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  1. it has been around for a long time. basically ever since warframes started stepping on eachothers toes role-wise. Which has been almost always.
  2. I think my problem with rolling guard is that I frequently use midair rolling for a slight speed boost. Most of the time I am sitting on a cool-down when I need it most and trying to undo my muscle memory for movement just isn't worth it. I would prefer if it was just a 1 sec invulnerable period with a 1-2 second cool-down. Then I would use it one every build
  3. from what I remember(and after a quick check to the wiki) whichever prime hits the enemy first stays
  4. cool thing about viral procs is that you can double your healing. basically proc viral, halving your health. then use whatever healing method (restore pads or whatever). when the viral proc ends it will double your health and by extension, the amount healed. only problem is that in order to do that you have to take damage from the viral proc to begin with, and you are more vulnerable for that time period. I find it's a mildly useful technique on nidus and inaros
  5. well, if you don't mind them, the telos boltace slide attack will gather enemies for you very reliably. They also aren't half bad as a weapon :P
  6. Hmm interesting idea, lemme throw some ideas as well. Maybe instead of giving it a set amount it just gives constant kuva at a set rate. The scaling would work by being able to activate more and more, improving your kuva/ sec. The balancing point would be you would have to defend more and more capsules while also losing spots for air support. The only thing that would suck about this is that the team would end up being split up a lot, and going solo would really hurt your potential gains. But I think it would be interesting and actually rewarding to players attempting to challenge themselves by trying to hold more than 1 each
  7. I think one of the ability mods of moas increases aimglide time, or at least reduces gravity, I'll check real quick. Edit: yeah, it's called tractor beam. It gives 100% aim glide and -50% gravity
  8. or, grendel uses meatball then gauss runs on top rolling him around at incredible speeds :D
  9. ok so I just didnt get my e-mail I guess? I checked my spam folders and all that was there was my stuff from 2018.
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