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  1. ^This. Briefly considered it for my Oberon build but my dragon takes priority.
  2. I love the implications that anyone who has the majority of Baro items has neither a life nor friends. You could either A) focus on grinding ducats out so you have some stock in between baro visits (really doesnt take that much time) or B) Buy some junk prime parts for meager amounts of plat (helpful to new players and it adds up quick)
  3. Well kinda the point was to pull agro to me before they start shooting to ensure it targets me. I also mentioned the Ack & Brunt augment which is effectively useless now.
  4. My only complaint so far is I can't manual block with guns equipped. (I like to use guardian derision and sometimes pair it with electromagnetic shielding)
  5. I feel both of your points On Khora the run right after I said "screw it. I'll just unlock my Vazarin waybounds" is when I finally got the last khora bp which I angrily started constructing it while making agitated kermit faces. On gyromag (repellers for me) I ran stage 2 with a random for hours to the point we had the mission down 1.5-2 minutes of runtime loading notwithstanding. It wasn't until I said "last run for me" that I finally got it (after getting literally everything else on the drop table. TLDR: The desire sensor sucks giant grineer roller balls.
  6. When it was announced I thanked my luck I only had 3 missions left to do. Side note: Orokin derelict missions count towards this so if you are missing a few it may be one of those.
  7. It sounds worse on paper than it actually is. If you can survive mid sortie enemies you will be fine. In fact, the only real "eh" part is the arbitration drones and all they really do is ensure you don't cc/limbo cheese grineer and infested.
  8. Arbitrations drop ayatan statues in each rotation so that is where most people go for that.
  9. No I am not kidding. The disparity in rarity is ridiculous between cyan amber (254-10 current stocks) to a tedious degree. While I have my own method should the need arise to farm them that doesn't fix the underlying issue here. Thanks though for assuming I am ignorant on the matter.
  10. Interesting note on this. I fought a lower level Wolf using Inaros and while his minions were subject to my abilities using devour on one would only yield a set amount of health but wouldn't kill them.
  11. Even 2 players using it is a 60% armor reduction which is a massive blow to his EHP and durability.
  12. Just checked on this and noted. Kinda glad that I don't throw the thing every time now. Got tired of killing myself just trying to slice enemies. As for OPs problem my channeling is defaulted to clicking the right stick and does not channel when using the aim glide button, it just swaps back to whichever gun I was using and considering how seamless that is it is a nonissue for me at least.
  13. Exodia contagion require bullet jump or double jump. Not aim gliding.
  14. If you had a resource booster its because Kavat buff, resource weekend, and resource booster
  15. Alright. Allow me to rephrase my point more succinctly so you will not purposefully misinterpret it. Fortuna has been out roughly for 142ish daya so even with an MR1 repcap if you maxed out every day since release (which would take maybe 10 minutes a day at that low of a cap) you would have 282k reputation. Which of course you only need 240k rep to make Old Mate. Now I'd almost bet dollars for dimes the real reason for your complaints is, as you stated, you don't have the rank yet. Did you voice complaints about the challenges requiring sorties? Remember those have an MR lock on them. Call me a white knight if you will but I am not defending DE so much as just disagreeing with your sentimentality involving including everyone in all content. IF this were a short time limited event where you HAD to have this to max out THEN I would be firmly agreeing with your viewpoint. Yet missing this challenge will not put a player out of the running for the end of Nightwave nor does even missing a few of them.
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