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  1. I also agree with this and the 1st post: the kuva lich is thematically questionable. They said they are unkillable, but in gameplay never demonstrate that besides going from larva to lich. For the entire cycle, it is either it one shoting you or you killing it with a stab. DE says this is inspired by shadow of mordor, but shadow of mordor works because it is always possible to kill your nemesis provided you are on point with your gameplay, or you could just run away and try later. You are never punished based on a randomness in game mechanics (order/name of mods). While I don't mind losing 1 revive to the lich (since I play solo mostly), most players are conditioned to dislike failure, especially through no fault of ther own. and yes lich trading makes no sense. It is slave trading. What is wrong with just trading the weapon after you claim it from foundry? It is not like we don't already have weapons that are tradable as long as it is unranked and un potatoed. In terms of gameplay, you are still wasting hours to get rid of a lich (read: weapon) you don't care about. We NEED a way to cycle through lichs that gives us nothing (and no one would want to trade for) . Personal experience: 29% heat seer with no ephemera, honestly what is even the point?
  2. cynically I think the only reason this is added is to discourage thrall farming when the lich spawns. like back when the oxium farm was nerfed by adding a timer to thw capture target
  3. I might be biased since I despise rivens and the constant changing of something that some players invest time and money in, but what does balancing rivens based on individual weapons accomplish? If I love using tiberon, I am going to get the prime variant. Even if the disposition on the prime is distinctly lower than the original (not to mention, in this case, prime has crit and original does not), the prime is usually objectively the better weapon (which is why, you know, they are for sale on release). Now I end up with a very good prime weapon where my riven is useless on (+cc riven can be outpaced by argon scope). And then what? Ditch my investment and use the new variant? Continue to use the rivened variant and forget about the weapon that I farmed or paid for? The only exceptions that I can see are absolute god rolls that still justifies using a nerfed riven on primes (2/5 dispo and something like +cc +cd +multi - zoom).
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