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  1. BRAVO! I agree. Nightwave, at its current state, is definitely a step down from alerts in terms of item acquisition. Longtime players wouldn't need anything from it (haven't spent a single wolf cred myself because everything in the cred store is so overpriced and I have most of them anyway), while new players can't get even a fraction of what they could have gotten with alerts, especially with a tracker. On top of not knowing the date of when the series is ending, what's worse is this: we likely won't get any changes until another 6 weeks have passed. I just don't understand why nothing is being addressed to stop the community division and the potential damage to the game. Also about the 60% fallacy, I don't know why people still believe that. 43000 for 1 week means 430000 in 10 weeks. And the 300k we need to at least max out is 70% of total standing. You CANNOT just miss 30% of the acts, especially if you are skipping the "elite" acts.
  2. An idea post: What if we get rid of the 30 ranks and make those rewards purchasable using a generalized "nightwave cred" which doesn't expire? Hypothetical numbers here: a daily act gives 1 cred, weekly gives 3 (no more "elite acts" because the alerts werent challenging anyway). If we get ~20 creds/week, we can then easily tune the rewards prices. -Alt helm and weapon skins would cost 10 so you can at most pick 2 alt helms you want every week. You will eventually run out of things to buy from this category. (I would hope very few people actually bought the alt helms for 75 plat anyway) -Potato will cost 50 so you can at most get 1 potato per month and nitain can be 10 to 15 creds for a bundle of 3, which should be a decent compromise between earning money from us and respecting our time commitment because you are likely not spending every cred on potato/nitain and nothing else. -Other rank up rewards will cost more, but since nightwave cred won't expire after the series, you can still work towards them. Something like 200 for the armor or syandana, and 50 for the sigils and gestures. Umbral forma can also cost 200, so we at most get 1 every 10 weeks. The advantages should be obvious. We will truly be able to play at our own pace. Players can join the game at any point during any series, and their effort will eventually lead to the same rewards, so no more unlucky tenno who joins 5 weeks into the wolf series and will never get the armor set. Then some people can finally tell us "if you don't like the challenge you can skip it" as a valid point because we will not miss out on anything, just takes longer. We can still have different series, probably telling stories about different interesting characters. The acts can also be more related to the story e.g. The wolf is on jupiter this week, the weekly act can be complete 20 missions on jupiter. Just by removing the time limit on these rewards, I am sure player can enjoy the game moreat their own pace. After all, that is what the alert system was: if you catch that alert you get reward, but it will always come back.
  3. I am with the others on the absurdity of forcing us to gild an item/spend forma when we don't need to. These are taken straight from the achievement page, and while they are part of the natural progress of them game, a lot of players have already moved well pass that stage, while new players will struggle to meet these requirements. 3 forma means 3 days of crafting if you don't spend plat. Not to mention the modular parts are locked behind cetus/fortuna ranks, which new players have lower standing caps for. I also want to point out the good: 1500 kills is a good example to follow. Sure it is very easy, but it is the fact that it doesn't lock you into a long session if you don't have the time, just chip away over 7 days. More of this and less 60min "challanges" please. I want to appeal to the decision that our "feedback will be applied to series 2". I understand everone in the office are busy, but feedback need to be addressed as soon as possible. There are still 7 full weeks ahead! Would it not make sense to get rid of the nonsense achievement-as-challenges and give us a continuously improving experience, instead of "here is series 2 where your feedback may or may not have mattered"? Players have been voicing their various frustrations for over 3 weeks. We like you guys because you are always up front with us. NOW is the time to take action and address these frustrations in game.
  4. They did mention in a dev stream that selectable difficulty are in the cards. So we will have to wait and see. But endurance runs are just that. It tests our endurance. It is not difficulty. But nightwave IS a replacement for alerts. Checl the workshop post, it clearly says "why we are getting rid of Alerts and what we are replacing them with!" Just like with the alerts, new players will do all the alert/spend wolf cred to gather the cosmetics, resources, and potatoes, while long term players will mostly just go for nitain and potatoes. The inclusion of powerful rewards in the tier system is to introduce them to players who doesn't know they had previously existed. For example, arcanes are obtained in 1 location only, and if a player gets his first energize from nightwave, then he can find out how beneficial they are and go farm for the rest of the set. Steve also mentioned that umbral forma will likely not be exclusive to nightwave (farm for them in tau perhaps?) Also, no matter the player level, it is always good to reward them with something good, because we will eventually find a use for it.
  5. But long survivals are boring and not challenging though. Things might just start to get challenging at 60min and it is time to go anyway because there is no reason to play on. If this game wants to challenge us, there needs to be missions where the enemy levels start at above sortie level (not to mention better AI and varied skills/weapons,and not just knockdown for days, but oh well.) But for christ sake don't make us slough through 60mins of unchallenge game mode and call that a challenge. I will make this point again: endless missions stopped being endless when the relic system was introduced. There has been no incentive to play pass rotation C. And if the game is promoting bite size content to the majority of its player base for almost 2 years now, it shouldn't suddenly have activities that requires a hour in a mission. And also keep in mind that nightwave is replacing alerts. The alerts that new player can easily jump in and play, encourages progress through the star chart, and at the end of the mission have something to show for instantly. As it stands right now, the cost of some items are simply too inconsistent. 35 cred for an alt helm means a player can at most get 9 alt helms over 10 weeks, but that could also be 200(!) nitain. And if a player starts 5 weeks into the series then he will get even less.
  6. I think nightwave is a step in the right direction since it removes the randomness of alerts and therefore alert only items (alt helm, nitains, etc.) in theory can be obtained at the player's pace. But in practice the progression is way too slow. In 10 weeks if a player can get to rank 30, they have 300 wolf cred. For veteran, it basically means more potatoes and nitains to stockpile. But for newer players (IF they even get to rank 30), 300 cred amounts to 9 alt helms, or 4 potatoes, or some nitain, or some mixture of the above. That is abysmal. Now I know potato and nitain are random, but I don't believe a newer player will get significantly different rewards if they have the old alert system for 10 weeks. And this is only assuming the new players happen to start these nightwave acts at the beginning of the season, because then they will have even less cred whereas alerts comes around often, especially the alt helms. About the acts themselves: I actually liked the first week. Invasion, bounties are a nice change of pace, and even the hydrolyst hunt is something a new player can aspire to. At the end, a new player can ask the person who carried him "should I try to gear up for this?" and the answer will be "YES, there are some cool arcanes that expands your play styles". The survivals this week, however, is just too time consuming for a game wanting to offer bite size content. And even at the end, the answer to "was that something I should work towards?" will most likely be a "no, 20mins gets you the same reward as 100mins, high risk and low reward". My suggestion to all of these 60min/60 wave mission is to make them cumulative. Complete a total of 60min/60 waves then you complete the act. Then players can play at their own pace. I will say this again: don't promote bite size content, get the majority of the community used to AABC and out, then suddenly slap us with a 60min run. Overall I believe nightwave is a good step in the right direction, but a lot of improvements can be made to satisfy more groups of players. Also remember: you want a looter to drop loot NOW because that is what keeps us going. Even a bad drop is better than no drop at all.
  7. I think this is also important to note. What if there are more "challenges" like this? Do 60 waves of defense with the target not taking damage sounds comparable to the kuva survival act because it is also a riven unlock mission we currently have. That is just even more boring than survival. Or what about a unveil 5 rivens weekly act? 9 games on lunaro with friends (they won't be your friends afterwards)? Obviously these are speculation, but we had somewhat similar weeklies last week so they are not outside of the realm of possibility. "You can skip the ones you don't want" is not a valid argument either because it would mean a design failure on the devs part. And that is why I wish we can address this now, so that we won't be 7 weeks in and realize "wait I am still at 200 wolf cred, that is only good for 5 helmets and I could have gotten that many in a few weeks of alerts too". Because I like the direction of nightwave (as a veteran who have no use for alt helmets and nitain so I can get more catalysts). I actually think last week's acts are very well designed. Make us do some forgotten content like invasions and bounties. Even if I don't like the 'elite' label, the hydrolyst capture is something newer players can eventually work towards, whereas these 1 hr survival does nothing except to test our tolerance level.
  8. I agree. These "acts" needs to be hotfixed ASAP, not after this week. There is nothing elite and challenging about these 1hr survivals. It is just boring and tedious and it goes against what DE had been promoting: bite size content, and I, and I believe quite a few others, have come to respect that. Because warframe is fundamentally fun, even in short bursts. If this is still back in the times of void keys, it would be a minor annoyance since most people at the time were already encouraged, and therefore conditioned, to stay in mission as long as possible. But you can't be promoting bite size content and then suddenly turn around and say "here do this for 1 hr because it can be done".
  9. I completely agree. It is basically impossible to charge my jumps and grind on rails at the same time because, sadly, I was only born with one right thumb 😛 I think it would be much better if it behaves like a racing game, where the camera is locked towards the front, left stick steers and right stick just lets you look around.
  10. Melee 3.0 progress? Can we get some insight into how our current mods will be affected? How will the melee damage scale without combo multiplier?
  11. Just curious: how many people have completely stopped logging in so they don't miss their next milestone and evergreen rewards? I am asking because I am at ~1020 days on ps4, and i am sure there are console tennos that are weeks ahead of me, not to mention pc tennos who are probably another month ahead.
  12. So a few melee questions: How will blood rush, weeping wounds, maiming strike, and gladiator mods be affected by this update, since the last we heard is that combo counter is consumed on ONE charge attack? Is it possible that the combo counter stay as is, or changed to behave like sniper combo, I.e. decay over time? This needs to be addressed since the acolytes are returning next week and if these mods are going to be useless, then we should know before we spend our week farming them. Based on what we saw in the last melee demo, there seem to be a lot of ragdolls. While it is funny (doesn't equate to FUN because seen one ragdoll, seen them all), it actively hinders damage output if the enemy survive the hit, and, if you are playing nekros, your ability to interact with the corpse. Has this been addressed? what will become of the stance mods? There are players who spend hours/days/weeks farming those rare and amazing stances (tempo royale, vengeful revenant, cyclone kraken, the plains stances etc.) Will those effort be for nothing? Finally, as a Tenno considering buying the targis prime armor, how will the removal of channeling affect the visual effects on prime cosmetics? Will they be tied to duration of warframe abilities? Like for the whole duration of exalted blade or blessing, or shattered shield? I personally do not see the need for such drastic melee rework. Some pause and moving backwards combos are a bit unintuitive and could use some standardizing, but all in all the melee system is quite fun and effective as is. However, things can always be improved and I look forward the demo during devstream! Hopefully everything works out well, for devs, old and new players!
  13. Thanks for the amazing work! A big round of applause for the console team!
  14. Unifying the UI might make it easier to port to consoles, but I was under the impression that we get monthly update because cert costs money, and it make more financial sense to send a bundle of updates to cert. But if we get update more frequently, then great job! But the outrage I think is justified in this case. If warframe abilities are changed, intentionally or unintentionay, and the next update will undo those errors, fine. There are 30+ warframes to choose from. Zenith's alt fire doesn't work because console didn't have the latest hotfix? Ok I can wait until the next update to enjoy the weapon. But UI is literally the gateway to every part of the game. Changing it halfway and telling console players to wait another 2 months (because we are probably not getting the sacrifice before tennocon, and then we might get the update a few weeks after tennocon) before the next update to fix the most essential element of the game is a bad decision. I can only hope that we can get a update before tennocon so that we can keep enjoying this game.
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