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  1. Brimstone

    Volt Discharge Does Nothing [Fixed]

    Same here. Wanted to report the same bug, but then I found your post. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.
  2. Brimstone

    Strange Lighting FIXED

    Hey thanks to you i figured it out! I looked at the settings and "Color correction" was disabled for some reason. I tried enabling it and the game looks alive again. Without it, the game looks gloomy, dark and lifeless.
  3. Brimstone

    Strange Lighting FIXED

    Maybe... didn't think of it that way.
  4. Brimstone

    Strange Lighting FIXED

    Well, I fail to see how that relates to the lighting in the game...
  5. Brimstone

    Strange Lighting FIXED

    Hey people of Warframe! I'll get straight to the point, is it just me or did DE change some lighting things very recently? I mean, in the last few days my orbiter looks darker than usual, and I didn't change anything in it. My decor has less of that glow to it, especially the ore decorations. Also my clan dojo usually has this thick red foggy ambiance to it, but recently it seems different, and way less foggy. Needless to say I haven't changed any settings recently, haven't changed a monitor or anything like that. So did anyone else notice any of these things, or is it just me?