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  1. Flying Eidolon. I'm coming for you!
  2. "Experience is the best teacher" "Some people just want to try it themselves without reading walkthrough, because reading/watching guides and walkthrough is for weak people, true hardcore try themselves." As a MR24, MR17+ I think still mid-tier, and they still have a lot to learn. I highly doubt they can do lua spy missions right. If you want a guaranteed experienced player, try recruiting MR25 and MR26 player.
  3. Yes. This explained my question. Thank you very much. Cheers! 😁 The guy is most likely chinese since I was playing on Southeast asia server. He indeed wrote some unread text that is written like this -> **** if i recall correctly.
  4. A Guy on sortie said this to me twice. It was the last sortie, mobile defense, I waited at the extraction. @Gussygoose sb I jokingly replied "spongebob?" Then he replied "You know language?" then proceed using f**k you. I went on him, and saw his character seems to be stucked running in the lift below. so i said "Your character seems to be stuck on the ground." "ok find the way" "go" he said "Trigger extraction is better 🙂 * I said. he whisper me one last time after I got on the Orbiter and said "f**k you" again. and instantly, he ignored me. at first I was bright and cheerful mood playing the sortie, and this left me confused, with a slightly mad "what the hell is wrong with him?". Don't know if he's being a jerk, I don't know what his problem is, he's MR19, cannot mention his username here as it will violate forum's guideline.
  5. Where is For Tuna? Right here, pal.
  6. I can relate on how this year and last year doesn't get new DOD skinpack. Last Year, there's Plains of Eidolons. This Year has Fortuna. Personally, I prefer the time is better spent working on those mega update rather than texturing some weapons with edgy white skeleton skins. Not that I dislike the skinpack, fashionframe is always best in my mind, but that mega update Content is more preferred. On the brightside, there's now a tactical alert giving a Day of the Dead Dread skin. I think DE already tries to at least please us and yet there's always that someone who always feel unsatisfied. Well.. it's truly hard to please everyone, isn't it?
  7. You didn't read the most recent steve sinclair's twitter? You're welcome.
  8. That is for far future update. I highly doubt it will be coming with this one.
  9. In every words that is corrupted. PC.. we're going to make.. Hexis.. Alerts.. Kill.. Damage.. Melee.. I wonder what Rebecca trying to tease us. Hexis -> The Quest Giver. Alerts -> Yes.. the Elite Alerts. Kill -> Kill who? that Nemesis Dojo System? Damage -> Damage 3.0 coming?? Melee -> Melee 3.0 too? +About 5 more pages -> Hmm this is fishy. It smells.
  10. Thank you very much DE for enabling us to purchase using local currency instead of USD with recent chroma prime access. The difference is around 10 bucks compared using usd, 19.99 feels like 29.99 if converted to my local currency which is a very positive direction to me. Just stopping by to say this. Keep up the good work, DE 🙂
  11. May I request for prime accessories to be giving 1000 instead of 90-day affinity booster? (Even if this have been asked before) Or at least make it as an option please 😴
  12. This one I completely agree. Thank you for your consideration, Founder-sama. Some of us.. -all of us would prefer an upgraded version of our favorite sword-slashing frame, Excalibur. Having this kind of treatment (with no alternatives), will release the war again on the forum about releasing Excalibur Prime to everyone. My dearest friend likes Excalibur so much that he played from beta 2013, but he's not a founder since he doesn't have the money at the time. I would've been a Founder if I knew this game earlier, he introduced it to me on 2015, and I'm having a blast playing it till now. If you guys really worried about double-crossing the founders, you should make a vote to founders whether or not excalibur umbra should have this passive. But really, this also would turns new players away especially the ones who loves using the starter excalibur frame since there are no alternatives whatsoever. I'm not an excalibur main but I felt depressed by this. =_= Please DE, make Umbra have his void passive back.
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