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    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Looking forward to any updates on Limbo deluxe skin 🙂

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    The focus overhaul can be directly connected to Umbra. Similar to Star Wars. Dark side may favor Umbra frame abilities, and light side may favor "normal" and prime frame abilities. Just a thought.

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    If Prime frames are final products of Orokin frames, I doubt Umbra frames would be R&D versions of those frames since they are also considered upgrades of current frames and counterparts of Prime frames. If I had to guess, once the Orokin had fallen and their technology was lost, the Tenno kept researching and finally got it right. With current frames being the Tenno's R&D tech and Umbra being Tenno's final and Prime variant. Slightly different then the original Orokin Primed frames but still as powerful. Just a guess.

    XB1 Octavia's Anthem (Oberon Prime Access + Hotfixes)

    Any news on a hotfix for channeling bug?

    XB1 Octavia's Anthem (Oberon Prime Access + Hotfixes)

    Still a bug when channeling using melee weapons resulting in the screen violently shaking and ruining game play. @[DE]Megan

    XB1 Octavia's Anthem (Oberon Prime Access + Hotfixes)

    Same here. I am glad someone finally spoke up and said they are experiencing the same issue. Most Tenno play this game as a shooter. I however, enjoy the up close combative approach. I hope they fix this bug because I have been playing the game so long this way that I haven't played it much since the bug due to my interest in the game based on my playing style. @[DE]Steve @[DE]Megan

    XB1 Octavia's Anthem (Oberon Prime Access + Hotfixes)

    All I do is channel melee and this channeling tremor is messing up my game. Hope they change it because it's ruining my experience.

    XB1 Octavia's Anthem (Oberon Prime Access + Hotfixes)

    Since the update channeling while using a melee weapon causes the screen to shake violently. The rapid movements and crazy colors quickly becomes nauseating. Would not be surprised if it causes a seizure in the future. Anyone else experiencing this? I hope this is a bug because I can't channel with it like that. If it's not a bug, I hope an option is made to toggle channel shake. Even worse with armors using special graphics like Edo Prime Armor.

    Coming Soon: Devstream #92!

    Milestone weapons should be worth logging in for. Primed fury was worth going out the way to log in, even if I was busy. My brother was already 90 days behind me when I got it. He started logging in every day. When I received zenistar, I ranked it up and never play with it because it did not seem worthwhile. These weapons should be end game tier weapons that would be worth using throughout different missions such as soma prime and galentine prime. I feel they fall short and believe I am not alone on this. Changing some of these stats would make it worth going out your way to log in like many did for primed fury rather than through convenience since the thought of missing out is absent with these weapons. Especially for 500 logins. Thanks.

    XB1: The Pacifism Defect (19.13.1+Hotfixes)

    GLITCH: I just attempted taking Mastery Rank 16 Test and would not load waves of enemy. First I went in to practice and noticed this. I thought it was maybe because something wrong with practice. I loaded test and did not load enemy. Waited five minutes with no result. Left mission to try again but showed I failed the mission and wasted my daily attempt.

    The War Within (+Hotfixes)

    Attempting to put a companion in stasis or take it out of stasis as the operator will cause the game to glitch on my end. Can do so perfectly as the warframe, this only occurs as the operator. Curious if anyone was having the same issue.

    The War Within (+Hotfixes)

    (Xbox One)Uncle Wack, I respect your opinion and understand. This goes into the "millennial" mindset of wanting to have something without working for it. I'm sure this was not your intention. However, just like most things in life and most games, unique abilities in a game are usually achieved through a "quest" of some sort. I believe it makes a lot of sense and hope they keep it. Pushes Tenno to step outside their comfort zone. DE gives you ALL the tools to play the game and beat all the levels. This is just a way to reward Tenno who go the extra mile instead of the bare minimal. Similar to graduating and having a degree you can use and be a bit more prepared than the person who did not go to school. Hope you do try, it's worth it and a good quest. If you don't, I still hope you enjoy the game. What makes it unique is, there's really no wrong way to play.

    Nekros Prime Access Coming Next Week!

    It is a bit of an overkill when other developers charge half the price for a brand new game title, yet some plat and flare costs double.

    XB1 Specters of the Rail

    Sense danger is cool but brightness needs to be toned down half way. Way too bright, especially when enemy is bunched up. I do not know if it was supposed to be pink or purple. Looks hot pink. If purple, maybe lotus purple would be better. Kavat is feminine enough. But so far liking the mechanics.

    XB1 Specters of the Rail

    The update is nice. I do feel the Kavats look very feminine. The armor makes them look even more feminine. Very good companion yet I would prefer if a more aggressive armor set were available for Tenno that would prefer a more masculine or aggressive look. Something similar to the kavasa prime or valinn jade armor. Options would be nice to accommodate these different base preferences. Thanks.