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  1. my takeaway from reading all this: 1. the positive/ semi-positive: lots of Railjack optimizations that should have been there day 1, so after reading the first part of the notes i thought like: maybe i'll start the quest getting the Railjack now (only didn't do it sooner because i got to experience how over-the-top broken it was while being on a buddy's Railjack during a mission...)? higher FoV setting on my PS4 Pro now? hopefully i'll get less motion sickness from this game now. i think i saw a few things related to framerate optimization... . i'm actually really happy to now be able to put my general pistol skins on my Kitgun (assuming that's what the note about it meant). 2. the negative: i now WOULD have to grind-out all my Arcanes 1.1x all over again for no reason other than FU. all my go-to guns except the Opticor Vandal are modded for corrosion and i invested millions of Kuva to G-roll their Rivens for -Status Duration, so they are all worthless/ unusable now and i WOULD have to do it all over again because FU. the AoE on my Opticors were always just a nuisance that i wished was never there - it doesn't damage high level enemies like at all anymore and the magnetic proc on it is near pointless, but it did constantly break windows on Corpus ships and alerted nearby enemies by hitting something else besides the main target (making the weapon unsuitable for stealth gameplay even back when it was bugged to be silent). but now the AoE even self-staggers and has greater range - just to ensure that i can absolutely not use it anymore at close range unless i play Rhino and the likes? because FU? and Cautious Shot can Probably not even be equipped in the weapon Exilus slot i assume because logic (i honestly forgot if it can go there or not). not that it would matter all that much though since it only "reduces" stagger instead of preventing it entirely, and of course only at 90% chance for a R10 gold mod - to properly offset it's great strength (sarcasm)... . it needs to Entirely prevent self stagger 100% of the time and be able to go into the weapon Exilus slot if it can't go there already DE, obviously! and giving Warframe enemies shieldgate is just the dumbest idea the development team has ever implemented IMO. so, yeah - i don't think i will play this update, the extreme severity of the punishment my during or really close to year 1 of Warframe on PS4 created and heavily played character received with this update is just so over-the-top ridiculous, i'll probably run the heck away from this game for a long time now.
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