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  1. I assume this would give us a range of "reasonable" prices for rivens of any particular weapon (depending on stats), and players can price accordingly. For example, a good Furax Riven is NOT worth the same as a good Amprex Riven or whatever. However, I don't know if players will account for popularity when pricing, although they should. In my experience, sellers never acknowlege how unpopular a weapon is. Sellers will still want 700p for a Cestra or Anku Riven, and consider anything less as "low-balling". Then one Tenno gets so desperate they pay that price, and now the average price for all those Anku Rivens skyrockets. EDIT Just saw that Tetra rivens have min-max sales of 10P - 4500P. I don't know what to do with that information haha
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