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  1. I think there are various other threads that cover this topic better than anyone else here (including me), but for the most part player dips are a natural part of Warframes Cycle, after almost every big update you see a big decline, only for it to jump up again at the next big update, Deimos in fact seemed to bring in the largest amount of traffic warframe has ever seen, the numbers at themselves don't equate to the quality of the update, but big updates tend to attract alot of people. If you look at the whole timeline instead of the current numbers you'd see this pattern of player peaks
  2. I think first person mode could work, it'd take a bit of work to remap, but besides that it could be a cool addition
  3. No that's just how they are, before Tencent before Leyou, they don't often l reply to public discussions or individuals, especially staff, you might see a moderator if things get too heated, but you can see all staff posts by going to the "Lastest Staff Replies" section of the main forum page (I'll link it here) https://forums.warframe.com/discover/1896/ While I can't say complete silence is a good way to address many people giving feedback, I can say you introduce a whole lot of new problems by replying to people at all, once you show that you're listening, and capable of responding
  4. Im not a big fan of universal skins for weapons, and I wouldn't want anymore that we currently have in this game, I feel a big part of Warframe's apeal to me comes from the world building, and the ways they keep you immersed within that world, a big part of that is due to the Warframes, and Weapons on roster. A majority of all weapons look, sound, feel, and reload differently, almost every weapon has a unique description tag, that either hints at their creation, or its history within Warframe. If you can simply reskin it, that history and authenticity sorta gets removed, I can no longer i
  5. So will the PS5 version include the Deimos Arcana update pc has?
  6. I don't think Nihil is a great boss, on the contrary I think there might be more things wrong with his fight than right, so on a certain level I can empathize with the various criticisms players have with him. There are several other posts that go into why people don't like him, and his various flaws, (mostly in general discussion, which is weird, as it's written like feedback), so I don't really want to repeat what's already out there, but for the sake of discussion I'll summarize major problems people have with him, at least the one's I've seen or discussed with people about. #1: His wi
  7. This megathread was made about 2-3 weeks before the HoD update launched. The devs made everyone clear on how the system would function, including which of the selected abilities would be chosen, and altered for diminishing returns. Plenty of youtubers were reporting on all the updates made to the Helminth system. You can only blame yourself for being uniformed
  8. As grateful as I am for this update existing, I am less grateful for the fact M4D is getting its improved version, but we can't get round 2 of changes with Xaku.
  9. Will the next console update include the Second Round of Changes to Xaku
  10. Plague Star is from 2017, it is an old event , and a very overused one at that, it has seen no change in the past 3 years it has re-occured, nobody plays the event because its fun, its a forma farm, slap that forma reward on some other event, people wouldn't care if they removed the whole event. I was making the point that this event has no place in the game anymore, and is taking the place of a better designed event, that could be both fun and rewarding. Also nowhere did I mention NW so I have no idea what you're ranting about.
  11. I think there's opportunity for them to reintroduce a forma farm with a different event, Plague Star was a tired out boring event that I hope they discontinue. I would be in favour of a new event that supported varitation in gameplay, that would try something new, and experiment a little, beyond the usual kill, defend, and escort. Maybe have a race, or test players parkour abilities, tell them to problem solve or figure out a puzzle.
  12. I see the potential in it the same way you do. Right now there hasn't been any talk of it as a future mechanic, all we know is that its used in Scarlet Spear, which they said would come back next year, so it implies they are working on it in some form. I think Squad Link needs more time in the oven as a system, as Scarlet Spear showed the limitations it had coding wise, and gameplay wise. And with the outbreak, and next generation consoles on them, I don't know if it's on the backburner with other Systems of its kind like, Cross-Link, or the Command intrinsic.
  13. With next generation of consoles being here within 50 days (November 12th for Ps5 and Ps5 Digital, and November 10th for the Xbox Series X and Series S). I expect some news about account migration from console to console, within the next month, at latest being a week or 2 after their release. I expect this entails an opportunity for PC users to also port their account to the new consoles, considering when Warframe came to Ps4, Xbox, and recently the Nintendo Switch, they gave a months notice in advance, to give everyone an opportunity to port their account information (although Ps4 had a
  14. I believe the Railjack console should be locked to the Railjack owner, I feel as the owner of the ship I should at least have control over where it goes, I have had many occasions where my Railjack zipped out to the drydock at the end of the mission although I wanted to stay to pick up the resources, or travel to a new node, due to my teammate wanting to opt out. While I understand players want to be able to leave without being "held captive" by the host, I would like to strive for a solution that holds no extreme, and benifits all participants. That solution comes from the base game itse
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