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  1. Present at the bottom of the forum post. It gets updated. The dates at the top are when they were created.
  2. Yeah, you would have enemies in there when you ulted, depending on where you ulted, but you can kill those off fast and then you have invincibility. And you have a tornado around you... that's not silent at all so it shouldn't function like invisibility in the slightest considering that the enemies should (if I have the picture of this ability in my mind correctly) still see you through the tornado. And I don't mean to be going on you so hard about this but duration would still be better considering if you killed off any melee enemies that tried to get near you to lower that repel-until-disper
  3. Well yeah. This isn't a bad idea except for the fact you are asking for a harder to use pre-update 13.8 Trinity that doesn't heal you. Invincibility as long as you are inside the tornado? And allies can make use of this? You wouldn't need many other frames if you can make yourself and your allies invincible to damage and on top of that, any melee enemy that comes to even try to contest you will just get flung as long as they stay within a tornado. Build full duration and range and boom. Broken and unfun. I could be reading what you want wrong, and if so I'm sorry. But that seems far too powerf
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