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  1. Vanquish is the Slip and Slide model. With its Rocket sliding all over the place. Warframe movement is perfectly fine the way it is.
  2. So much Necromancing, DE is going to make a quest to hunt them down before they resurrect the Ancient Enemies.
  3. Corinth is a shotgun, with an airburst grenade secondary fire. Braton Prime is an assault rifle, nothing special.
  4. I suggested to the Megathread to make the elements persist. Only removable by applying it again. Basically Toggle on or off.
  5. My Bad answer.... I maxed out Duration, replaced a skill through Helminth for Mirage's Eclipse, and started whacking all enemies with a high status chance weapons and condition overload. Lavos has some special thing with Duration that makes Status inflicted last longer. You can read that note next to the Duration stat. Not listed in Passives. I otherwise ignore the other 3 abilities.
  6. I figured they'd release Octavia Prime on 3/9/21 or something...and call it Miku Prime. (Gets shot)
  7. I'm rather fond of the Veldt. Revolver Rifle, no scope, can still zoom. Good ole semi auto rifle fun.
  8. It says 36. Any higher is likely one of those exploit glitches.
  9. Disclaimer: Only read first page, so if I say something someone already said, or addressed, apologies. Lavos mixing of elements is tedious. My suggestion is make the mixing of elements a toggle. So every ability, holding it adds the element, and it will apply to all abilities without being erased after use. Holding the ability again will Remove the applied element. Tldr: Elements don't disappear after use. Add or Remove elements by holding them again.
  10. What is with the upsurge in Thread Necromancy? I almost think DE should add a notice system that tells you, you're posting in a thread that's older than a month old.
  11. Mag Magnetize a group of three enemies, and shoot the bubble from above?
  12. Well, Seems Synth Charge mod works wonders with it.
  13. So there's no way you can reset the password on your email instead?
  14. Yeah, I wanted it for it's Reload Radial Attack. The grenade when you reload. Additional: Also, not sure if this is a bug or planned. But if you get knocked out of reload by the grenade's explosion, Your next reload grenade only does the Partial reload Grenade even if you have 0 ammo in gun.
  15. Booo....Fulmination doesn't work on this gun.
  16. Hmm....Maybe use firerate as an alternative method. (pisses like a race horse on a flat rock)
  17. All I got from this is, Leverian puts Warframe backstories into a Simulacrum and let's you relive their Leverian Exhibit story as a quest. I like the idea, but I think if it is to be considered, it should be restricted to: Single player Only use the Warframe the Leverian is about Only use the weapons/cosmetics related to the Warframe. No Items No Operator No mods (since you're only playing through their SET IN STONE story)
  18. I don't suppose anyone's tried out a riven with Negative ammo magazine size with this? One that brings ammo down TO 1-5 instead. Then added Pistol ammo mutation, while going on a Balls(testi) throwing spree. Context: Catabolyst: Catabolyst is an infested weapon that urinates on everything for damage, and reloads by throwing its depleted ammo bag like a grenade. Different strength of explosion at 0 ammo reload and partial reload. Idea: Bring ammo magazine size down to 1-5 ammo from its 31. So you can constantly throw the depleted sacks.
  19. I use an Augur Secrets with her for 99% armor strip. Gotta leave that 1% for corrosive damage bonus. Assimilate mod? Turns her into the Terminator. You know? Invincible, and gunning things down with your OP Primary/Secondary/Melee? Slow though, gotta have that slow walking mowing down everything with a Heavy Machine gun while carrying a casket fashion. Mind Control...yeah I subsumed Pull into her skillset. Helps get enemies into range, and Pull feels more like a Telekinetic power for our Psychic Fashion Queen.
  20. Switches shoulder. Tenno on left side of screen, to Tenno on right side of the screen. One of those things other games have for Taking cover behind an object and shooting. It was extremely valuable in Uncharted.
  21. Additionally, Weapons without a manufacturer type which are basically starter weapons in case you have nothing to put, have nothing to combine with. example: Apoc, Pulsar. The ones with no manufacturer attached. Ones with manufacturers would look like: Zetki Pulsar, Zetki Apoc.
  22. Zetki weapons with same Zetki weapons. Vidar weapons with same Vidar weapons. Lavan weapons with same Lavan weapons. Same for everything.
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