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  1. These changes were very VERY good for bonewidow. The recovery time from doing a slam by accident REALLY helped a lot. Cant begin to say how many times I was stuck in the slam animation with it. Also the dmg buffer from firing line and the healing from meathook is very good as well. Just a few issues to tweak and itd be a decent mech: 1. For firing line add the lifted duration to the UI. 2. When activating ironbride right now either 1 of two things happens; you get stuck in using shield bash and shield bash only and thats with e not left click like it should be, or when a
  2. Its not great on Bonewidow but with it you definitely see a decent change in attack delays, even with it being super miniscule. But Id say change it to a status-based berserker and add a crit-based one as well where the crit based one increases status chance by and additive 10% and the status one increases crit chance by an additive 10%. This way you can have a status focused melee become a hybrid while vice versa with a crit based one.
  3. And here I am outdamaging people using it with my Cortege/Tentacle Kitgun so...nah leave it be. Its super high damage but it isnt a Mesa, you still need to aim, and it isnt hitscan. All Id say is buff infested spawn pods so they dont blow up when wrecked by it and cause a huge loss of affinity gained.
  4. Its probably unrelated, or maybe it is but did you ever go to start fishing and see say 5+ fish floating in the area but as soon as you start the other 4 despawn? Cause I see that A LOT.
  5. Something I find even funnier is k drive fixes many MANY MAAAANY bugs too
  6. Right now probably the most satisfying ones are Proboscis Cernos and maybe the tentacle kitgun primary. At least those are the ones Ive enjoyed recently, even knowing there's weapons that 100% outclass them. The Bubonico I cant really comment on since I havent fully formad it up but it is a giant mortar cannon, but it does have very good sounds and visuals.
  7. As a suggestion for the mechs, can we get a HUD similar to AW for enemies near us? I mean we're in a MECH with no HUD other than the frame one so I constantly run banshee and thats literally only to see enemies on the map, not cause Im a die-hard banshee fan.
  8. 1. Can we revert the hover changes from .3? I literally just learned hover was changed to Aim + hold jump. It used to be just hold jump and I could free aim, or just leap longer distances. And this isnt for controllers this is for keyboard binding that they were also changed for. 2. Ironbrides weapon is dealing base damage with this update.
  9. 1. Mech hover broke with this update 2. While we can now actually use the 4 on Bonewidow without it not working at all, we still need to 1. Activate the ability then 2. activate or deactivate and then reactivate shieldmaiden to be able to swing it.
  10. So is morgha consuming more than 1 ammo intended then? Cause I see just a fix for the 4 consumed in AW and not the 2 consumed on mechs
  11. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Firing Morgha results in multishot consuming extra ammo VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Fire Morgha with multishot EXPECTED RESULT: 1 ammo consumed per shot OBSERVED RESULT: 1-2 shots consumed on ground and 3-4 shots consumed in space REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  12. I really love the theme of the mech but I think it needs more that can work with the other mech and a few other things too. Meathook: Doesnt seem to do anything other than pop loot containers in a huge AoE. And when I throw enemies sometimes they land right in front of me instead of where I aimed(seemed to mainly happen with saxums) Not sure why we made an ability thats gonna be used primarily against infested right now deal toxin damage. I suggest let us toggle between the elements to work better with what we're up against. Toxin would be great vs corpus but against i
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Attempting to activate/deactivate an ability on Bonewidow VISUAL: (Edit 2) REPRODUCTION: Just attempt to use the ability EXPECTED RESULT: Press 4 and pull out or put away my mechs sword OBSERVED RESULT: I have to mash the ability to have a chance of it working. When it finally does work I cant put my sword back. Also this makes it so I can use the sword infinitely due to no drain. Also when the bug occurs the mech constantly tries to pick up energy ending in failure to pick it up. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% but I on
  14. This looks awesome, the only thing I ask can you tune the homing even a little bit, It always feels like I throw it out and like 75% of the time it just comes back in 1 hit despite a whole bunch of enemies in the vicinity. The homing works WAY better in simulacrum where you can make enemies stand still but as soon as you try and do the same thing in a real mission its usually 1 and return. And if you CAN tune the homing to be better please add it to nezha as well.
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