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  1. #1 That has been in the game for years now. I first noticed it when I was farming focus rep with rhino back when draco was still an interception. I even reported it as a bug. If I recall correctly gas applies to arson eximus so it is only negating blast and heat damage. #3 I think this is a latency issue since I've only gotten it as a client. #5 Again nothing new, the moa spawning into the ground is more or less the "spawning points" being bugged. It's been around for a while now. Least you can kill those unlike the some of the infested that just get stuck and given how they took weapon punch through now you can't even clear those spawns. #8 I've seen this happening in just regular missions. I don't know the reason but it happens. #9 Spawn pathing has been bad for a while now, I don't know if it got worse but last time I was doing survival for parts enemies were spawning 2 to 3 tile sets away then the usual. And relocating didn't reset spawn points quickly enough. Grats on the 16h.
  2. Okay this is wrong, we want engaging content not more new content. This was heavily preached during the "trials" era and prior to that by the veteran players. But most of us are just tired and expect little to nothing out of DE in terms of that, so now it is hitting the casual players which are realizing how warframe at the end of the day ends up being. A casual grind game that has little to no engagement with people that want something more. Something to keep them glued aside for the guilt of sinking hours into the game and not letting go. So we have the starchart which isn't content but just a braindead grind. We have sorties which are more or less a riven grind. There is umm... relics , a horrible redesign to the key system. Now this is alleviated by the fact that you can farm relics from bounties but those are dull and boring ,and then comes the traces issue. I can keep going on but point is, aside from ESO which is somewhat satisfying kill all type of grinds, the rest of the game feels rather dull. Warframe is , well, was at this point, a free two play game that you could run on low end machines. With the transition to 64-bit and abandoning dx9 the game will lose, my best bet is, about 20% of it's population if not more. It was an easily accessible free to play grind that you can get into quite easily with a market system that allows you to play the game without putting a penny into it. Easy off? If you don't criticize the game you like you won't get much out of it. Iirc the idea of an open world wasn't new but just "took a while" to implement. So now we are looking at more open worlds to drum up sales, which pushes their schedule to be more hectic and busy. To neglect current eco-systems and abandon gamemodes that people play. DE is so far off basis it has no idea what it wants to be. And with 5 years into beta, yeh, there is "content drought" because everything that is being put out is boring, there is no challenge to the game. The game goes from "Oh S#&$ , how do I do damage" to "I am OP af look at me". So yeh, we don't need to ease up on DE. At this point they know what they are doing and while it looks pretty on the outside , it is starting to look up to be quite the formula for revenue. Make new and bigger open worlds with more warframes to please the people so that they can log in and just do nothing but color fix their warframe for about 30 min. I've said it plenty of times and will say it as much as I need to. Warframe has one of the best movement systems in the genre and so far we have gotten jack squat to utilize that system. The endless mob killing game modes are boring, they don't rotate during enough interesting tilesets. Music is quite outdated and aside from march of the moas ( i used to run corpus survivals just to listen to it) the rest of it just doesn't hype you up. The eidolons and profit takers are ... well poorly designed fights. By far the two best modes DE has ever made are ESO since it combines two of the more valuable farms in the game, EXP grind and radded relics. And "the law of retribution" since it brought people together to play and it made communities around it. So yeh warframe is a candy that has been sitting in the back of the card with a pretty wrapper you keep for a while.
  3. I cannot afford a new PC or a laptop atm, luckily my "high low-end" one will still run warframe and I've generally stopped playing in groups so I don't "bother" people like you. Others won't be so fortunate. Asking for a crusade against people that don't have the ability to afford a better machine is simply wrong.
  4. One can hope. Most of people on the short end of the stick will just be have to go with it, no need to rub it in. Which is sadly how this community usually gets separated. We saw the same thing when raids were removed. And I don't think it will be the last time.
  5. Man the passive aggression towards people with low-end pcs and laptops. Insert "I am so proud of this community" meme here. My only question is by how much will warframe daily login activity drop by since a lot of people play warframe since it runs well on low-end set ups. Well use to run well.
  6. If you guys are worried about this that much why not just add the bounties to Eudico that is sitting infront under a Profit-Taker options when you talk to her. And have that initiate the bounty without the cutscenes.
  7. Why was that there in the first place, have you guys not played your game before? Most of the people want to grind the content. Warframe is supposed to be a fast-paced third person shooter with one of the best mobility mechanics in the genre, so use that , make it your mission , your goal to use that mechanic and make the game work around it. Not make stop-go "missions", unskippable cut-scenes , time gated AW reload and damage gated content. The worst feeling in a fast paced game like this is to deliberately slow it down. No, accelerate it , make it fast so people enjoy their mobility, their freedom of being overpowered and introduce challenging content that gives you the ability to abuse your powers and guns. There is so much potential out of one just the mobility mechanics of the game and yet we get all of this bullet-hell like content that is grinded in such boring fashion. Also AW gun "pull out" time is horrendous. edit 1: fixed unsinkable cutscenes to unskippable cutscenes as intended :V
  8. Can we get a "infinite" blueprint for baits just like for plains of eidolon. I'd rather not be spending rep on fish bait.
  9. This has now become a pattern. Can we get back into regular and proper updates?
  10. That is in no way an honorable thing to say as a tenno. If your favorite game mode was abolished from the game, we will fight for you even if you don't know you. The raid community might be a zealous one is the one community that tests and cares the most about warframe, given we've been through the majority of the game and know almost every quirk of it. Shame on you , I say shame on you good madam or sir.
  11. RIP cats, now we are all casual D:. Next on the nerf list Void Strike and Unairu's Wisp.
  12. Saturating the market is a thing DE has been doing very stealthily. Lower prices for hot items mean you don't have to spend 50$ for plat but less, meaning you buy more plat in smaller increments than one huge purchase. Basically the micro-transaction effect applied. Whether this is intentional or not, beats me.
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