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  1. I 100% agree with this and the new augment can be every 1/4 of shield depleted procs a fire blast AoE similar to the one from when he completely loses his shield except now it deals damage relative to 50% of shield value up to 100% with mods making it a nice intermittent defensive dmg aoe edit: possible augment name: Reactive Ward
  2. Any chance for some tweaks to Nezha for release? Primes that come with tweaks/buffs ALWAYS roll out better. So ie.: For 1 when teleporting with the chakram placing the fire circle on the ground instead of midair cause midair patches are useless in all situations Do some improvements to the homing of the chakram. Cant tell you how many times I throw it and it returns in 1 hit when 5+ enemies are near that enemy still. Homing also always seemed to work better only when 1 was turned on, could be my imagination though. Maybe make the health of his 3 not 1:1 in terms of damage.
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