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  1. It's not real, none of this is real, wake up and complete the mission Agent 47.
  2. I would like endless survival railjack, and I think it would force the developers to consider the implementation of solo extraction for Railjack like regular survivals. Hopefully they put more variation on the gamemode itself, like minibosses, or attacking a grineer ship from the inside, or having different factions invade the mission area, something like that to spice it up, and make it distinct from its regular counterpart.
  3. This is a questions you should have posted under players helping player category.
  4. Whenever I bullet jump the weapon holsters itself on my Warframe's back, it does this for all weapons, its the same for when you reload just before bullet jumping, it plays the animation of that weapon's reload, but still has the weapon holstered on your the back. On both cases once you hit the ground the weapon goes back in the Warframe's hand.
  5. The Ephemeras were originally intended to be skill based to earn, unfortunately that wasn't the case for a majority of them and they became Rng based. I think beyond the weapons, the Ephemeras are a good endgame for the Liches, and keep you playing, I get excited when I get one, but I can't say the same for the weapons, I don't think the current systems is that good for the Liches, but I feel if you can control what you want, especially with the Lich Ephemeras, it would make both the Liches, and Ephemeras for them less interesting, or valuable. So unless they make Liches more meaningful, and Endgame oriented beyond just Weapons and Ephemeras, I'm implored to keep Ephemeras random.
  6. Sure that would be a valid option, but the point I'm trying to get across is you shouldn't be able to install a Gravimag onto your archgun to begin with, as you haven't progresssed to that point where you can use the archgun launcher. Having the option to unequip an archgun would be a good addition to the game, but you wouldn't be in this small conundrum if it had locked you out of using the Gravimag.
  7. If you can't use it in missions it probably shouldn't show up, in fact you probably shouldn't be able to use Gravimags in the first place, I think that might be an oversight, and they should probably adjust that to correspond with your access to arch-guns.
  8. He still benefits from Shield Gating due to that 75 sheilds, I actually prefer him taking advantage of this function than having pure health, and considering his shields are pretty low, he can regenerate it pretty fast to get that full 1 second immunity phase, rather than a 0.3 seconds for partial shield break.
  9. They were talking about cross-progression a couple weeks ago, so I think next-gen consoles releasing would be a good time to implement that system
  10. I mean, you can think like that if you want, but I think the most recent announcements, and podcasts with the developers speaks otherwise.
  11. So yeah how do the changes feel, are they asking for feedback right away, or have they been silent and let you just feel out the changes, are you guys even allowed to talk to begin with? Hearing any of the experiences on the test cluster would be cool, and I'd appreciate it, I'd prefer it to be first person source, but word of mouth would be valuable too. Thank you for your time.
  12. I feel as if the opt-out extraction that happens in Survivals, Defense, and Interception, should apply to all missions, I'm kinda tired of getting held hostage in my own capture mission, or Kuva Lich mission. I don't want to come off too aggressive but I feel both parties would benefit from the feature being universal in all mission types, and I don't want to act like I know what it takes to program this game, but I feel the solution is within our grasps. I dont know, tell me what you think, it feels like a a straight forward change, but maybe there are unforeseen consequences I'm not seeing.
  13. It's not a bad idea but I would rather it not dilute the loot pool further than it is now, plus Kuva is pretty much everywhere now. I mean imagine if he brought endo, it would seem in poor taste to be another Endo provider.
  14. I think the Op seems to be on venting spree, considering the one he made just before this was a "Why are you nerfing this weapon, it isn't fun anyone more" rant. On that note I don't think its very smart to make two posts at once bashing DE, unless you're actively trying to get into a verbal fist fight with every person you encounter. I mean you can do whatever you want, post how many things you want, but if on the off chance you're trying to convince people to your side, you're not doing a very good job at it. And so to at least contribute to the conversation, I believe that 60$-200$ isn't that bad of a price point, given its a choice to purchase the full package, or the smallest version, considering they're giving you a good amount of platinum, 90 day boosters, and some accessories exclusive to that content, if you feel that's too much, they always rerelease the old prime accesses for about 20-40 bucks depending on what you want. If that seems too "criminal" to you, then maybe it doesn't have what you're looking for, and you don't see the value in it, which is fine, but it's ultimately set at that value because people buy it for that amount, and there's nothing "criminal" about setting a price point that your customers buy at
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