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  1. It's way worse on console because 95% run on WiFi, which does not work with DE's current system. I'm all in for servers, would even pay for it, because since I started gaming I've 1st never ever experienced something so broken like this and 2nd never ever had issues with literally any other game running servers.
  2. Too damn long. Especially when you just need to open the community tab if you're out of ideas. We need way more augments. Interesting ones please.
  3. The failure one IDC about but the quit one.. used to quit a lot, either because of P2P issues (a hell #*!%ing lot) bugs (a lot) or even for farming vengeful rev where quitting is faster then completing the mission.. (gotta love me sum 0.4% drop chance on enemies who don't spawn in mobs and aren't even guaranteed) It's too damn high!
  4. Nice, getting banned for decades for not doing anything wrong but needs months to be fixed is seen as fantastic nowadays. We're in for a ride bois
  5. Oh yeah it's annoying.. I was hoping they would delay it further, because after hitting rank 30 by going through a hell of boring and redundant stuff I actually felt free not to care about nightwave anymore.. But now that we know the end date only means the next one is coming.. ugh..
  6. Not sure if I should laugh or cry 🤔 On topic: yeah ingame I constantly got "network not responding" logged off because of it :3
  7. Considering the changes to Arbitrations, yes, indeed the 1 hour wait is horrendous. Especially since the majority is bite sized which results in teams often splitting up after the first, second or third rotation. (15 mins now) So yeah, reduce it.. To 30 mins maybe? Idk.. And while you're at it, can you give us multiple missions to choose from? It's infuriating when there's literal days of defense going on when I just want to play something different.
  8. Just imagine the #*!%fest if hosts get reduced timers.. At this point I rather never play online ever again.
  9. You could ask a moderator by using the flag icon on your post and selecting "this comment is okay" and writing down your request. But if there's a thread now you could ask to merge them 😛
  10. But heat melts armor in real life, so.. why not? I don't see any issues. It's nice having choice to pick different stuff and deal with armor.
  11. Well I can't do more than slap all survivability mods on her, so..
  12. Telling me not to be rude 🙄 But to stay on topic, we can only imagine how they play out in actual gameplay, so.. we have to see when they're released to make actual judgement.
  13. No, that is not the reason I guarantee you that. The reason is because of all the whimps that won't stop reeeeeeing as soon as de puts something into the market. I remember the outcry just because of the stupid and mostly useless aura forma, and the tears because of the eidolon lenses.. This is the reason why DE hasn't put something like that in the market, because of children who do not understand that only because something is in the market doesn't mean you 100% are forced to buy it. It's just an option for those that want options and want to skip stuff, much like with literally anything else that is in there. That's literally the basis of the whole game, pay to skip WHICH IS 100% FINE!!
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