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  1. The weapons talked about here are actual MR fodder and are exclusively showcasing why this word even exists.. there's no need for "put it in another event" or "put it in the dojo", Just put it in the damn market where it literally belongs.. -_- (Btw I have them, but some decisions from de are so abysmal that it's just frustrating)
  2. How about making mechs lvl 40 without this stupid and awful nonsense that is "invest 5 forma for basically nothing" ... Especially since lvling mechs is a complete .. experience.
  3. I think, personally, it's about damn time after 8 years for DE to CLEARLY show us what 'real money' packs contain. (I wouldn't be mad for the same for plat packs, bundles etc.) This includes zooming, raw 3d model and the ability to check how it looks on certain equipment, since in the past a lot of stuff is actual clipping hell instead of good looking. ._.
  4. On one hand, I don't understand why DE seems to be one of the few companies not showing what you're about to purchase (especially non plat sales, so the real bucks) resulting in stuff like that.. On the other hand, the sale is made, people probably won't get a refund. Kinda showing that maybe there's a reason a lot of non plat sales have from nothing to see, to a vague picture to only a "kind of" preview..
  5. I'm not gonna lie here, my expectations are so low that I'm basically dangling in hell. BUT. I don't mean it in a negative way. I'm keeping them low to not be disappointed. I started doing this year's ago, hence I actually started to enjoy a lot of things. (Deimos being the best open world IMHO thanks to not getting overhyped) and that opinion hasn't changed. I enjoy playing there. (Still want more mother tokens, just in case) I'm also excited for Arkana, and the new alchemist Warframe. I'm curious what both brings. (TBH I'm kinda hyped about him xD I just think alchemists are
  6. That's weird then.. why are there 2 chambers each, one not completed in my profile then? In general, my MR points seem scuffed.. 🤔
  7. Because I just checked my profile and it says I'm missing catchmoon chamber etc. which btw is in it 2 times? I'm confused.
  8. It's the same with Nova's MP augment basically being one for her first ability.. makes no sense.
  9. I miss 17k mastery.. and the only things I know of is a couple kuva weapons I only lvled to 30 and guandao p and zakti p.. And I ain't gonna waste my time with kuva weapons 😂 I can wait, not sure anyway what to do with the other 2 umbra forma :D
  10. Completely disagree. If one hasn't maxed the ventkids standing and maxed all kdrives they're anything but a master. A true master is a perfect skater boi.. --- Anyway, don't trash talk Draco OP, compared to the current leveling locations it was so much fun, especially when they made enemies UBER aggressive. I loved it. And since I exclusively pugged it, there was no meta, so it was always a dice role and it actually was possible to fail the mission. Fun times :) I miss it, and with the introduction of ESO it doesn't even make sense anymore they removed it.. the only experie
  11. The Nora face reveal was such a good experience, and I have no idea why.. I really liked that. To the point, I wasn't even annoyed when glass fissures popped up again.
  12. But succeeding in the fight feels good, considering the weapon is not only really good, but it's basically free. I just found it a bit weird.. I thought it'd be something like zeloid in steel path, but it turned into attack on Titans 😂
  13. All of our posts aged very.. bad. LMAO. it's nice they gifted us the weapon basically.. well done. I'm pleased, I'll check out the gimmick of it in a second. :)
  14. The awful graphical mess the scene was we had to investigate aside, the.. weird and definitely not what I expected boss fight aside.. I actually liked the face reveal of Nora. That was really cool. I also like that we don't have to fight a boss 1000x for the weapon.. also cool. I'll check out the decoration.. I was hoping for a fight like the zeloid in steel path, something really .. But it's alright.. I'm just glad we finished it, and yes, I had no idea what I was doing trying to remember episode stuff from half a year ago..
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