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  1. Considering I am probably double your age, no, is not.
  2. Literally ALL quests in Warframe are poor quests. Don't tell that to DE though, they are convinced Warframe quests are super cool.
  3. To get the wings decoration for your orbiter you need 10x Familial debt-bond To get the Familial debt-bonds you need to complete high tier bounties To complete high level bounties you need to slaughter hundreds of Corpus To celebrate Love you need to kill Makes total sense DE 😐
  4. In 2021 this is, still, ridiculous. Every bored kid with griefing intention can literally sabotage the whole squad mission and time with just a click. Wake Up DE
  5. Oh thank good [insert your god here] Not a minute too soon. Just got back in game few weeks ago and I am already super fed up with this glass nonsense, which is almost bad as the Railjack nonsense...almost. Can't wait for the next nonsense forced upon us
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