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  1. Makes sense. I'm mostly interested in discouraging and dis-incentivizing with no rewards for entering the mission and swapping to another screen to play minecraft (as was one example I remember from a few years ago.) I guess if the game is that uninteresting to them it might not be such a shame if they just stopped playing anyway though.
  2. True that. I've done that many times, but there's this spooky coincidence that the matches with AFK players that I don't leave tend to have better rewards. Especially if I'm wearing this green sweater and my hat tilted slightly east. But it's true, if I left on many of these missions I'd probably have ended up with a sculpture instead of a riven, all of that's irrelevant since I'm mostly interested in the way the thing works, which it seems we don't know by design. A Report AFK feature would be useful though.
  3. So if they die they don't get the end of mission rewards? I can think of a few occasions in the last few years where I died and my squad mate kept on for awhile after and I still got the rewards 15 or 20 minutes later. Thank you for an actual thoughtful answer, particularly the bit about the mechanics not being official and known.
  4. It's been a few years since I heard anyone complain about getting no reward from an auto AFK flag (not that I've been combing around for it every day) but I'm wondering how does the system work these days. Is there a policy online somewhere? Of course it comes to mind from a sortie dropping a nice melee riven today with one of the players AFK the entire time, so I'm curious if starting the mission and walking away to have lunch is paying off. (please skip any lectures about why I shouldn't care if someone on the squad is leeching/afk etc.)
  5. Hadn't thought of that, too true and a shame. Mowing down hordes wave shooter style is a nostalgia trip for me. Is there any hope of dedicated servers ever happening? Between this sort of thing and squads with more than 4 players it would really open up alot of cool options.
  6. Warframe is a "horde looter shooter" but when I'm way up on a peak over a facility in Orb Vallis (or in an archwing) defending in a squad and I see a dozen or maybe two dozen enemies showing up at a time and barely anyone breaking a sweat I wonder if we need to redefine what a horde is. Maybe notch it up to hundreds at a time so squads need to actually coordinate their tactics to succeed, everyone wants more endgame content and it seems like a pretty easy "game mode" to do. Thoughts?
  7. Or just find other games to play between events, there are about 2 billion (and five) to choose from. Diversify your entertainment grasshopper...
  8. Disruptions with fissures are a great mix, finally a good way to unlock loads of relics. Is there any chance we could get this one to be on the list *all the time*? +1 if ya feel me fam
  9. Agreed, some kind of system to allow you to listen to specific players (solo or group) would be great. How much good press coverage do you get out of Tenno Concert Night streaming on twitch? Before you know it D2 will be ripping the idea off just like we did guitar hero.
  10. Agreed, and applies to so many frames. I think most of this could be resolved just by adding the function to ________ ability and killing the augment in general.
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