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  1. The bug still exist today. I was doing a norbal bounties on deimos and now im stuck as the operator. Cant go into mech or frame
  2. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: I was doing isolation vault and the T2 mission is bugged. Either the bait station dont give marker for bait or it somehow turn into a T1 with T2 level enemies REPRODUCTION: Join Isolation vault with pub EXPECTED RESULT: You wont be able to start the T2 mission or it will turn into a T1 OBSERVED RESULT: Cant start T2 vault or it reverting to a T1 vault REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  3. That sound painful man. I hope they fix that soon
  4. After the update i cant fishing in Deimos with the intented rod or the cetus rod, the fish will die like if they get hit with bullet. The only rod that i seem to work is the second tier fortuna rod
  5. I was playing the isolation vault after the new hotfix i can cannot seem to make loid spawn for the last stage. This has only happened after the new update as before this i was able to play and open the vault in all my previous run. I have tried host migration and run it a couple more time but nothing seem to work
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