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  1. np, just wanted to point out xD so there was no further confusion
  2. Tenet Agendus has base electricity damage, so when it has + cold damage %, it combines into magnetic. they had said there bonus was cold damage thus making it magnetic on default ya adding in toxin mod should create corrosive cold on the weapon. you can use overframe.gg as a way to take a look at stats of a build
  3. not sure but considering that the aracade item that lets you play the mini games on your orbiter also works in dojo. so have a good chance of it working
  4. do low risk say in recuting chat doing low risk index for NW challange have like a gara on the team to keep enemies out stay near your spawn/enemy scoring goal an kill what comes an have someone who can pick up points an score them easy an no stress
  5. google twitch inventory as you claim drops an stuff from there, but its far to late to be able to claim now
  6. talking about in warframe as it only online so doesnt have a need for split screen co op
  7. please do not necros a dead topic, just cause you want to respond to it.
  8. no it wont happen since its designed to be a online game so the need for split screen doesnt exist
  9. i named it pinky's face after RebelDustyPinky so when i feed my helmith im feeding pinkies face with random junk
  10. it wasnt deleted rather it was merged into another threat with simliar topic
  11. not all the prime frames had there signature weapons that there non versions came with. when a prime warframe comes out DE takes a pick from the orokin/tenno weapons an dips them in the heavenly buffing gold. only 5 prime warframes had came out with a signature weapon there normal versions came with.
  12. the base effect of mods will affect umbra an wukong clone secondary effects an set effects dont work on them
  13. the corrupted mods are fine where there stats are right now as they are meant to be a give an take boost. so would mean if you wanted to buff them you would also need to make the negative higher to balance it out
  14. crafting of are minables is good enough as i rather not need standing to do that. mining doesnt take that long as its not like the first stage where we had to cut along the lines then we got the heated nodes then finaly the greatest update to ming :D the diamond of locating which we got from the whole deimos making mining so hard
  15. it depends on when you submit it, as if you send it during time when DE is working on a BIG update they will have less time focused on other things as DE are rather super serious about there work. so could take from a month or two to even afew days
  16. i had no idea OP status in game so gave poitn of view of if user was a pretty new player an pointed out what i would get in order of plague star rewards. then got commented about quills an how at rank 5 you can get cetus wisps an so pointed out that it would take a long time for a new player to get access to cetus wisps that way. so it got shifted from plague star to quills but guess you didn't pay too much attention to that? i didn't say "New" i said 100% new or did your brain block that out too?
  17. well considering that alot of times we have people spreading out through the map due to there ego of wanting to be able to kill everything in survial missions making spawns spread thin
  18. I don't know how long you been in the game so will just state stuff if you were 100% new yet again still ignore this part of my comment. as i had no idea of the poster current status in game i was giving them idea of importance. getting the stuff that they cant normally get through gameplay that can only be gained in this event first an then the items which they can get through normal gameplay. thus meaning person would not have access to the arcwing launcher nor the itzal arcwing at all. the investment as if they remain mr 1 would take between 120 an 240 days of getting standing alone, then there is the 60 shards needed to get through the third, fourth an fifth ranks to have access to buying cetus wisps. So you were not seeing things through as a NEW player which again i was using as the basis of what order of getting items of. while you are only seeing things as a veteran player who has a bunch of things an time invested into the game already
  19. it depends on if your trying to buy from your arsenal or from the shop if its in arsenal then you probbily already have that waframe, this doesnt inculde prime version so if you have say banshee prime it still will show a normal banshee as something you can buy. if its in marketplace you might have activated the filter to show only items with BP as certain warframes have there main blueprint gotten through quests or farming
  20. exalted weapons used to get bonuses based on the mods on melees but since the changed added in to allow you to mod your exalted weapons changed this. only exalted ability to allow for mods to gives buffs is khoras whip which is an isn't considered an exalted ability due to it being a repeat cast ability
  21. the view point i was talking about was from a new player, which you clearly ignored me saying. meaning they wouldn't have that access to the higher ranks in quills to buy the cetus wisps from, as Architect rank is required to buy them. Which is rank 5.
  22. I don't know how long you been in the game so will just state stuff if you were 100% new ghoul saw the 2 plague zaw arcanes plague zaw parts snipertron ether daggers tons of the cetus wisps an forma
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