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  1. What happened to the Design Council alerts?

    I enjoyed the design council challenges. Gear check or not I found them fun.
  2. Currently Most Fun Warframes?

    1. Mesa w/ Grineer build 2. Mesa w/ Corpus build 3. Mesa w/ Infested build 4. Ember for Kuva 5. Ash for rescue/spy/capture 6. Nyx for Kuva Flood 7. Banshee Quake for interception 8. Nekros for resources 9. Hydroid for resources 10. F.Nova for credits 11. Trinity for Hijack 12. Oberon for defection 13. Excalibur for conclave *that pretty much sums up my daily line up.
  3. Reply to Devstream 97 in regards to Magnetic

  4. Dev Stream 97 : rip ember Deluxe

    You are absolutely right! Because at this rate we won't see Mesa Deluxe for at least another 3 years. Mag has been cooking for what a year now?! So we can expect Ember a year? Zephyr a year? Then mmaayybbee Mesa.
  5. Devstream #97 Overview

    Prime Sigil still not fixed as per hotfix. Fyi
  6. Dev Stream 97 : rip ember Deluxe

    Which is exactly why they should let the tennogen creators do the deluxe skins (could even have more than one per frame) Not only could it expedite the process but I got money (pun intended) says they would be just better all around aesthetically than what DE is capable of. And would probably get many more creative minds into tennogen. We would be in for a real treat. Imo
  7. As per hotfix... Fixed Prime Sigils not appearing metallic and shiny as they once were.
  8. Confirmed, Prime Sigil metallic aesthetic was not fixed.

  9. As per hotfix.. Fixed Prime Sigils not appearing metallic and shiny as they once were.
  10. Theoretical max real speed of a solo Warframe

    Oh if only Volt could move so fast he could actually achieve a SONIC BOOOM! And we could see it in game OMGOOdness that would be so sexy!!
  11. NieR: Automata Ash Blade Storm rework?

    I believe it would flow vary well, In PvE and PvP. Could also synergize vary well with the rest of his kit.
  12. You guys at DE did another outstanding job with yet another great rework. Thank you for using the feed back to make Hydroid awesome. Here are some highlights from AGGP Rob. There are many happy Gilead Gunslingers in my clan. And they can't wait for Hydroid Prime. Thanks again DE. And great job!
  13. Ash Revisited Feedback Megathread

    @Nazrethim this has been floating around the WF reddit forums. What is your opinion about it? Could it be a good compromise for Blade Storm if DE is not willing to give us a proper rework? Ash could still use his wrist blades, and it would get rid of the cut scene afk mode, and marking mode. Damage could remain the same. But they would have to revert energy cost back to 100 for a full charge attack. Would also prevent spamming. What say you?
  14. So was hanging out in the Warframe redditt forums. And I came across this neat idea for a Blade Storm rework. Was thinking, it would work vary well in conclave and would be a nice quick charge attack for ash's 4. Better than the clumsiness that is the current Blade Storm imo, would also completely eliminate vomit cam and cut screen afk mode. Thoughts?
  15. How did you get into Warframe?

    So the story goes like so many others on console, I was playing Destiny and was having a lot of fun. Then I hit a brick wall, then the dlc thing. At about the same time a friend was telling me about this free game with a huge learning curve. So after I did the usual thing u do on Destiny..raid, weekly, daily nightfall, I downloaded it right when Volt was Primed. The next day Destiny got sold and I've been playing WF ever since.