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  1. I'm tired of breaking down your posts quote by quote, so I'm just going to address it all at once. On your first "point" you were saying you wanted to see a trin who has thousands of kills after the Sanctuary update...that's not what we were talking about, we were talking about you putting words in my mouth that "all trinities are leeches," but you went on to say that if you use EV on an enemy and someone else kills that enemy, you get kill assists...he only has a couple thousand assists, but 18m exp...if he focused on EV like he said, he would have more. You also said he could solo spy missions to get exp, that's what we're all talking about here, you don't put Loki on a defense, you don't put Banshee in a survival, and you especially don't put Trinity in a Spy mission. Their abilities aren't tailored to those missions, that's that point we're trying to make, you play the frame most accustomed to that mission type and feels the best of the frames that you like. If they gained exp only using blessing, then they wouldn't be a true support character like they're saying they want others to be, right? Right. They would only heal, which shields make less useful by itself. And we never agreed that you couldn't kill an enemy in 1 second, if it's taking you 7-8 casts to kill an enemy, then I think your power strength is too low, it should only take 2-3, which at a power duration at 1.12, should only take a little over 2 seconds on average. I don't think I've seen any complete trinity have more than 12-13% power strength, it hurts both EV and Blessing, which are her two best abilities. By the way, Zephyr does have attacking abilities, they're both aoe, you're right, but they don't do very much damage, her tornados pin enemies to the ceiling and do about 23 damage last I checked, because if you have absurdly high strength on a Zephyr, you're doing it wrong.
  2. You've successfully missed every single point I put out there. "So all new players, who gets their hands on trinity now - automatically became leechers?" That's not what I said at all, so don't put words in my mouth, much appreciated. What I said was that 500 kills with 18m exp on a frame makes it look like he leeches, and if you look at any other seasoned player, you'll see that all of them have tens of thousands of kills at less or equal exp. I never said that anyone who uses Trinity was a leech, I'm saying his ratio on said Trinity makes him seem like one. Bringing up the exp count on your Ivara isn't a valid point by the way, killing enemies isn't the only way to gain exp on a frame... "But this is how it was earned - it's your right to believe or not." Okay, cool, you play the game how it is normally played! Good for you! It's still not a valid point though, you get Warframe exp for simply casting an ability, it's not just kills. how do you think Loki, Wukong, Zephyr and all of them get ranked up? "How? by leeching? i guess i got your point. Listen guys, everyone who uses utility/survival Warframes - you are officially are leechers. /s" for reference, you should know that I was talking about warframe kills, not weapon kills before You completely missed my point mate, my point was that those three are utility frames, they don't have decent offensive/damaging abilities like Trinity does, they have survival abilities! You activate an ability such as turbulence, invisibility, defy, etc. and you shoot the enemies with your weapons, and 25% of that exp goes to your Warframe, and since it's with your weapon, it doesn't get put on your profile. That's how you rank them up. Trinity however, is a support frame with a passively damaging support ability, when she uses it, things get damaged, when things get damaged, they die...and guess what happens next? It goes onto your frame's kills on your profile. My Zephyr that has 17m exp, which is less than his Trinity, has 5k kills, none of her abilities do NEAR as much damage as Energy Vampire. So that being said, my Zephyr should not have 10x more kills than a Trinity with 18m exp, especially if trinity is a support frame, she'll be using energy vampire quite a bit. I've mained both Zephyr and Wukong, so me going after someone who appears to be a leech while being a leech myself for maining a utility frame would be hypocritical. "Maybe i don't know something, i'm low rank etc, but at 40% duration, EV take 3.6 seconds. At 12% - 1.12 seconds. But EV won't kill enemy from a single cast. You neeed 4-5, cuz the lesser HP target has - the lower damage. The only enemy EV can kill in single use - security cameras." EV does damage relative to the enemy's max health iirc, so the cast amount will typically be the same, which is usually over half their health, so if you're doing more than one cast as you should, you should be killing that enemy almost every time, which further proves my point.
  3. Okay, first of all, I never claimed that Trinity gets kills in Eidolon Tricaps, I said she was extremely useful in them by using her blessing and keeping lures alive. It was part of a point to disprove that Trinity is a leech and is only useful for her Energy Vampire. "Do i need to explain how it works? Trinity is support, now she can kill only with 2 abilities - EV and link." No, you don't have to explain how it works, should I explain it to you? 500 kills at 17m exp is an insane ratio, a clanmate of mine has 7,000 kills on a regular trinity with only 10.7m exp, and another 7,000 kills on a Trinity Prime with only 8m exp. My Trinity prime alone has 66m exp(yeah, I used her a LOT back in the day), but you know, she has 23,000 kills...so by seeing that, does 500 kills at 17m exp seem like a reasonable ratio to you? You may bring up the point that I've used mine a lot more, but at only 3x the exp he has, I have 46x his kills. Still think it wasn't a leech? Bringing up the exp count on your Ivara isn't a valid point by the way, killing enemies isn't the only way to gain exp on a frame...how do you think Loki, Wukong, Zephyr and all of them get ranked up? They don't have viable offensive abilities, they're utility/survival warframes. Trinity however, her second ability takes a percentage of the enemies health and deletes it, so that shows me that he didn't use her in a normal mission, but where he would get a single pulse off of EV and a Banshee or Equinox would kill that enemy, thus him not getting the kill. EV only needs a large amount of time if you have a large duration on Trin, if you had ~50% duration, it would only take about a second to kill an enemy, not that long in an actual mission, but it's still too long in an exp farm.
  4. I...I can't tell if you're serious yourself here or not...Trinity wasn't "SUPPOSED" to be "power leveled and a leecher," as you even said, DE intended for her to be a support frame, meaning for her to feed health/energy to frames in a survival, or something that actually has an end goal. Fueling a roid raged Banshee or Equinox while sitting in one spot was definitely not what DE was going for, that's what the PLAYERBASE made of her. If you think all she's good for is sitting on a platform hitting her second ability, you're mistaken...have you ever run Eidolon Tricaps? Trinity is one of the key frames in those, or even a late game Derelict where all you get are Parasitic Eximus, or her Well of Life/Blessing in the new Deceptions on a Health Drain Conduit... she has way more use than you're making her out to have, and that's saddening to be honest.
  5. Exactly! We mess around a bit with frames while initially leveling especially, and we figure out which ones we know we'll enjoy, then we put effort into them. Playing the ones you like for missions specifically tailored to their abilities isn't something he's used to since he's only played interceptions while power leveling, as it only takes a few rounds to max out a weapon or frame. Another thing I saw on his profile were that most of his weapons were left at ~500k exp, further proving that he was doing power level methods, and was able to leave exactly when the weapon got maxed. What's the point in attempting to persuade DE or the playerbase in changing frames to be like the Riven Disposition feature if you're not going to use other frames yourself? Besides, that's literally the system we have now, op frames get nerfed, and bad frames get buffed. I don't think he saw how Mesa was on release, all you had to do was hold down a button and you had full 360 degree range at 50 meters to hit enemies, there was no window like there is now. Banshee got nerfed as well with her Quake ability, and even Saryn. OP, If you're reading this, it's called balancing, no frame should be more op than the other in terms of brute strength as you're suggesting, the only time a frame should be better than another is when their abilities aren't made for that mission type, it's like putting Loki on a Defense vs a Frost. They're equal in their own fields, but they suck in the other's field.
  6. Not just Trinity Prime at 17m exp, he also has a Banshee Prime at 29m exp, Mesa Prime at 21m exp, a Scoliac at 17m exp, a Vasto Prime at 12m exp, an Artax at 64m exp, Carrier at 65m exp), and a collective 17m on just 2 other sentinel weapons, along with a Taxon at 10m exp. It screams power leveling so much that it blew my ear drums. I guess he's not against you maining just 3 frames, cause that would be 100% hypocritical, he's only against you using a SINGLE frame as your main, even though those Banshee and Mesa numbers show that he did just that at one point. You say you're not pushing ideals on others, yet you say that DE should nerf and/or buff other frames to push players off of those frames. You make no sense. And what's wrong with playing old content? I would rather play old content and stick with it if I know it's good rather than potentially glitchy new frames as you're suggesting. We may play them later when all the bugs are fixed, but you're attempting to make everyone go to new frames that we may not even LIKE. It's about finding the frames you enjoy, that's why we have so many frames to pick from, and we can stick with one as we wish. It's a video game, we will play it however we please.
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