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  1. Pretty much this. Haven't logged in to WF in probably a month. And I don't anticipate playing WF anytime soon if at all this year. Later.
  2. There really is no point to equiping primary or secondary or even melee for that matter. In fact 95% of this game can be completed with just one Slot equipped. Some frames don't even need a weapon equipped, they are the weapon. That's said, we should be able to equip ANY 3 weapons in those slots of our choosing.
  3. This looks really well done.... 👏 Now for the rest of the game. Anyway thought I'd share.
  4. This thread has purpose. It's a discussion about wether or not DE added this new booster for the good of the player or for the good of DE.
  5. She said "maybe" in other words no answer.
  6. DE nerfs meta farming for mods Also DE: buy my NEW 7 day mod drop chance booster. DE Nerfing meta farming so DE can flog a new booster is a bit shady.
  7. Nah. Not useless. Deth Cube is actually pretty beast. My Deth machine riven is ready. I would if BL3 didn't come out and GR Breakpoint wasn't around the corner. So I'll be skipping this PAA. Maybe when it's $20 bucks one day I might pick it up.
  8. I just want my CGI Vagabond Mesa Prime trailer. That's it. To hell with the rest 😅
  9. Both his Rumblers look like: Prime Poo and Prime Poo Prime Poo Poo lmao See what I did there? Eh!?
  10. They don't even look like rocks, I mean maybe on Xbox 360 they might. But damn. Lmao
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