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  1. Not sure why I feel like this will be in feedback soon™
  2. But when are we getting them? 🤔 You could put stuff like high amounts of Kuva, Endo and such in there 😛 me want!!!
  3. Great. Recommendations from games the op hasn't even played. Wow. Awesome. Yes! DE should just copy the other game and sell it as Warframe!
  4. Well, I bought the new essentials glyph pack and gauss what, none of them are on the forums 😞 the same thing will be with Gauss, so let me just cause a quick ruckus.. 😡😡😡
  5. Uhm no, just to infuriate you I'll report it to be moved to feedback. 🙂
  6. This is such a tragic event which should be addressed by de immediately..
  7. I don't even need to read the post to know that co is better, reason being it scales way faster than crit. And you can even use it against higher lvl enemies to get great damage while completely ignoring the benefits of the combo counter. I always run co build without combo counter and do great even after an hour. Crit in the other hand can get outright useless without the multiplier so you're forced to either run naramon or waste space for combo duration.
  8. I feel like this forum is going down the drain.. Got any other forum recommendations?
  9. I would like it, if I actually got rivens from the game that are not for weapons like the hind.. I would have more luck if the acquisition wasn't RNG based but merit based. Like putting (some of) them into the arbitrations vendor so I could get a slightly higher chance of getting an interesting riven.
  10. Just yesterday someone made jokes about the changes that came when this Chinese company took over half of DE ^^
  11. Another noob telling people to stop playing instead of giving feedback to improve the game 🙄 What a waste of read..
  12. Yeah.. I honestly thought they put the umbra forma or at least new formas like exilus forma or stance forma or something like that in there which would make the game mode interesting for literally the majority of the community.. And then they come with this.. useless and downright insulting reward.. I was looking forward to the update but gauss that died pretty quickly, even before the release.. Looks like Gauss will be the most interesting thing in the next update, which is sad because i thought that maybe 1 #*!%ing time de does something right.. but nope, again they didn't listen to the community at all and come with this laughable reward.. I'm truly insulted. I'll only touch this stupid "content" when they again force us to play it by locking us out of arbitrations (again, sad that de has to use this method because they know people won't waste their precious lifetime for such a waste) and be done with it.
  13. Please no.. I don't want even more forma sinks 😞
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