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  1. Found an exploit? :V I missed that wording during those patched notes. We've been using necros/hydro farming for years , but Chesa being able to double dip breaks the whole thing. Oh well , sucks to be a newbie in this game, some of the farming stuff is quite tedious to get without a proper farming set up. Gotta love how DE just patches random stuff that was never a problem until something else comes up.
  2. Just one thing noob is a term usually use in a derogatory manner to demean said person of being new to a game. The term newbie is the you'd wan to use in your official statement, as it means someone that is inexperienced.
  3. Some of these changes makes no sense what so ever... Either inline everything to be at the same dispo or fix it based on stats , not popularity.
  4. I cannot afford a new PC or a laptop atm, luckily my "high low-end" one will still run warframe and I've generally stopped playing in groups so I don't "bother" people like you. Others won't be so fortunate. Asking for a crusade against people that don't have the ability to afford a better machine is simply wrong.
  5. One can hope. Most of people on the short end of the stick will just be have to go with it, no need to rub it in. Which is sadly how this community usually gets separated. We saw the same thing when raids were removed. And I don't think it will be the last time.
  6. Man the passive aggression towards people with low-end pcs and laptops. Insert "I am so proud of this community" meme here. My only question is by how much will warframe daily login activity drop by since a lot of people play warframe since it runs well on low-end set ups. Well use to run well.
  7. If you guys are worried about this that much why not just add the bounties to Eudico that is sitting infront under a Profit-Taker options when you talk to her. And have that initiate the bounty without the cutscenes.
  8. Can we get a "infinite" blueprint for baits just like for plains of eidolon. I'd rather not be spending rep on fish bait.
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