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  1. We wanted increased enemy spawns, as an option, for ALL the content, not exclusive to bullet sponge path. Again, as an option. For all content.
  2. That's literally what de said the mode is going to be, but somehow the community thought it'll be Warframe 2.0 with millions of unique rewards even though DE specifically said that that's not the case. It exists for people to test builds outside of the simulacrum, in actual missions. Nothing more, nothing less. And it was advertised as such. I don't understand why everyone is crying right now.
  3. Oof.. people will not have a good time then 😄
  4. I'll just play with my throttled mobile data then, enjoy a ping surpassing 100k dear stalker 🙂
  5. Idk why but I liked it somehow, probably because of getting rewards every pulse, plus xp for the railjack.. Also it was fun seeing mesa's getting exhausted because they had to shoot hundreds of bullets into one sentient while my Paracesis just needs a few hits 😄
  6. 1) I'm out of stance forma 2) I want to know how good protea is against hordes of sentients 3) the space missions were fun and rewarding (and with a good team even ground is fun, I also want to test the new weapons) That's it, thank you for reading 🙂
  7. I just stay away from that "content" after we specifically told de we don't want more ESO bs in the game.. beyond me that they thought "let's release ESO 2.0" was a good idea..
  8. I vote yes, just because to have more reasons to play solo. Also, increase enemy spawns for solo play -_-
  9. I seem to generally have issues hitting cc'd enemies with blaze artillery.. 😞
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