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  1. I'm happy, waited for 3 years, got what I wanted (more to be honest) and the quest is also awesome, so ye, hope you all enjoying it, I guess I'll stay with the same damn MR for another 5 years. (yeah... when i like something i use it until im bored)
  2. I'm too hyped, ppl on discord are too hyped making me hyped. everyone seems hyped I cant help myself.
  3. Please calm down people, it will be here: It's all fine. *screams with anxiety*
  4. You can check the first ever page on the FAQ section if not FAQ then somewhere around there, Mako always update it.
  5. So Thursday is the day eh, Thanks all for this amazing ride, LOOKING FORWARD to keep following this mega and I'll still be on discord, following future umbra informations with our Umbros
  6. Mine is 150 kb/s. With warframe launcher its 75 to 120 kb/s I'll be whole night downloading depending the size of it, so I hope for 2 gb max. And it's not tonight it's tmr probably. Thursday.
  7. Tomorrow / today (Wednesday) is mostly likely to drop the update. Prepare yourselves people, we may start our new journey to Umbra Soon. or we will be surprised and have to wait more....................
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