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  1. -Kurbows, kavats, infested pets need a status chance increase at base. -Moas need something similar to bite and maul -Sentinels need to have link health,shields,and armor. -Sentinels weapons needs buff to match the current weapon system. -Please remove the double stacking mods we don't need double split chambers,heavy cal,barrel diffusion, and gunslinger example. -Sentinels need there own mods set. I would love the change in the near future and some feedback if necessary thank you Digital extremes for amazing game. Sincerely Umbrahowl from xbox one
  2. Kurbow,moa,and kavats need a buff
  3. Me and steelemommy have been trying to farm floofs since last week. We can't call them to the spawn point after the second call.
  4. I can't farm m8 I want my new floopy put in my ship please. I am trying help a friend please fix it
  5. Hey Digital extremes floofs are bugged currently and can't farm any floofs getting really upset about it please fix it.
  6. Hi Digital extremes I have been playing this game since 2015 my god. I am proud of this game you have made over the years. But me and a group of people would like you to please please please rework ash,chroma,atlas,and vanban. I would love new primsa,prime mods,and more lore in the future. I can't wait for the new war to come to xbox one. P.s I miss you space mom aka the lotus.
  7. Increase critc,critc dmg,base dmg,reload,and status chance.
  8. increase critic chance,critc dmg,magazine,and base dmg
  9. Any chance of us getting a sential weapon mod set like they are now arkwing,rifle,shotguns,pistol are now.
  10. Add to where sentials have there own mod set please please. And thank you
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