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  1. I did not immediately think that it would be better to clear the list of already found weapons after the creation of the Lich or Sister is completed
  2. I think you misunderstood me. “Mythical raids in WoW” is a bad example, because the search for the right weapon for the Lich is too monotonous against the background of Wow, tedious and painful, it sinks to a level of insanity, with which you can compare that you constantly press one button in the hope of change, but nothing changes. And so for several hours in a row to repeat ... Not everyone has the urge to waste time madness. Moreover, I think it is not wise to waste time on outright madness.
  3. There is a suggestion if you, like me, consider this a change for the better:
  4. Let me remind you that now you can go through all the quests with an MR10. Including the factor of how quickly you can get the same MR10, and this is a maximum of a month - Kuva and Tenet weapons are available including for beginners. It should be borne in mind that not everyone has enough time to play to get the right weapon for hours. Speaking of the market, there is also not always a suitable offer. similarly, with the trade chat, where you can sit for hours looking for the desired status for the weapon. This is where the doubt appears where is it most productive to spend your time getting what you want. In general, for the extraction of plat, I agree, it is worth learning and using. But I am writing about what is required now, even when there is no platinum on the account at all, and there are options to get a weapon faster (it would seem) than to find the same 300p out of nothing
  5. Most often there is no suitable auction in the market, and even for beginners now purchases through the market, or the trade chat are not profitable both in time and in terms of resources. Your proposal does not solve the problem of hard randomness
  6. I decided to write this topic because I have been spending more than a day to get Kuva Karak with the status effect of Heat. Larvling or Candidate now spawns with a random weapon every time, with reps. Some players I know also spend too much time getting the weapons they need, more than one day. And here is my suggestion: make the Larvling or Candidate weapon random from the list of all available weapons, but each time an unnecessary weapon is found, it will be added to a certain list of those already found. After that, the next weapon will be randomly selected, which is NOT in the list of those already found. For example: we found the first Kuva Hek, if we skip it, then it is added to the list of already found ones, and then when searching for Larvling it will not have a Kuva Hek until the remaining 18 weapons are found. Further in a circle, adding each unnecessary weapon to the list of already found, until it is filled with each weapon from the 19 available Kuva weapons. At the end, when the list of already found is full, it will be released and will start filling from the beginning. Such a system will definitely simplify finding the right weapon, even if you have to find another 36 weapons to get what you want.
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