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  1. basically it means that if cataclysm were to run out while enemies were inside you would be safe, because everyone who was in the rift would be moved out of it, and the banished enemies that were inside the catalyst would go from being unrifted to rifted. It's basically a very specific scenario that would be interesting to mess around with but wouldn't hurt any current limbo playstyles
  2. I think it just needs the aoe part of it put to hold to cast. regular tap should be single target. As far as cataclysm goes it would be cool if you could banish enemies from it. Basically Banish would behave like an inverter. When outside of cataclysm enemies under the affects of banish are in the rift, but within the sphere they are pulled out (but still have the banish timer applied to them. This way if cataclysm is removed while they are inside and still "banished" they get returned to the rift without any additional inputs. (sorry I am not the best at explaining)
  3. other than that it's basically up to personal preference, I'd say get started trying out the build and see how it plays. if you are going for the armour strip of avalanche it's important to remember that to get it to 100% you'll need a lot of str (250%) and enough duration to make good use of it. And even if you squeeze that on your build you'll have to sacrifice range, efficiency or durability. So I'd say it's not really worth building for. Personally i'd drop primed continuity for streamline and transient fortitude for either augur reach or overextended. But ultimately you'll have to decide if the hit to your avalanches debuff is worth it for a fully usable kit.
  4. I think you've got the right idea going for a support role, most of the pug groups in index are pretty forgiving of new players so I wouldn't really trouble yourself. As far as weapons go, rubico will serve you best in index (going by what you have access to)
  5. last mod could either be augur reach or overextended, I recommend trying both out to see if the extra range is worth the loss in str. Keep in mind strength on frost isn't really a necessity.
  6. As far as efficency goes I have never found a situation where the added energy from flow makes a difference, you'd be better off improving the output of your abilities so you have to cast less. (more range) The good part about building around his ult is that it doesn't hurt any of his other abilities. an oversized globe can still protect an objective but also has the benefit of providing some good area denial. (also you can use it to chunk high hp enemies by casting globe right next to them and flinging them into walls). What I was trying to get at with the ehp mods is that you should really just drop redirection. Despite the fact that frost has a pretty nice base shield stat, shields are paper thin. The 4 augment will do much more than shields, even if you rarely cast it. redirection adds 770 shields whereas one good cast of his augmented ult gets around 1100 on my build. Plus it also makes you status immune
  7. Frost isn't really a power hungry frame unless you are spamming his 4, so using 2 efficiency mods and flow is a bit overkill. Also using 3 survivability mods ie. umbral fiber, umbral vitality and redirection is more than you'll need imho and redirection in particular will be less useful than his 4 augment which has the benefit of preventing status while its active (similar to ironskin). My suggestion would be to build around one of his augments.
  8. rewards aside, great idea! We need more speedrun type missions imho. Only problem is frames like titania, zephyr and Valkyr could potentially remove any challenge depending how the level is built.
  9. If it's not lavalamp baruuk I don't notice
  10. honestly go with tatsu, the stance is amazing and makes up for the bad stats. zaw greatsword is a better room blender than galatine, and gram prime does much more damage but tatsu is the only of its kind for now.
  11. decisive judgement for nikanas works nicely, hold melee attack and you get a nice forward boost without any unnecessary swings. I have also found the block combo of tempo royale to work well
  12. ok so I just didnt get my e-mail I guess? I checked my spam folders and all that was there was my stuff from 2018.
  13. might just be that I didnt notice it until then. but I pretty much always use the pause combo
  14. yeah was just using nezha and tatsu and it happened to me. though it didnt kick in until I auto blocked the boomerang attack from a drahk master
  15. ok cool, so that rules out host/client weirdness. how often does it happen? for me it is only once in a while.
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