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  1. Fun fact: when WF was released, players were laughing at it as well. Just saying...what you do with that information, I leave to you.
  2. I wanna see the gun blades in action. Also gun to charged shot and back.
  3. WF is at a low point according to steam charts. Lower than March of last year. According to steam charts that is. https://steamcharts.com/app/230410 a lot lower. Edit: could bounce back after new war and rail jack. But who knows when that will be.
  4. Even then there are still a number of WF abilities and stances that would need the Nerf-bat as well. Probably wouldn't go over vary well with lots of players. Not to mention daggers then becoming garbo. All and all probably not a good idea.
  5. As long as the CL crew is a thing, and invisibility is the way it is. Level difficulty don't mean squat OP.
  6. Operator only Sortie?! Can't wait to see an operator only Sortie. This should be nice and cringe.
  7. Don't forget Crysis! Crysis was way ahead of it's time and fraking awesome I might add. I also got a lot of play out of Battlefield 3 and 4. And I still play Star Wars the Old Republic. Mirrors Edge was vary cool as well. Don't know what hazzerddx is talking bout.
  8. A all to common theme when playing Waitframe. "Google it" "WFwiki is your friend" so cringy for a game that's been out for 5-6 years. Just saying.
  9. Well it's mostly players from my Alliance and Clan. We play all sorts of stuff from Elder Scrolls online, to KOTOR, to Anthem, to WF, to Black Dessert, to FF, even R6 Siege and Apex.
  10. I have multiple tabs open. I keep tabs on all the games I play.
  11. Because Waitframe is easy, casual and I don't have to think to play it. I mean Ill usually watch a movie while I play. Meanwhile Anthem can get really intense and hard if your team doesn't have any kind of synergy. You aren't soloing G2 in Anthem.
  12. What I HATE, is the fact in order to come from to Cetus to Fortuna I have to literally go through one loading screen to get to Cetus, one loading screen to get to my Orbiter, one loading screen to get to Fortuna. That's 3 loading screens. And I haven't even played anything yet. Nevermind yet another loading "area" to actually get to the plains or villas. I can't stand it. And yes all that can take well over a minute. Not counting the wait times once you are in your Orbiter. So technically the wait times are a little better for me when playing Anthem.
  13. My load times are about 20-30 seconds. So umm yeah. And like @rune_me said, I'm still having a blast playing it, a actually team based game. And it's beautiful. There are MANY things "Wait"frame can learn from Anthem. But it would take me entirely to long to list them and could come across as Dev bashing. So I'll just say let me know when Waitframe actually has a date for more than 20 min of content. I'll come breeze through it. Then get back to a more challenging game like Anthem. 
  14. Some exalted getting love too. It's pretty, but the enemy interaction when being struck needs work. Oh and apparently Steve is now pregnant.
  15. And vanilla volt's butt is still trying to eat what's left of his skirt.
  16. This^ It seems to me that some players have only ever played one video game in the last hmm idk decade! Lol
  17. Have they?? who knows...but again... Because.. Just saying..the parent company can tell DE what to do. What you do with that information @rapt0rman I leave to you.
  18. There are other ways to travel in sci fi space ninja land that don't require an elevator is my point.. but hey you like elevators good on you. Lol Leyou is the parent company of DE plain and simple. There is no argument.
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