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  1. "Bait and Switch" huh, so when all the trailers and tutorials the game offers, inside and outside the game actively shows you parkour in it, or people using parkour, you thought it was "Baiting" you, tell me if you didn't get that parkour wasn't going to be a good part of the gameplay, what did you think this game was going to be about, fishing?
  2. As the the title says, none of the animations work properly when using melee while in Shadow's form, this happens in every mission. Here is an example below
  3. Thanks for the fixes There's an animation bug for Sevagoth where his Shadow's forward Melee attack, and Alt+Foward Melee Attack doesn't play it's correct animation, his arms just stay on his side, this happens both on PS4 & PS5.
  4. I disagree with this sentiment, Flux had its problems, i.e the shared pool aspect of it, but ideally it didn't bring up as many problems as this new Energy system has, in terms of balancing, and player choice. I was reading your older posts in this discussion, and I understand what you mean, modding should mean something in Warframe's gameplay, however I think what I and a good set of people are trying to convince you is that modding your Warframe's stats should not effect how well you do with the Railjack itself, ideally that's what the new Plexus system is for. If you want to be a good
  5. I'm for exclusive cooperative raids, I think Warframe has been without them for too long, I enjoyed trails, and would like to see it back in some form, even if it's not in the "raid" format, I also believe there is no middle ground here, so making any part of it "solo-able" is something I won't be on board for. I think the sooner they play up the cooperative part of their game, the easier it will be for players to accept and even enjoy cooperative play, there is a lot of potential there, and I think it would be a good idea to lean into the social aspects of Warframe.
  6. Warframe keeps crashing on my Ps5 every time it tries to install a hotfix
  7. On the Ps5 every time the game tries install the hotfix, it crashes, it gets to around 8%-20% then stops working.
  8. I'd like to say I have no problems with the cooldown system he incorporates into his kit, it's a nice twist, and like Nidus makes me look at the whole of his kit instead of just 1 or 2 abilities I favor, he is a powerful frame, a strong damage dealer, and extremely durable, however I think his passive could use a bit of a tweak, it's very functional but think it can be a little better, I'll share my current problems with it, and my suggestions to improve the process of using it. Problem 1: I find it very tiresome to constantly have to hold the buttons/keys to apply a specific proc on an a
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