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  1. As the title says, some prex cards are way too pixellated. E.g.: Nezha looks great, Atlas looks horrible, Deimos Cards look amazing, Tennocon poster looks awful,
  2. They should have kept Mechs rank 30 and reduced mod drain appropriately. They created the mechs, the mods, the polarities... everything. They can fix any of it and any possible "limitation" is nothing but an excuse.
  3. Well, even if they don't change it it's worth reminding them so they don't make the same mistake again.
  4. Maybe "justify" was the wrong expression, but some replies were "just pop the bubble with a ranged weapon" or "why even kill stuff in stealth" (paraphrasing) and that doesn't really address the problem.
  5. Please don't try to justify this. It's a mistake that needs to be fixed.
  6. I use Smeeta almost exclusively nowadays. From time to time I switch to Nekros or other frames for which I run Carrier (if I expect the sentinel to take damage) or Helios (to take blackmail photos of that perverted eximus... you know which one). Thing is, I manage just fine with my spacecat, but when I switch to a Sentinel I don't feel lazy or anything, I just enjoy the ride. I don't even notice I'm attracting drops until I get something rare and think "Oh, right, I'm vacuuming stuff like the Mega Maid!". My point is vacuum is not an enabler for "lazy players", it's a huge quality o
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