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  1. Yes please. In general I'd like to see more market items and plat purchases outside of it. I've been extensively using pay 2 skip (even super low foundry times [60 seconds]) regularly since i basically first logged in.
  2. Nope, i want them to do more and even go further with more deals with other companies for subscription services. --- Sent from my no-more-fomo-android-device.
  3. IDC about the drop chances, they're already and definitely better than doing T4 defense rotation C (every 20 waves) only and that up to and over one thousand times. I find them boring because i can't neither pick a tileset, nor a faction and not even the mission type.. everything's literally out of my control, held by an rng slot machine which often just sucks massive.. because it gets stuck spamming the same stuff over and over. I also hate that the fissure is still open even though the relic is cracked and makes the enemies turning and their invulnerability a nuisance. (Apparently
  4. It's a damn video game and not real life. DE can, and will, do whatever they please. (As they've done in the past) They created the game, what you think makes no sense today, can land officially in the leverian, codex and wiki the next day. Seriously, unless y'all buy the franchise, you shouldn't run around pointing fingers while acting the world is on fire and saying 'this needs to be removed' when it's not actually affecting anything, especially not "we need" (majority lives happily without giving a darn), "you have to" (the only thing they have to do is keep doing what they're doing).
  5. Yh i also want auto leave, i loved that in old dauntless, especially on console where cursor movement is the digital console equivalent to a disease. And on top of that, the host migration happening if you're not "fast enough". Which can even fail and take up to minutes, locking the entire screen for that duration. This all should happen in the background after every match, as an option of course. It's partly in the game on console already, if you play with next gen players, the entire squad is already either disbanded or migrated in the loading screen which i actually enjoy.
  6. I really hope Daughter from Deimos will get the new fish parts into her daily offerings on Xbox with the next update. It's unfair that Son got all new animal tags immediately and I'm still checking with daughter to find new fish.
  7. I remember googling about Warframe when i started out, with sites saying "enjoy Warframe while you can, it will die" "they won't make it without a publisher" yada yada yada.. I'm really sick of hearing this for, in September 2021, 7 years straight.
  8. Apparently the game was, is and will continuously die for the foreseeable future. This was discussed since i joined September 2014. (2015 the forums) Quite honestly, I'd really love to see some data if people do this for every game. Where OP found challenge in early game, is called being a noob to a franchise. It's like this with literally every game.
  9. I actually forgot that even existed lol, yh I'm all for bringing stuff back. But via PvP again? Not sure. Especially since consoles don't have dedicated servers for it.
  10. #*!% this multiplier nonsense, it's what makes gaming a nuisance and anything else, but a compelling, well thought out and "challenging" experience. No thanks, keep that out of arbitrations. And making it optional would screw even more with matchmaking and add upon your complaint of the previous 2 being separated.
  11. T- posing. Happens rarely lately, but when it does, i love it 😄
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