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  1. Hello,

    10 minutes ago (time for me to come, login, upload images) on Augustus, Mars (I think... I wasn't the host), 3 people and myself got stuck in Interception mission at wave 5 because there was no enemy left after decoding the message and killing the ones remaining, and the game couldn't go on. It was like we still have to kill enemies, but none could be seen, or even killed through doors (torid) or noticed through walls (trinity link, mag pull).

    Here are some screenshots of the issue.







    It's so sad to lose a T4 Extermination key like this :-(

    We can see on the screenshots the people with me were poetadivino87, wcpapier (the host) and Usashi.


    Thank you for any help. On my side, I tried everything and told you here all that happened.


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