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  1. I figured, but it was worth asking since it's displayed in the syndicate missions tab on the Orbiter
  2. My squad did it with 2 Nekros, 1 Revenant and 1 Banshee Not the exact optimal team setup, maybe the Revenant could be replaced with Equinox or Gara. If you have good gear and good partners you should be fine. I got help from Clanmates
  3. If so, I'd rather just run elite and have some fun instead of doing regular syndicate missions.
  4. You're paying off their debts so they don't get murderized
  5. OK, I think you should contact OkamiA in game. Tell him you wish to be invited
  6. It might be done on discord. I'm checking now. In the mean time, I've sent you a friend request in game.
  7. I don't know if I can invite but I think I know who can. We're Space Shark Incorporated.
  8. There should be a series of missions to do on earth that give you blueprints to complete the components of your ship, if you haven't already. That might be a good place to start. Otherwise, work your way through the starchart and check the console across from your market for quests. There are several quests that dish out Blueprints for Frames that you've probably never seen. There are now openworld levels on Earth and Venus. They might be tempting but you'll be overwhelmed if you try to jump into them right now.
  9. Some forms of security used on commercial and academic wifi networks can interfere with traffic. So yes, the dorm wifi just doesn't want to allow it.
  10. a Full uninstall and reinstall through steam seems to fix it.
  11. For anyone still encountering the Update error: Uninstalling and reinstalling warframe through steam did the trick.
  12. Right now it looks like there's a problem with one or a few of the servers used for updates and login authentication. Pretty much all we can do is wait for another fix.
  13. Most likely caused by the same error or bug, yes.
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