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  1. Mine just failed because someone flaked in the middle of the fight. That person was the primary DPS.
  2. 100% Guaranteed that DE wouldn't buff the rewards enough.
  3. I cheesed it with a max power strength Rhino for Iron Skin and Roar, Soma Prime because I have a killer Riven for it, and a crit-build Rattleguts kitgun. Preventing any damage + Boosting my own made it much easier to kill the thumper.
  4. This thread will outlive Warframe.
  5. None of them. Buff the weak ones up to standard.
  6. Quatz only gets to 99% status with all 4 dual stat mods. I find this irrationally infuriating. Why not 100%?
  7. You got the points for it, so it wasn't really a waste. Consider the forma you received a reimbursement. You didn't really lose anything except a small amount of time.
  8. Nora's still here because she hosts Nightwave.
  9. Some forms of security used on commercial and academic wifi networks can interfere with traffic. So yes, the dorm wifi just doesn't want to allow it.
  10. a Full uninstall and reinstall through steam seems to fix it.
  11. For anyone still encountering the Update error: Uninstalling and reinstalling warframe through steam did the trick.
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