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  1. awesome..! keep it up..!
  2. gavdl13

    Coming Soon: Livestream #17!

    so is the losing faction gun cming out later..?
  3. gavdl13

    Warframe Reaches #6 Most Played For September!

    awesome...! keep it up..!!!
  4. i hope they do because the cost are insane.. so they either got to buff them or reduce the cost, but they cant stay as they are now...
  5. gavdl13

    Coming Soon: Livestream #14!

    give us some other way to gain mastery rank please.. im on rank 8 now and i would like to keep going up but i dont want to keep playing with weapons and frames that i dont like...
  6. gavdl13

    Coming Soon: Livestream #13 On Sept. 4!

    i would like to make a suggestion, i think that in the friend list besides telling you wich of your friends are online it would be really nice if it also tells you wich mission they are playing so you can see if you want to join them, also when someone invites you, it should not only tell you the name of the person that is inviting you but the mission that person is inviting you to. also it would be nice if you implement a system that tells you the updated information after modding something, like how much damage does a weapon do after serration, or the reload speed after fast hands etc...
  7. this one gotta be the winner...!
  8. gavdl13

    Lotus Intel: Operation Sling-Stone!

    it sounded like that to me too... lets hope not...
  9. gavdl13

    Cells - This Is Warframes Endgame

    i think it would be a nice idea..
  10. gavdl13

    Thank You For Watching Livestream #10!

    thank you...!
  11. gavdl13

    Update 9 - Next Steps

    awesome..! keep it up...!
  12. gavdl13

    Livestream #10: July 17Th @ 2 Pm Edt

    i like u9, like the nightmare mode, the nova warframe, the double stats mods, new maps. good job on that. but i dont like that you cant see where your squad mates are voting to go, like before. also some suggestions maybe for next update: on your friend list put in wich maps and mission each of your friends are, so you can see if they are doing a mission you are interesting in and join them. a vote system for when players are afk, is really annoying when you go into a defence mission and it doesnt start because someone is afk where you spawn, so you either wait for as many time as the person takes to come back or you abort the mission before it even started. when you mod your weapon it should tell you the update information of the weapon with that mode on ( damage, clip size, reaload time, etc.) also in your warframe. i think mods and the game in general should have more informations.
  13. gavdl13

    Livestream #8: June 19Th @ 2Pm Edt!

    I will like to know when are you putting the reset option back... because would really like to start from 0...!