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  1. honestly, i don't even have room for secondary fire on my DS4 gamepad - because they don't allow open/ close gear wheel to be bound to the touchpad swipe directions (and because for me all 4 Warframe powers need their own separate key of course). but it's still not that there would be too many things to bind, oh no - far from it - it's that DE went way too restrictive with what can be bound where and what always has to have what as it's secondary command when held. i could for example bind open map to a touchpad swipe direction - but this then means that i would have to "hold touchpad swipe in that direction" (which is impossible since a held swipe would be no swipe...) to open the world map in the open worlds. but if i could bind just open normal map or open full map separately to swipe directions, i would finally have a D-pad button free for alternative fire again! but instead of them letting us fix their issues - they even double down on restrictiveness of what always has to be where together with what "since it otherwise would break THEIR idea of a controller setting"? how arrogant and besides the point of a custom setting! DE really needs to get a copy of Elite Dangerous on console (prolly works for gamepads on PC the same way even) to learn how a proper customise controller option looks like: absolute gazillions of different commands per play situation all freely bindable in the same gamepad commands configuration without any issue - and DE doesn't even get it right with this comparatively absolutely pathetically few Warframe has? yeah, no - they have an easily overcomable deficit here that annoys the heck out of so many console/ gamepad Warframe players. which unfortunately will mean for me: no melee channelling command available then anymore (which also means three to four of my Warframe loadouts that are Life Strike builds will collect dust until this issue is finally resolved)! i didn't use it like ever outside of rare Life Strike builds anyway - despite that i would just love to be able to do it all the time to get to enjoy the cool lightsaber and desintegration animations! and also despite being even with Zenurik and therefore having maximum Inner Might! still though this total relic of a Warframe gameplay mechanic is absolutely not worth using in my mostly Life Strike less builds that rather do finishers forced via stance or Warframe abilities. and not even because channelling would lack in power (as it's an additional independent multiplier from what i think to understand), but because it absolutely screws up any frame's energy usage flow always no matter what. it defies the very basic mechanics of this game and needs a drastic rework - hopefully it will be part of their newest melee rework. like keep the cool animations for less stealth but parry enabling, and let us toggle it off for drastically more stealth (which also would allow the like 95% IMO not very Ninja like feeling Warframes to feel a bit more Ninja again). and that's like it. it cannot be a damage boost for no cost as that would be too meta - but it also cannot cost energy or really much else as that would let it continue to be a forgotten, out-of-place relic from early versions of the game.
  2. me, reading the 10 000 fixes in this update, thinking like: i'm impressed, good job! also me, like 5 seconds later, thinking like: Rolling Guard deactivating Handspring/ Constitution's knockdown recovery bonuses when playing as client didn't get fixed?? what a shame! ;) ;) ;) keep up the good work.
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