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  1. I’d like some exclusive rewards in NW for money $$ err I mean supporting DE. I like the fact you can actually earn stuff outside of that BS rng. I hate that it takes them half a year+ between implementing new seasons.
  2. The orb villas uni corpus wheels rolling around are really cool. Would not mind a smaller version of that like from SWIII or BL3.
  3. Couple things. Yes they could, sure. But there are many other animations to consider as well. First-motion capture still has to be put to in game environments. And that would be vary complex and difficult to accomplish to not look absolutely cringe and unattractive with all the different kinds of terrain there are. -how would our operators mount and dismount? that would take lots complex animations. Not to mention SLOW. - Even the operator actually riding the horse in game would be to difficult for DE. Those animations are vary complex. *the alternative is give use s
  4. I’m a solo clan. Wish DE would make it so my Orbiter and Dojo could be put together as 1. Just add a hangar for our Lisset. And done. All the space you will ever need.
  5. If planes of duviri was operator only? Gawd the grind! Can you imagine having to mount and dismount a horse every time to get from point A to B and back over and over and over and over and over? I love horses just as much as the next guy. Hell I own 6. But horses just don’t belong in a game like Warframe. All the animations needed are way to complex for DE. Would rather they animate a bunch of cephalon voice packs so we dont have to hear or see the lotus anymore. Also can take Norah too, Glass man was defeated. She serves no purpose to me atm.
  6. Actually existing content made better, reworked, better/deeper lore, repurposed and polished can be new content thus bring the revenue. Warframe has many opportunities. New and Shines isn’t what is best for Warframe. There is enough of that.
  7. If DE can do horses correctly. I’m not confident they can. Prove me wrong and I’d welcome it.
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