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  1. So what ur saying is its ok to start fresh and get all this stuff that high mastery ranks had to work hard for, for free how is that fair
  2. I made a necramech for the mastery points but my point is if new players want xp from necramechs make them farm it like we did
  3. Well for starters we had to farm out the damaged necramech parts and gun parts to get the weapons and now u can go in trade chat about wtb all necramech parts and weapon parts already built how is that fair
  4. Why give noobs everything whule us vetran players get shafted
  5. Everyone stop begging and complaining they dont have 2 give us anything just say thank you and be thankful after all its Christmas time
  6. I don't think u should rerun the drop because of an outage it wasn't ur fault it happened let people either farm the receiver, buy it with platt, trade for it or ask a friend if they have an extra receiver like everyone else had to
  7. Happy birthday and if u watched Monday Tuesday and Wednesday u will get a whole necramech on ur bday
  8. What about the affinity booster bug i lost alot of affinity because of that
  9. What about fixing the boosters cause i figure i lost at least a day of my affinity booster after hotfix #2 we should get something back
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