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  1. Brimstone

    About Focus Schools Passive Nodes

    Think of it, it couldve been great if Passives (not waybound) could be used across schools - Like an actual endgame, sort of, benefits. I mean, having the bonus of 80% to operator energy WHILE getting bonus 45% affinity from melee kills doesnt seem to me like too much to ask, for the grind.
  2. Brimstone

    About Focus Schools Passive Nodes

    Aww man, that sucks. I mean, focus is SO grindy so might aswell let us enjoy the benefits of unlocking nodes.
  3. Hey Warframe community! So, Since I didn't manage to find an answer to this obvious question anywhere, I feel like it's about time that I ask that here. The question is this: Do passives from the focus schools such as "Phoenix Talons" (Madurai), "Affinity Spike" (Naramon) or "Mending Unity" (Vazarin) Work when you are using other schools? For example, Does "Affinity Spike" (which is maxed for me) work when using Zenurik as an active school? *My question is specifically about the nodes that say "Passive" below them, and not "Passive - Way-Bound" Thank you!
  4. Brimstone

    Volt Discharge Does Nothing [Fixed]

    Same here. Wanted to report the same bug, but then I found your post. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.