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  1. Interesting.. but i think the invisibility should stay in one of the skills.
  2. I can't judge whether you are being overly sarcastic or not. But yeah, so many people yelling cynically at the game, threads like this are welcome.
  3. again.. accusing warframe for pay to win? tired of this. you came from other game? or played too much asian pay-to-win mmos? should I must explain this game is the most generous free-to-play? .. this is just me being triggered aside. pardon if i'm being rude because I am tired of hearing warframe pay-to-win, since it is and always be pay-to-progress-faster.. all exclusives are all cosmetics. (5000+ hours in and I never encountered a pay-to-win mechanics) other than warframe, one of the free-to-play game (that is not asian mmos) that I did play is SWTOR online, in that free game, if you want to sprint you must pay per month basis. just an example. simple explanation below for your question below: ok, you stated most powerful mods and baro-exclusive, it's true but it all DOES appear on occasions (since he rotates his wares every 2 weeks and what you want to buy will eventually appear again). this tennocon relay only happens once a year, that makes him bring ALL his stuff at once.
  4. Operator, there's a new invasion happening on the system, here, I'll mark it on your map.
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