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  1. not so much the base models but the older alternative helmets have a weird oversaturated plastic look to it
  2. Could also be talking about the parazon phrases
  3. Rethinking loki to match current warframe meta is an idea, but honestly i dont think thats the solution here. Because even if you did you would just have another flavour of frame who cant die and either stunlocks or nukes entire rooms. Lokis kit does work, just not in the vast majority of lucrative gamemodes. I think what we need is more gameplay options so that all these frames with different specialties can find a place to shine. Maybe like, a speedrun obstacle course/ tower climb.
  4. You can also use the operator to release the charge trigger. Simply charge the weapon and take aim, then hit 5 instead of releasing. It's a bit slower if you have a high ping but it's a great way to guarantee safety with any frame.
  5. I think 60 minutes is a bit long for some players. Though personally, I had a blast doing this one just in PUG. It's been a while since did a longer survival run or kuva for that matter. I also got super lucky and the 2 other people just happened to be thinking along the same lines as me.
  6. I think it would be nice if back finishers were faster so it wouldn't be as flashy and get you caught but maybe keep some of the cool animations for front finishers. I think one change I would like to see is have them unaffected by attack speed, then weapons with slow base attack speed aren't left in the dust. Also it would be cool to get some double takedown finishers and some sprinting finishers. It would definitely make it so they don't halt the pace of the games so much.
  7. I think at most a slight push back, slow down enemies movement by like.. 20%. Any more than that and it would be far too powerful. It already is her most useful ability
  8. I second this. I picked what I thought was the neutral alignment, and it gave me the dark ending. My alignment was still neutral though. After the hotfix my alignment changed to dark despite the fact that I originally (and still) want to have the neutral ending. Not that its a huge deal but it kinda nags at me
  9. nice! now you needn't worry about that mission type any more :P If you want more of a challenge don't shoot out the engines, just the generators :P. It's pretty fun actually!
  10. yeah... try doing it with a velocitus now :P
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