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  1. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    Chroma Prime Access Available Now!

    That's one Bad Dragon
  2. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    So this guy offered me all his platinum.

    Who the hell even uses clan tax?
  3. Capture Mission Changes: Capture Targets now have a 1 minute Bleedout timer after being downed for 30 seconds, upon which Lotus will now alert you that you’re running out of time to capture the Target. Capture missions had become an unofficial Endless mission with the tactic of leaving the Target squirming on the ground for hours while players dealt with the never-ending horde of enemies. The Bleedout timer has been added as a countermeasure to fix the unintended Endless Capture missions. Copied from patch notes
  4. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    Valkyr Lore

    Just look up any Youtube video about a rescued cat and go with it
  5. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    Battle Royale

    Why do you hate Warframe?
  6. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    Eidolons shouldn't damage lures.

    I use Unairu Oberon to solo tricaps just fine. Hallowed and Chrysalis can even bypass Hydrolysts orb explosions, negating the magnetic proc and most of the damage to the point where the fight becomes trivialized. Energy is no issue either, just have rage or adrenaline equipped and take couple of hits from the scream after you destroy a limb. Takes 30 mins for me to solo with much room for improvement.
  7. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    XB1: The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 (+Hotfixes)

    I'm seeing a lot of people in region saying junction tasks are no longer being ticked upon completion, can anyone confirm this? Edit: Hot-fixed, crisis averted!
  8. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    XB1: The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.3 (LIVE!)

    Big ol' fashion update, greato!
  9. If you are having issues with loading / black screens, try uninstalling any BR games from your console.
  10. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    The cursor works well and i am looking forward to the UI overhaul shown in all these recent Devstreams. Huh, didn't take long before people started attacking. "championing it like it was a piece of inspired genius." Apparently i'm a white knight now too because i have no issue with something that hardly changed the game at all because some people are struggling to adapt to it.
  11. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    XB1 Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.18.8

    Max range Mag is probably the most fun I've had with this game mode so far. Throw up magnetize bubbles and immediately shoot into them with your highest damage gun. It goes against the meta (because Mag), can get through zone 8 just fine and the damage numbers are very satisfying to look at.
  12. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    Operator Casting Call - Be Featured in a Promo Video!

    Gonna take a shot at this (don't know if possible to hide the HUD for customization on consoles, sorry!)
  13. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (+hotfixes)

    Going into operator customization causes some depth of field / screen blur and shaking issues.
  14. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (+hotfixes)

    Ah, thanks for the confirmation!
  15. (XB1)Chuss The Red

    XB1 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.8.2 (+hotfixes)

    Is the Quartakk pre or post rework?