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  1. You might have already gotten that reply (don't know, haven't checked all 250 posts), but... she now has 300 armor. She is now, even more than before, great with Rage or Hunter Adrenaline.
  2. RIP my beloved Atomos. You will be missed. Thanks for the new arcane system.
  3. Thanks for reminding me of this. I had, indeed, forgotten about it and haven't used that functionality. I hope it will help me, and that I won't get this bug again.
  4. Having a really hard time with this event. I've finished Kela's fight several times without getting any event mod ! I think I managed to find out what the issue is : every single time I didn't get the mod, I had loaded in the mission after the rest of the squad (i.e. join randoms that had already started, or, since I have a bad PC, launch the mission with a friend who loads faster than me and gets the mission started - even by only a few seconds - before I load in). Problem happened under build 18.10.1 and 18.10.2 I can't do anything to get my PC to load faster. Maybe am I to blame for having a crappy platform, but that's not the point. The point is, considering the issue, I am faced with 2 choices : either play solo (which sucks, 'cause I enjoy playing with my friends) to be sure I get the mod when I kill Kela or keep on playing with my friends, and face the infuriating feeling of losing 1) my time in a fight that rewards me nothing, 2) 50 judgement points used up for nothing that I have to grind back again and again. I salute the hotfix making the 3rd mission reward 25 points instead of 10. At least I have to grind less for points that got wasted... I don't know whether I'm the only one with this issue, but I seriously can't be bothered placing a ticket for support. I know I won't be given mods anyway. I just hope that, if this issue isn't on my end, and if others people experience it too, it can be fixed. Good job DE with this event. I really enjoyed it. But right now, I think I'm just gonna pass on playing it to try and get the mods, even though I was really looking forward to getting some of them. It's just too infuriating farming for literally nothing.
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