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  1. don't forget the loading screens, just happened to me once but had it 3 times on teammates, you basically get stuck with the loading bad half way for like a minute or two before it finishes loading, and i was just going back to orbiter from dojo
  2. It's to avoid hoarding, and you'll reach a point with daily login when you won't even care, like now i'm getting 26h boosters
  3. @Alexcavalera as the op already said, it's mostly a rarity thing, like primed chamber goes for 50k plat or more, because there are around 120 or less of them in the whole game. Or phased skins, which are steam only, tradable and there are only 4 copies for the ankyros, it's not a good skin, but it's so rare it goes on steam market for a LOT. I won't spend more than 300pl on a riven just because i see no use in it, i'm already oneshotting things, i don't need it.The OP ignis riven is probably the only i would mind because it's the only roll of a ignis i've seen that might take a slot in the build. But people like rare things and high numbers, so those prices happens. The same ppl than on the first nerf to their riven disposition blame de for the plat spent on it and say that they'll quit the game. To OP, pc only, so i'll check if i have something to sell you, would you go for unrolled too?
  4. same, i think he only had once something worth, that was like an ember superdiscounted that was cheaper than buying a frame slot and a catalyst, which means it's worth only if you don't have her, otherwise, he always sells weapons that are not worth the plat even discounted. And having him hidden means even less players would bother to check him
  5. Hey, it's me, the winner!
  6. ty hero having threadnought prime going on page 2 would have been a shame
  7. I didn't know I needed this gift, but now I Clem. Ty
  8. And still have a playable game, well, that's hard
  9. Well, atm it's not that hard
  10. With konzu and the cousins too!!
  11. They also had to improve the forum because we reached the limits with this thread
  12. At least he didn't quote buf00n mandachord list And not gonna read that again
  13. Well, here it is, the Orb mother kill Which is not a big deal on PC, most of the players had plenty of time to reach old mate or at least get close to it? But on switch? PC migrated accounts are probably old mate, because they already were or were close, or had already grinded poe enough to focus on it. Most of other accounts are not even close. I always have problems finding 2 people to make a 4 man squad for orb. And while hydrolist was doable even for newbies getting carried by a couple of good players, this is rep gated. High reputation gate, which even at MR20 needs what.... 6 days just to rank from 4 to 5? Mind me, I don't have problems with the mission itself, I think it's fine, because an elite alert should be for vets. The problem is on switch, where there aren't many players that can be considered vets, because a fresh start on switch means that in less than months a player had to catch-up with ostron/quill and solaris later standing. Tl;dr in not against the orb quest, but it's a really bad quest to put that early on switch
  14. And a lot of comments are missing
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