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  1.  Which database in being upgraded please ? 

    I have noticed an increase in frequency of trading glitches today - ie. During an active trade a "Player has left the hub...select trade later or cancel?" message pops up. And then when you exit the screen, the Player is still standing next to you at the trading post. However, if you try again to  start a trading session, you get "Player is Already in a Trading Session" -- even though "Player had left the hub".  

    Is this because Database Upgrade may be causing connectivity issue with the Player Account Database  ?   The fix I've used is to simply PM the player that the trade failed, and "we need to leave the dojo, and restart trade" . While this works, I often get the dreaded "nvm" 

    Will the possible connectivity issue during the database update impact access to the account database during login (please see example below)?  


  2. 5 hours ago, Blade_Wolf_16 said:

    Even Vaulted, nobody will buy Odonata Prime. What a shame for those who'll try to farm and sell it once it's gone...


    All of Archwing is Mastery Fodder - an evil grind and the cause of why people stop playing, when only the Archwing items are left to do (also why everyone who stays, does these itema last-lol). However, there will always be a market to buy these items rather than farm then during Archwing missions on empty Archwing missions--so people will probably still by Odonata Prime even if vaulted.  

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  3. 1 hour ago, Nasair said:

    I was going to say something similar, except I've spent a bit of money on the game.

    I don't think people that are asking for these nerfs get that for those that worked hard to get a specialized setup it is very discouraging.

    It feels like I spent time, money, and energy to build a house, and then the city changed the zoning laws so I have to either sale or tear down the parts I like.

    Exactly !  Spent 3,996 hours in game to complete 336 of 336 available items (MR21)  to build my house, with 4,300 plats in the wall safe.  It's a bit shocking that someone came by a burned it to the ground, leaving the land unusable for future construction. All that's left to do, is walk away disappointed.  

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  4. On ‎4‎/‎2‎/‎2016 at 2:23 PM, --rrGenomega-- said:

    Thread could have been merged or deleted.


    Edit: thread was merged 


    Odd, was able to spend my plats on Snipetron Vandal Barrel, Stock, and Receiver--but trade for BP failed (untradeable?)  So, did I spend my money on parts for an item that cant be made ?

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