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  1. It's not worth 3k ducats in my eyes.. and I don't even use snipers.. not to mention that I would need to remove an already good mod for it.. not worth it. But GG for coming back I guess. Oh, and haha to everyone crying, get over yourselves..
  2. Just remove all mods by yourself.. why do you need de to hold your hand on that?
  3. I've waited for a few updates and nothing has changed.. still no trail, no body shimmering, glimmering, EVEN though it had it before. I'm disappointed.
  4. I'm waiting for DE to realize that fun > overzealous grind
  5. I just wish the aoe from his daggers would also disarm everyone in range..
  6. Uhm.. when you think ideas can't get worse.. I'm just glad DE mostly doesn't listen to the community at this point 😂
  7. Oh great they add more 🙄 I'm so excited 🙄
  8. You.. you!! The toilet will never be the same for me anymore..
  9. Ich werde wohl nie erfahren worum es hier geht.. T: I'll probably never get to know what this is about.
  10. I could never.. I did a couple dozen runs when it first came out it it's so damn worn out for me.. But GG 🙂
  11. I don't play excavation or kuva survival exactly for this reason. I hate being forced to play a certain frame. It's always "oh variety is King" but these 2 modes don't allow it whatsoever.. especially in higher levels these things get 1 shot so easily it's kind of frustrating.
  12. I'd like ranged infested (NOT HOOKS) that shoot at me.
  13. I'm good, ty though. I just realized the hard way I have to run more missions before I can get into the veil.. *Farming intensifies*
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