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  1. I would prefer if his 2 was a buff, it would make it worthwhile using.
  2. yayyyyy!!!! Volt speed now returns.
  3. I knew this would be released in three parts. Part 1: New Content Part 2: The Content strikes back Part 3: Return of the Content (if you don't get it........)
  4. I have a question. Are you working on DX12 support, if so, when will we get DX12?
  5. I agree, grinding is not fun. Grind does not equal content. It's the main reason why I play games, for fun, not grind.
  6. It's sad that this is becoming major issue today. Ugh, maybe I will go play some Skyrim or WOW while I wait.
  7. You should find out who is DDoSing you. I am not familiar with Canadian Law but in the US you can be arrested for terrorism for a DDoS Attack. If that happens to be the case. If anything maybe it is time to upgrade the servers or get more of them. But anyways keep working on it.
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