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  1. Seeing two gauges makes me think of a Red Mage from FF. I like the concept a lot. I think people might get frustrated with all the ability changes with abilities 1-3 but if youre a caster fan that shouldnt be a huge issue. Maybe can make it so you can toggle between two of the 4 abilities at a time and a single tap will cast one and double tap would be the other to alleviate the constant ability swaps.
  2. Id just be happy for more things that can heal/give shields could affect them more. I have a myriad of ways to heal myself but those same mechanics cant heal my companion. Id also like if arcane procs could be shared with them. I feel as though I remember grace working on them before but I think it doesnt now.
  3. Yea this is an issue. Had it happen on my ship a while back and the guy said it was because of how I was driving? Salty as heck game mode imo. Should just add an allow or disallow feature in with the tactical link. And let that toggle be player specific as to not be a punishment to the whole team for one person being an idiot. Also maybe some sort of notification of which player was using it cause Im sure not everyone will be looking for the gunner icon if your flying the ship or if you have to go craft stuff in the back only for someone to use it all up when you get back.
  4. Yea the afterburner is literally just like sprinting now. Its afaik working as intended.
  5. I was wondering why that kept happening. Finally got a nice riven for it and wanted to use it with napalm and it kept not firing every so often might be related to multishot not sure though. if you wait like a few seconds it goes back to firing again but definitely needs a fix.
  6. Prior to the update magnetize I believe only pulled in enemies if the enemy was still alive now it does it all the time, Im not 100% sure if thats how it was but it definitely pulls in enemies more than it did before. And the multiplier is how fast they get sucked in. Ive been seeing enemies pulled into it almost like Vaubans Vortex minus the ragdoll. But I also have tons of range too.
  7. Despite notes saying it's affected by strength mods it seems to also be affected by range as well. I dont know if this is intended or not. Edit: Now realising the mod is hidden, under the tooltip is Magnetized Discharge 2nd Edit: Just checked, it isnt also affected by range (removed stretch) however it is affected by the augment.
  8. Tested with Frost, Dealt 57 damage to a heavy before 244 damage after full stacks
  9. That Viral proc despite it still having reduced damage because of armor would be much more viable in the end. Tested 8 heavies vs a corr + rad + heat kuva nukor and then swapped corr for viral and it worked a lot better I mean think about it, that 550% possibility is effective against ANYTHING that can get a proc. And to put it into even better perspective I outdamaged a Saryn earlier with just a Viral Amprex
  10. The shield gating wont be literal invulnerability like she gives, it doesnt need to change. Its going to be a split second window that you can save yourself. and thats it, Hildryn still gives true invulnerability to all teammates for 3 whole seconds, which will probably be significantly more time than the generic gating. The whole point of the gating is so you dont die with full shields in 1 shot.
  11. Well we have a Dex Rifle, melee, and secondary. Would like some kind of Dex Shotgun or something, despite the upcoming shotgun changes everyone is unsure about.
  12. Im just hoping the next update will be the day Magnetic damage becomes useful. Would love it if two mag procs did something like pulling nearby enemies together.
  13. Lol if that 50k armor isnt lasting for you maybe youre face-tanking too much. I mean I struggle around say lvl 70-80 with just what armor I get from a regular cast and then that 50k gets me well past say lv 100+ and that's not even a max str build I have.
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