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  1. Prob would had made vary little difference when he goes up against players like @BornWithTeeth
  2. Pablo got Rekt as stalker. As of now players are up 8-2.5 lol players are 1 shooting him. (.5 for getting trolled by Wukong's clone) ha! Edit 9-2.5 Edit 9-4 Edit 10-4 Players win GG
  3. http://www.twitch.tv/warframeWatch Warframe with me on Twitch! http://www.twitch.tv/warframe?sr=a 😅 Every hour there are boosters that can drop.
  4. Keep it simple. No reason to complicate. This or just stick the bp in a syndicate and finally make all ephemera bps tradable.
  5. Devs and Community leaders do more talking on thier "unofficial" Twitter pages and "unofficial" twitch streams rather than thier "official" forums.
  6. Sure. Had a friend who hasn't logged in in over 734 days. Because he rather play games that value his time. That value doesn't exist in Waitframe at the moment.
  7. Let me reiterate. OP said, you stopped playing for 3 months and missed nothing of value. Therefore IMO if there is no value in your play time then there is nothing to play for. As far as playing litches as a stress reliever? That's absolutely #*!%ing mental to me. To each there own I suppose.
  8. I don't. I don't play Waitframe at the moment because I respect myself and my time. So why play at all?
  9. It used to be a gaming PC 😅 now it's just for work. However had we met sooner 😅😏 that and it can barley play WOW.
  10. Rhino Prime was just released. MR 20 prob just because IDGAF about MR, 1360 logins. Second most played on console? Probably a 3 way tie between Monster Hunter 2, and Red Dead 2, Elder Scrolls series. Currently playing lots of Red Dead 2. On PC most definitely WOW.
  11. We do, when you wanna see crazy S#&$? Set that bad boy up in a room with 2 cats on some cat nip. Bruh!!
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