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  1. I find it more annoying that allied rollers are marked on MY screen. It'd be different if there would be interaction with those things but nope.. Nothing. So why is it marked?
  2. Plenty of people will do that act, me included. However, instead of "de remove x from the game", how about you join the club of asking de to implement a feature to nightwave which allows to either reroll acts (for a limited amount of course) and or the ability to decline an act so it disappears forever and not clogs up nightwave/pause menu/navigation or returning acts. For example, I skipped the conservation one and this week's Eidolon one. And I'll never do em. If someone offered me a thousand dollars, I still wouldn't do them. I'd like to get rid of them, or reroll them for a dif
  3. I'm more of the opinion "it's too cheesy" And it doesn't help that certain content is balanced around having to either use cheese or fail. Example: lifted status on warframes that removes entire control except operator (literal cheese), with no way of countering it.
  4. I'm cracking relics and focusing on arbitrations since I butchered my essence stockpile. With the occasional steel path incursion. I'm still loving Lavos, so I mainly play with him, though, Octavia Prime will be taken for a spin too since I forgot how funny it is playing the game with music. (in a literal sense)
  5. All I got from the stream is they're looking into ridiculous double dipping which only is viable on pc anyway thanks to the allowance of Makros. And I hope that extends further into the game if I'm being honest. The game is suffering under double dipping, to the point, yes, you won't believe it, but where frames are built and developed around double dipping, resulting in them being utterly useless if you're not scratching up to or over 300% in the respective stat. Melee won't go anywhere, it's been powerful for years now, and it will stay that way. They're just looking into g
  6. I'd also like an option to view all items from cash only packs INGAME and in motion.. The pictures are always completely vague and pictures taken on a NASA PC are misleading as well and don't look anything the like on console..
  7. I joined September 2014.. there never was co-op play. Are you talking about closed beta, or even are an ex developer and talking about alpha?
  8. Never seen Jojo, the only scene I know is one of the guys licking and.. Interestingly eating a cherry.. Anyway, I've seen the new frames traits in other games but I currently can't put my finger on it. I'm excited for him! And as usual, can't wait to get my fingers on his weapons as well.
  9. It's the reason warframe hasn't developed technically and we run 8 year old stuff. It's every single time like this. People doomsay literally anything, my favorites are the "if this update releases, I'll quit" despite their in-game hours and forum posts going up. I'm looking forward to it. And how it's gonna be built upon. (initial release might be bumpy) What if it works like "who's got the best equipped" will be used in the mission? This would mean nothing changes for veterans. What if they make it so stuff stacks? This could be great for pre-made groups and clan play
  10. Wow. 1 forma wasted. Thanks. I also don't see a difference, which would cause trouble anyway considering my build is finished.
  11. I can already hear the echo chamber if DE made primes stand out significantly.. "is warframe pay to win?" "DE sells power via real life money" "was I scammed by buying the normal variant first?" -- And stuff like that.. I like how primes are currently. Better looks, finished looks with minor stat boosts.
  12. TBH im glad they changed it to ALL loot with weird and a few incorrect stats at the top.. I clicked stats like twice since launch of the revamp out of curiosity regarding how it looks. Though, I giggle when it says containers cracked in missions where there aren't any. 🤭
  13. Take my like sir! Well written. Oh come on.. I wanted to try out PoE.. Now knowing it also consists of having to press buttons multiple times.. Considering my tendons issue.. Yh I'll pass. One game breaking me is enough xD
  14. Your last sentence sums up how this will go for TONS of players, also thanks to DE's accidental claim of drops being infinitely in your inventory (which they're not) on twitch as its still manifested in my brain as well. (while they checked and edited it accordingly, the initial post of it will still be in a lot of peoples heads) Tons of people will miss out on it, and then jump on DE why they didn't make it a normal Forma and the Umbra one a GOTL alert. Which I'm having the opinion of already. Rare items like this that still can't be accessed in the game without up to massive time
  15. I'm not a fan of fallout 76. But good for those that like it. Anyway yh, it's excal p.
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