs to bump up the visuals on his hollowed ground so you can see it better from what I seen. But there is one question I got about renewal that I didn't see in the patch notes. Do Renewal still extend bleed out timers on downed allies? It's the one thing I loved about Renewal and so wondered if it stayed?
  2. Well this is 3 helmets that change when you metamorph. I can't imagine that this is something that's easy to pull off in a week or 2
  3. I always thought the same. Holster speed as a aura? Like who is gonna replace energy siphon or corrosive projection for an aura that's clearly a bandaid. Shouldn't even exist honestly.
  4. Truthfully. I'm confused about lotus intentions. We fight the grinder. we fight the corpus. Yet during invasions we get to choose a side to fight for? Why?
  5. Pretty much. Lol a little over 300 hours is low to get burnt out at. I have about 1700 of n game time and there are players with even higher numbers.
  6. I don't understand some of your complaints. Warframe is stale? I don't feel like listing everything you can do everyday. Of course your gonna get burnt out eventually. Cut DE some slack. Think it takes 5mins for DE to bring out an new update? Mastery rank. Worthless? It's not. You need mastery rank for certain weapons. Also it shows how commited you are to the game. Yes it's possible to level mastery in about a day or two. But who plays just for mastery? Farming with relics isn't bad. It's better because it gives you 4 chances to get what you want and you can increase your chances to get them. You may not always get them but a increased chance is an increased chance. long story short. Don't like how DE run things. Play another game. Just that simple
  7. Just want to know is there a thread that Updates on the lore as the game progresses.
  8. I love it!
  9. Exactly this. Plus I did and just didnt feel like digging more deeper to find it. Only one I came across was Chroma. When he was highly requested.
  10. True but that's not exactly what I mean. Because that's still technically made by DE.
  11. Pretty much how DE holds a contest for a melee weapons for anyone to throw their concept in and hopefully gets chosen. Will DE ever do that for warframes? Doesn't have to be lore related nor have to have a quest. Just something DE does every other year maybe. Players have some interesting concepts but it's sad that there are only. Well concepts.
  12. Interesting. I might actually go for that school next.
  13. Probably got moved to the mega thread.
  14. How can madurai give Ignis Wraith slash dmg when it has no slash dmg to begin with?
  15. Synoid wasn't nerfed. The dmg was just moved to the explosion detonation. Weapon always struggled at high levels