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  1. Some pics with cool and warm colors. Not so bad with the Robocop scheme
  2. Previewed the skin in-game just now and I don't like it as much anymore. It looks like Banshee asked Ember for some fashion advice and Ember was like "Aw yeah! Paint a bunch of flames on it, bruv!" I dunno, what do you peeps think? I think I'll end up buying it anyway because I hate myself and like to spend money to make myself feel better, but would like to hear your opinions on it. Update: After playing around with it, the flame patterns don't jump out so much with certain color combos. I had bright warm colors and the thigh plate and butt overhang were really distracting, but they
  3. Don't mind them, 99% of the people around here are preachy bungholes with no sense of humor.
  4. I still have never gotten a clear answer for hitbox questions like this. Another example, do different helmets have different hitbox sizes? This would change how big of a target your head is, affecting how easy it is for you to get headshot. If hitboxes are all the same size, then bigger helmets are a good idea for Conclave because people will think they just need to hit a part of your helmet to get a headshot. Do enemies who get swollen up by Nukor have bigger hitboxes? If not then the target just looks bigger while the area you can actually damage is the same, contributing to misse
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