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  1. Thought about that, but it would be too similar just like the shoulders.. I wanted it to have the gazal feel but not fully as gazal copy and paste.. thats one reason I discontinued the shoulder formats..But yeah also a possibility.
  2. Thanks all, yes a triangle could be a possibility, I'm playing around with so many concepts that I don't know where and what to start lol, the size is uncertain yet, but I guess too small does not look as good.. damn I forgot about nezha. I tried using the format of gazal armor but I think it's even worse Like I see it as back armor but the way I have to make the cloth that I need to figure out, So maybe a triangle then instead of a circle ?
  3. Hello Tenno, I've been having difficulties while designing a good syandana, I have pages of concept but I'm bound to not like my creations sometimes. I've made one of the concepts into a 3d model, it is based on gazal armor. I don't like myself but, what are your thoughts about it? Note: textures are a bit off since as a concept I rushed it. Note2: as a concept there is no name to it. Note3: Warframe is full of very detailed cosmetics, I was trying to make the simplest one. Things I want to know: is the concept good and should I keep working on it (fixing textures
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