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  1. Flying Eidolon. I'm coming for you!
  2. Where is For Tuna? Right here, pal.
  3. I can relate on how this year and last year doesn't get new DOD skinpack. Last Year, there's Plains of Eidolons. This Year has Fortuna. Personally, I prefer the time is better spent working on those mega update rather than texturing some weapons with edgy white skeleton skins. Not that I dislike the skinpack, fashionframe is always best in my mind, but that mega update Content is more preferred. On the brightside, there's now a tactical alert giving a Day of the Dead Dread skin. I think DE already tries to at least please us and yet there's always that someone who always feel unsatisfied. Well.. it's truly hard to please everyone, isn't it?
  4. You didn't read the most recent steve sinclair's twitter? You're welcome.
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