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  1. Its just statistics, like a K/D ratio a small factoid that you look at once in a while and say "yeah I did that", it's really no different from hours played, or misiions completed.
  2. I get wanting to bask in the glory of parkour, but it wouldn't really feel cool or exciting if doing parkour was so easy, even now the meta for movement is pretty mindless, spam roll, or bullet-jump spam jump then roll. I say we need to go the opposite way and make parkour more deliberate, give it a higher skill ceiling for momentum, and maybe add more moves, like old wall running.
  3. It'd be cool if he gave you special missions set inside the void, just like he did when Inaros Prime came out, except just not an A.I defense, maybe like a parkour challange, or some wacky set of objectives that are hard. He could also bring lore fragments, or puzzle boxes all orokin themed, I have no problem with what he currently has, new/intermediate players need his stuff too but it,'d be cool for him to have more than one purpose.
  4. I agree with you these are inconsistent decisions, and don't seem entirely fair, so I think they should go back and lock all the seasonal skins, and cosmetics to their respective holidays. I feel Celebration items should only be tied to their respective holidays, having a something that constantly references a particular seasonal holiday kind of tires me, and devalues the rarity of the occasion. I'm not really for the toggle, I don't really like anything that disconnects how players see each other in the game, it feels like a weird blinder, I guess the volume Mandachord option would have to be tossed out of the window with that logic. I'm not really sure on this, it just doesn't feel right as a feature, but I can see it as a possible solution, even if I don't think it's a good one. I can't deny how you feel on that, but I guess this is where differences come to light.
  5. I actually prefer limited time Ephemeras, the wing were slightly overbearing, but the Life Saver definitely is. I also feel like certain items are celebration oriented, and feel themetic or fun to wear when it's that paticular season just like the easter ears, and eggs, I think a good excample of certain skins being out of season, are the Christmas stuff, they're year round, and although no one uses them, it feels weird to see out of its holiday event. On the other hand the halloween skins, and the twilight skins I think are perfectly acceptable because they don't look like they're tied to a season, same with color palettes.
  6. The feature itself is completely fine with me, if people just want a QoL it shouldn't really be much of a hassle. But I think if they wanted to remove walking/ sprinting as a mechanic and just make it sprinting, I'd have to say no to that, I feel at a certain point momentum control in parkour is extremely important to the mechanic, sprinting often has a role to play in non-bullet jump based movement, and whenever DE decides to make parkour an actual skill you need to master, like making parkour based challenges and activities, then I feel always running will be a detriment. At the same time I am basing that worry off of a hypothetical scenario where DE make people people think about using their parkour deliberately instead of spamming bullet-jump and roll.
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