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  1. What's his face is a Oberon main, he's sits on the far right (left on tv) side of the couch during devs streams. Would be interesting to hear what he thinks of the "rework"
  2. It didn't "rebalance" anything, merely added a mobile 2 and a condition to trigger his 4 into his auto pilot mode..the rework was a weak rush job. We all know it, and it has some evaded you. Now if they used @Nazrethim feedback on the ash rework...that is what quality rework is supposed to look like.
  3. Mesa!!! She's "reworked" and gtg
  4. The Ash "rework" if you wanna call it that...was not what we were promised. Its like DE just said..that's it..that's all we have time for...it's vary vary disappointing, compared to all the fantastic feedback he got pre-rework and all the new frames that are getting awesome synergies. tbh the only thing ash players got was a mobile SS and a cool looking visuals...and that took a year...probably more or less due to the TWW being late then rushed out. But Ash players did not deserve this vary weak "rework" .
  5. This
  6. My Volt can handle lvl 30-40 enemies with 151 power strength and max duration. No problem, shnit I was out killing old nuke Limbo on Hyrdon.
  7. I hate Ash's "auto pilot press 4 twice and shake your cursor around the screen rework". Its a awful. Hated it before still hate it now.
  8. Vary curious to hear about your findings
  9. Maybe I wasn't specific enough.
  10. Was excited about this rework..now there are Oberon nerfed threads popping up..so not so sure anymore... what happened to Oberon? Did he get buffed or nerfed or what?
  11. Right, I mean I used to to pretend Ordis took over the weapon systems and started shooting the cannons to distract the Grineer.
  12. Seems like a terrible waste of ammo, for elite space marines
  13. We was doin tha stanky leg.
  14. I have always wondered..what are they shooting at?