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  1. A bit belated on a reply. How often do you experience these crashes in Orb Vallis while fighting Profit Taker? Does it require multiple attempts? Extremely often. My main fear and deterrent when doing Profit Taker is it crashing. When I do complete one I feel lucky. So yes, it does require multiple attempts. Do you crash during regular bounties? If so, can you please name them? Yes, but even in Free Roam these crashes occur. As far as I can tell the crashes are not tied to a specific bounty. Do you find yourself frequently traveling between Fortuna and Orb Vallis before the game
  2. This time I had the pleasure of crashing after the orb was defeated and lost out on the Charged Bullets mod. Of course, I already know that support will refuse to help you with that even with evidence. Fix Orb Vallis crashes. And most especially fix the frequent Profit-Taker Orb crashes. I know it doesn't just affect me. This mission is an unacceptable state. Fix Orb Vallis crashes.
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