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  1. Greetings! After recognizing that the Flox Syandana is mostly in backpack form in normal gameplay, I come here to ask if it's possible to change the way how it works. The current way (damage calculation) is kind of meh and I can barely reach the point where it's open for more than a couple of seconds.. Can you guys please change it so it works like the other syandana's? As in, that it's always unfolded until you're aiming or accessing some menu's. This way we could enjoy it the way it was advertised to us. It's kind of sad that my only memory of this syandana is of it being always closed and in the form of a backpack. Thank you
  2. You have a point though, I've read awesome and actual helpful feedback on Gauss and his weapons. (Where implementations would be justified) But the only thing DE keeps updating is the shawzin. It's actual sad to the point that a gimmick like this gets more attention (as in fixes and changes) than THE THING the game is about.
  3. No problem 😛 I already had it so GG to everyone who got it for cheap! Enjoy 🙂
  4. If there's a god the update comes today 😛 but we all know the answer ^^
  5. They should just save our progress on a regular basis, much like it is with bounty rewards that're never lost. Then this stupid HM would be endurable knowing you don't lose everything, but rather just a few minutes of progress..
  6. Even though the reasoning behind it is kind of odd ("playing with your balls"), I agree. But it shouldn't be limited to MOAs, sentinels too should get that treatment and fly around the ship. Edit: please change the phrasing 😂
  7. Dayum.. them being available from saya sounds like a good idea 😛
  8. The thing is PvP on P2P basis is not fun at all except for the host.. I can't tell you how many times I got wrecked because doors refused to open.. There are REASONS people don't like conclave, which is gently ignored by DE for literal years.. THAT'S why we were hoping for the universal medallion. That's why we (mostly vets) were excited to progress through the final syndicate we have left.. Not to mention DE themselves brought it up and gave us hope, that's why we're mad about it.. And no, for me personally which can be PUBLICALLY checked, it is NOT for the cosmetics, but purely to finish the last syndicate. And I, from the bottom of my heart refuse to cheat my way through it how the majority of conclave players have done it with friends and such. (Aka boosting) I don't cheat in this game, and NEVER will. Yes, I'd rather play disruption thousands of times than either cheat or play that buggy mess that is conclave. And believe me, I tried, I'm 10k points away from rank 3. I did try, and it was neither fun nor fair, especially thanks to P2P. And yes, in my opinion, there's no need to upkeep it. I mean they dropped raids. I'm done with this mode.
  9. We all miss those times, believe me. But apparently when it comes to this it's all about the money, which apparently quests don't bring in. That's probably why they were scrapped. I miss them. I wish they would come back PLUS new ones added for existing frames that didn't come with one.. I also wish the prime trailers would continue. I just love hearing Ballas talk. But those times are over, it seems like it's all about the revenue now.. 😞
  10. This pretty much sums up the whole debacle.. And I'm glad being a loser. So more stuff to buy from the market, please. Previously we could get almost everything from the market. There's no issue with giving us losers the option to spend our plat, especially veterans.. So it's great that DE updates the market in my book.
  11. I agree with everything but the team utility.. the only ability that could be good for a team is his new take on CC, his 3, outside of that, meh.. I was hoping redline would give him a small DMG buff overall, not just melee (I've yet to see confirmation what exactly gives a melee buff lol), and maybe for the team as well (the other buffs) (having it an aura like chromas 2) DE could make it an augment though, so we'll see.. (even if I'd rather have it be built in)
  12. Yeah that's true. It was kinda aimed at middle to veteran players, but guess what, besides conclave we have everything else already maxed for up to literal years, so.. I have no use for it. And if it doesn't count for the last open syndicate there is actually no use for it. Same with the new lenses. It's sad at this point, no incentive to check out the next update for console at all.
  13. I heard he gets a melee DMG boost somewhere hidden idk, I'd much rather redline had a consistent (small) DMG boost for all weapons that scales with battery lvl.. Only melee seems kinda meh, since he came without one..
  14. The only actual nerf I really felt was the one on grineer bombards and napalms.. Goodbye old "a full team of tanks gets oneshotted by them" I kind of miss it tbh, because they didn't need arbitrary levels to do so.
  15. I just wish all the new ranged infested would become standard units, as in they always pop up in missions. That would definitely freshen up the experience when playing against infested. Would be an interesting change.
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