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  1. Apparently it's fixed now but does NOT count for active corrupted invigorations. So every nidus one should work on his prime next week and forward.
  2. Pretty much. A few years ago for some reason DE started to butcher enemy spawns (at least on Xbox) to the point, the newer the content, and the newer the tileset, the worse it gets. Most arbitrations I play these days I either extract immediately or even quit the mission because there's nothing going on. (My quit ratio has increased massively over time) For forever now others and me have been hoping for an optional way to increase enemy spawns for solo, duo etc. play. To no avail. While solo is the only way to both actually play the game and play by our own rules (even stated requirements in recruit chat get ignored, for example "20 waves hydron, 555." And majority wants to leave and some do after 5 waves, or "20 minutes survival, 777" and half the team stands at extraction after 5 minutes), it's the most punishing to date. Certain Warframes even lose complete functionality if there's not enough enemies for abilities to interact with. Usually we all thought platforms can't handle more spawns, but then steel path released CLEARLY showing increased spawns work on ALL platforms. So there was no reason to not give vets the option to do so, outside of DEs Attitude to not revisit the game. --- I'm disappointed DE never looked into giving us more enemies to fight. While the game itself already is basically a waiting simulator these days, having literally, and factually nothing to engage with, makes it even worse. Most abilities don't interact with crates or lockers, resulting in just standing or running around waiting for enemies to pop up. I remember the full squad in a fissure on the new corpus tileset, continuously failing to crack the relics on top of running out of life support, because of not enough enemies spawning, entirely breaking the game. One of the reasons I barely enjoy the game anymore these days.. with every update making it worse. And it's not made better by Nightwave for example, making us do stuff like the Clem mission. Everytime it plays in the new corpus tileset, it's 10 minutes of straight boredom. 5ish enemies every 30ish seconds when stationary or a minute to minutes of nothing when moving. It's awful. But not exclusive to it, basically anything that isn't steel path is up to unplayable which depends on which faction/which tileset/when was it released, however, there's no steel path Arby's, or fissures or syndicate missions or nightmare missions, no SP invasions. And I don't even want that 250% defense multiplier making it further into the game. So I'd rather ask for more enemy spawns instead of "give steel path everything" I just want more enemies to fight and use frames appropriately, everywhere. --- Open worlds being the pinnacle of awful spawns. It's horrendously boring that all we do there, is stand around. Orb Vallis being the worst offender of them. Which is SO WEIRD because of how enemy spawns are absolutely bonkers when doing the profit taker fight. Why aren't the spawns like that in every other content there? The last couple dozens of updates I barely even have to hold the controller in my hands because the game turned from fighting enemies to just waiting for the timer to end with no enemies even being around. -- The topic of enemy spawns popped up continuously everywhere the franchise Warframe resides on, and still does (duh). I'm curious if at one point spawns get revisited.
  3. I tried after the patch today :( I'll try tomorrow again after some minor troubleshooting like clearing cache/data Oh.. nvm: • Unfortunately this will only affect future Invigoration Offerings, if you already have a “bad” Offering for the wrong Nidus this will not correct it. Good-bye +100% range..
  4. Nidus with +100% range, and I can't use it on his prime version -_-
  5. I have my second Nidus buff, this time with +100% range and it doesn't work on my Nidus Prime..
  6. Just reading this makes me not wanna even try to get the new weapons.. but it's good to know this will be changed with the rework of liches in the year 2078 👍
  7. I enjoy all combos except a max range and duration Limbo and khora.. they're so annoying. But the rest is fine :)
  8. I have like 2 to 3 deluxe where I'm missing stuff. Saryn iirc was timed before they decided to make deluxes permanently, and since I was still rather new i just grabbed the skin by itself.. The others i used coupons for later on, since they don't count for majority of things so there isn't really some worthwhile use outside of the 10 bucks skins. So yh, I'd love to catch up on the weapon skin from Saryn Deluxe etc. (Also, new Saryn skin when?)
  9. It's funny that it just takes the most measly carrot DE could pull and everyone's going insane over it. It's both impressive and sad, really. But reveals a lot.
  10. I find these comments kinda funny, because the exact same was said when Warframe came from PC to PS4, then again from PS4 to Xbox One, and then again from those platforms to the switch.. But somehow we magically survived all of that, and a lot of founders even are still playing. SOME PLAYERS EVEN MIGRATED THEIR ACCOUNTS. If you have time and the topics weren't removed after all this time, press the double arrows in the forums (the fastest way to access old topics) here in GD, and feedback, and read about how players were disgusted when it meant Warframe is coming to a console.. I find it kinda funny. It's basically a full circle all the time but instead of like in the past 1 platform, all platforms coming together saying "this sucks" Hilarious to me idk why xD i guess it's because throughout my life i played on most platforms so I never got in any of these sentiments "x platforms sucks"
  11. :( You're worth just as much as those who heard of the game back in 2013. ❤️
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