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  1. seriously, with maximum rank Heavy Caliber on it's accuracy goes down from 100.0 to 7.2 - not 25.2 like other 100% accuracy weapons. i've read on the Wiki that this is a design choice and not a bug - but it's far too much IMO. my other 100% accuracy weapons are still near pin-point accurate with R10 Heavy Caliber on, but Dera Vandal sprays all of a sudden worse than like the worst spraying of extremely high RoF Dual Pistols. even the higher DpS, with about same status chance, drastically higher magazine size, drastically more reserve ammo and ammo efficiency Supra Vandal is far more precise with Heavy Caliber on (and the barrel count is no excuse here either - as the Supra has even a barrel more than the Dera). so what point is to the Dera Vandal then anyway if even the Supra Vandal beats it in accuracy as well - together with pretty much everything else? it's also very bad regarding Rivens: either you roll Multishot + Damage or you've gotta keep rolling, as anything else makes hardly any sense at all since you cannot use Heavy Caliber without turning it into just a vastly inferior Supra Vandal. please remove the extra accuracy penalty from Heavy Caliber on the Dera entirely DE - let it be just the proper 25.2 accuracy down from 100.0 as it should be, this stylish weapon is drastically underused enough already.
  2. so many times i failed an alert-less vault breach in Spy due to me trying to destroy a security camera or especially that Grineer door scanner via Shuriken - but unfortunately as soon as an enemy is within in a few Lightyears range of Ash his Shuriken do everything but targeting the object he has perfectly under crosshair (and trigger alarm if they hit an enemy (possibly even just by impacting near an enemy)), it's sad. you would think it's an Ash tool good for successful secret infiltration (especially as it, like many other first abilities mainly going for a bit of damage, hardly serve any purpose at medium level or higher otherwise) - but in it's current state it is instead the exact opposite of that: an Ash tool for ensuring to fail a secret infiltration attempt. i know, i know - the perfect Spy mission loadouts consist of other Warfames than Ash, and by whatever means silenced weapons at that. and i do have a Loki Prime with silenced weapons for a specialised Spy loadout too in one of my loadout slots - but i'm an Ash Prime main and don't usually run any silenced weapons on him. and as an Ash main i of course put the aspiration on myself to also be able to run Spy missions in my main loadout pretty good, that makes it so frustrating that an ability of his that is clearly meant to aid in that (and ATM is falsely recommended for this specific task in the loadingscreen tooltips as well) is something you absolutely have to avoid using if you don't want to trigger an alarm. i even would really love to be able to use it to destroy objects from a distance (like explosive barrels, loot containers - or the same stuff like in Spy missions) in combat missions without having to switch from my Dagger in hand to shooting a weapon, using a shot of ammo through that - and then reloading it. but sadly it's the same here again: as soon as an enemy is anywhere within Lightyears distance of Ash it won't work, no matter how perfect i aim at the object. please DE, make it so that if nothing but such a destructible object is perfectly under crosshair (so that it displays only it's name and rank (under my setting stuff only displays that if it's under crosshair, i forgot if this is standard)) Shuriken will only target the object, and probably best with one instead of two Shurikens (to avoid possibly enemy alerting impact sound to surface by the second Shuriken). and maybe also with still applying the damage of two Shuriken - so that it doesn't lose viability against higher than super-low ranked destructible objects. i know it's rather a QoL request - but what else other than QoL and it's ability to be casted during reloads without disrupting them could be to such an ability in un-augmented anyway?
  3. my Melee Channel seems to be permanently stuck now on my primary fire button (R2) - and therefore it's entirely unusable (as primary fire re-equips a firearm). and on a sidenote: it's also still very annoying that every time i had an object in hand (like a Power Cell) it switches to the so called "Primary Weapon" afterwards - instead of my real Primary Weapons: the melee weapon or pistol i use all the time (including before i picked up the object and during carrying it...). please implement the option to keep the weapon in hand that i have in hand while dropping the object again - if i really want to equip my long-range rifle i can always do so manually DE! this current placeholder design choice situation has been around for so many years now - the melee (and weapon switch) rework seems like the perfect time to finally address this i would think.
  4. so we got the first batch of melee changes yesterday on PS4 - and here is my feedback regarding it: i used to have the block command on the aim button and i made use of it to be able to turn without walking/ flying a circle (character over-animation) when holding a melee weapon - necessary to face chosen directions while standing on a small surface/ hovering in a small space. now i can no longer do that because the block command no longer exists and aim brings back your last equipped firearm. so if i aim to turn again i have to press the melee button again to re-equip my melee weapon - but that makes me jump forwards/ at least take a step forwards, as that's what my Warframe does on the first melee attack of my favorite stances. so the issue really is: why was it removed that holding down switch weapon brings out my melee weapon in a proper draw animation? i don't even want to test out how silly - and unefficiently lengthy - it must look now to bring out a heavy melee weapon that does some slow moves on the first attack of it's stance and only becomes fast when Berserker and Arcane Strike are running! please bring back that hold switch weapon equips the melee weapon in it's proper draw animation DE! also big missed chance so far: the new option to use the fire command to use melee is welcome, but without the removed hold switch weapon to bring out melee it's ultimately pointless to me. which is a shame as like that i would have finally been able to get rid of the melee command and therefore finally have a button on my DS4 gamepad free for alternative fire again - now more important than ever as melee chanel is hard bound to alternative fire now, which means that i cannot have it on my gamepad anymore as i'm out of buttons. all because it's way more important to me to have a button for each Warframe ability individually than it is to have access to melee chanel or to be able to use the handful of weapons with alternative fire function (despite me really liking quite a few of them actually). all while i simultaneously cannot use the touchpad swipe directions for anything situational enough to justify being bound to such an unprecise command input method (like open/ close gear wheel for example). so i'm left with set waypoint and three different gear hotkeys on the 4 swipe directions despite me really not needing more than two gear hotkeys, but i could really use to put open/ close gear wheel to a swipe direction so that i would finally have a proper button free for alternative fire again! also big missed opportunity: why are my wrist mounted secondary weapons still holstered again when performing bullet jumps or melee attacks? please implement a toggle option for if we want to have it that way or not DE. as it stands ATM there's unfortunately zero point even just stylewise to wrist mounted weapons - and especially this type of melee rework seems a prime candidate for the implementation of such an option. i really feel kinda devastated at the thought to play Warframe again ATM TBH. sure - the ground slam buffs for many melee weapons are nice, auto parrying is nice, being able to switch from any of the three weapons to any other of the three weapons instantaneously is nice - but ultimately definitely not worth to me having lost the ability to use my Life Strike builds, having lost the ability to turn while holding a melee weapon, having lost that the extra stealth from holding my Rakta Dark Dagger was a permanent thing, having to learn a new way to equip my weapons (muscle memory struggle) that i hopefully won't have to use for long before the aforementioned tweaks hopefully may arrive - which then again means even more muscle memory struggle for me though... . what are you doing to me DE lol?
  5. honestly, i don't even have room for secondary fire on my DS4 gamepad - because they don't allow open/ close gear wheel to be bound to the touchpad swipe directions (and because for me all 4 Warframe powers need their own separate key of course). but it's still not that there would be too many things to bind, oh no - far from it - it's that DE went way too restrictive with what can be bound where and what always has to have what as it's secondary command when held. i could for example bind open map to a touchpad swipe direction - but this then means that i would have to "hold touchpad swipe in that direction" (which is impossible since a held swipe would be no swipe...) to open the world map in the open worlds. but if i could bind just open normal map or open full map separately to swipe directions, i would finally have a D-pad button free for alternative fire again! but instead of them letting us fix their issues - they even double down on restrictiveness of what always has to be where together with what "since it otherwise would break THEIR idea of a controller setting"? how arrogant and besides the point of a custom setting! DE really needs to get a copy of Elite Dangerous on console (prolly works for gamepads on PC the same way even) to learn how a proper customise controller option looks like: absolute gazillions of different commands per play situation all freely bindable in the same gamepad commands configuration without any issue - and DE doesn't even get it right with this comparatively absolutely pathetically few Warframe has? yeah, no - they have an easily overcomable deficit here that annoys the heck out of so many console/ gamepad Warframe players. which unfortunately will mean for me: no melee channelling command available then anymore (which also means three to four of my Warframe loadouts that are Life Strike builds will collect dust until this issue is finally resolved)! i didn't use it like ever outside of rare Life Strike builds anyway - despite that i would just love to be able to do it all the time to get to enjoy the cool lightsaber and desintegration animations! and also despite being even with Zenurik and therefore having maximum Inner Might! still though this total relic of a Warframe gameplay mechanic is absolutely not worth using in my mostly Life Strike less builds that rather do finishers forced via stance or Warframe abilities. and not even because channelling would lack in power (as it's an additional independent multiplier from what i think to understand), but because it absolutely screws up any frame's energy usage flow always no matter what. it defies the very basic mechanics of this game and needs a drastic rework - hopefully it will be part of their newest melee rework. like keep the cool animations for less stealth but parry enabling, and let us toggle it off for drastically more stealth (which also would allow the like 95% IMO not very Ninja like feeling Warframes to feel a bit more Ninja again). and that's like it. it cannot be a damage boost for no cost as that would be too meta - but it also cannot cost energy or really much else as that would let it continue to be a forgotten, out-of-place relic from early versions of the game.
  6. me, reading the 10 000 fixes in this update, thinking like: i'm impressed, good job! also me, like 5 seconds later, thinking like: Rolling Guard deactivating Handspring/ Constitution's knockdown recovery bonuses when playing as client didn't get fixed?? what a shame! ;) ;) ;) keep up the good work.
  7. it's either always when i'm not the host or at least sometimes when i'm not the host that my Handspring or Constitution knockdown recovery bonus does not apply anymore if i'm having Rolling Guard equipped. please investigate and fix DE.
  8. it says i only have 1.45 agility on Rhino Prime with Rush and Armored Agility on, it says i have only 5 revives per mission with 10x Arcane Strike and Arcane Vanguard Helmet on - however: it says i cannot equip a second Arcane Enhancement together with my 10x Arcane Strike because the Arcane Helmet blocks the spot. thing is though, i only started playing again yesterday after a several years long break - so i don't know if the missing Arcane Revive and missing movement stats increase in the stats list is normal or if this all is a bug?
  9. IDK, Space Mom saved me from the Stalker on my ship or something? then i believe those Riven mods, or whatever they were called, i bought in player trade chat came from some Grineer dungeon quest i never played or something like that?
  10. i played Warframe last time roughly a month after No Man's Sky came out on my system (PS4) and completely abandoned, well - everything - when Star Trek Online released on my system somewhere around that time. the last thing i remember was Riven, Risen, Ryzen - or whatever they were called - mods being the hot new thing. my account was like very top-notch in terms of progression/ hoarding/ the results of religious play over years like 25/ 8, plus probably over a grand in microbux of investment into it. i'm downloading the updates for Warframe right now because i feel bored ATM and have to avoid leaving the house to enjoy the start of spring in Europe outside somehow after all... . ;) so what all important stuff changed since i last played? i heard somewhere that the Tenno schools would no longer be in game (where do Warframes get most of their energy from nowadays then if not passively from that one school? maybe drops and that one like team mod again?) and that Warframe would be more of a proper MMORP G/S these days instead of the more like online lobby RP G/S of my days? don't be afraid writing a longer post, i would gladly read it. but i'd sure take shorter lists as well.
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