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  1. Shure, I agree... My question is then, why do we need old endless missions crowbared in here? I just can't see a way this tactic end with a good result. I mean... Isn't that just standard behaviour across the industry? Remember Watchdogs? Cyberpunk? I feel that the whole playerbase is starting to agree with you there. You only have to look at the most recent updates to see that effort was spared. My point exactly. Shure, but remembering Railjack gameplay before the corpus update doesn't really fill me with nostalgia. I think DE did a great job removing the clunkiness of Railjack. The problem is they offset that with missions that try to use the ship as little as possible/make it meaningless. I find myself playing grineer nodes more now than back then... Great points. Many players, from what I've seen, feel that DE stopped asking "what would be fun", hell many feel that DE forgot what "fun" even means. If you ask me, this looks like burnout. I mean, think about it, you work on the same thing for a few years, every time you try something new it fails (DE tried making a few games in the past, without much success) so you return to that same thing that you've worked on all this time, you start getting tired but you can't really give up because it's the only thing that provides income (the only thing under your name, anyway) so you start to feel forced to work on it, because you feel forced to work you start enjoying it less and less, the players eventually pick up on that (you can't tell me that you feel that DE put their heart and soul into these last few updates), and so we reach present time... Do I think I'm wrong? Not really, I wouldn't say it if I wouldn't believe it. Do I hope I'm wrong? Hell yeah! Maybe what Warframe needs now, more than ever, is a break. How would that happen? I have no idea, let's not forget that we, as players, can just say "I feel burnt out so i'll just come back in a few years, no biggie" the devs don't really have that option... You know, I always see ideas being presented by the community, some good, some bad, some great, some downright mind numbing. Wouldn't it be great if we had a segment of the devstreams be dedicated to community opinion on speciffic parts of Warframe's gameplay? You know, make a poll on the forums one week before the stream asking player how they would improve, say, Railjack endless missions. Have the devs give their opinions on the most popular suggestions on the stream and chose one to implement (maybe in a modified state) Just a thought, I'm sure there are better ways to implement a true feedback system. It would be nice to see one implemented...
  2. You know, there was a time when I shared the sentiment, but I figured, if I'm going to be disappointed anyway, might as well attempt to do something about it. I'd rather fail something than regret not trying. So, screw it! I'll just continue to bring it up. Who knows, if that one conclave guy can have his way, maybe I'll get my turn eventually. This, this right here. If it's ok to just copy the old missions why wouldn't this be fine? I'm not asking for DE to reinvent the wheel here, I just want Railjack missions to revolve around the damn ship. If I wanted to play old survival I could just use the damn star chart, I have like 30 nodes to choose between. The problem, in my opinion, is that it's not really a Railjack mission. If you have someone leave the room until you enter the main ship they would never guess it's a Railjack mission.
  3. Yeah, sadly vocal minorities have way more sway than they should. On the other hand, the people we call "the vocal minority" probably say the same things about us... The reality of the situation is, we all believe we're in the right and we all want DE to listen to us. If you ask me, the best solution is to just present our arguments and hope that DE listens. The more persuasive side usually gets their way. (fortunately or unforunately) I think that's the end goal. Step one: add old missions to railjack. Step two: wait two years (if it didn't take that long). Step three: Make it so squads can split/whatever else makes it so someone stays in space. Step four: give the guys in space a job. Step five: Grofit! Too bad none of these steps say "add actual Railjack survival" (yes, still salty)
  4. Don't we allways, everywhere? It just be how the internet do... Gives us the option for dialogue (with the reasonable ones). Who knows, we might actually change something (yeah, right...)
  5. Ah, of course! Honestly, I'm a solo player so my reaction to "we should be able to split the party" is "sure, why not, I don't care". I don't necessarily mean Railjack only, I was thinking something more along the lines of volatile. A mission that works and integrates (somewhat) seamlessly with Railjack. Although, I'm still salty about not having Railjack focused survival...
  6. I don't know... perfect is a very strong word, isn't it? We could certainly use some of the nodes on the grineer side being reworked as new (railjack specific) missions. Variation is the spice of life, and all that. If I was a less courteous person (which I'm not) I would say that they just copy and pasted the old missions into Railjack space with as little editing as necessary to make them work (but i'm not saying that).
  7. A simple soft fail condition (like regular survival's life support) would work. Say there's an operative on a command ship doing whatever and you have to kill/jam/mess with something in space to make it so they can continue their mission. Insert slightly modified life support system, job done. As for Railjacks being too hard to kill/too good at killing, i will abstain from remarking that warframes are just the same. I'm not saying it. Nope. If enemy lvl scales (as is normal in endless) we would reach a point where killing all the things before they touch you just won't happen. Add Cy getting annoyed after x catastrophic decompressions and you have yourself survival in Railjack. Again, I'm not a developer and I don't doubt DE could do a way better job at this than me, but the matter that they didn't still stands. Also the time when the playerbase should stop expecting inovation from the developers of a live service game is a dark time indeed.
  8. Agreed. My main motivation for making this post was that I felt robed of a cool, lenghty space battle that would make me use all these things i grinded so long for to their limits. Those feel the most jarring, yes.
  9. True, Warframe is a horde shooter/slasher/exploder. My question is, why is that not a thing we can do in Railjack? We spent so much time upgrading and equiping our ships only to use them instead of the Liset loading screen before a mission. Maybe this discussion wouldn't happen if DE said something allong the lines of "We're working to merge the standard and Railjack starchart. Bear with us. Railjack speciffic missions are coming after that"
  10. I get where you're coming from. I think the main point of contention with the Grineer side of Railjack is that, at the time, the game mode wasn't polished enough, or just didn't feel that good to play. Add to that just one mission type and you get complaints. Did it bother me that there was only one mission type? Yes. Did I complain about it? No. I knew that there's no way DE would stop developing Railjack, so I waited. But now Railjack feels way better to play than in the past and, since we have a perfectly functional way to play the old missions, I would like to see Railjack being expanded upon. What I'm saying is... new railjack specific missions would be nice. P.S. I understand that you might be upset to see the same points again and again when you feel that the discussion is over, but for some of us it might have just started. We have many (maybe not that many) returning players or players who just waited to see where this was going before saying anything. I don't think anybody is trying to berate DE, or just complain without providing some ideas for future improvement.
  11. You have no idea how disappointed I was when I loaded into a "Railjack Survival" mission and was promptly asked to leave my Railjack and play normal survival. Was it really that hard to make a survival mission in Railjack? Can we really not have unique missions for Railjack? Is it necessary for the Railjack to be a glorified interactive loading screen for standard missions? Am I the only one who is bothered by this?
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