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  1. I just void dash from area to area, stop to listen for a sec and dash back some other way, finding them hasn't been an issue as long as the music is off*.
  2. It's an exterminate challenge, any enemy alerted is an insta-fail. I've got all the nightwave stuff and have zero interest in it past that anymore. When I'm out on deimos tracking conservation targets and a group of nearby infested turning aggro-glass and killing the thing is incredibly irritating, and it's happened more times than you'd believe. Thanks for your help though, I seriously wish they'd just give us the option to turn it off already.
  3. The novelty of "hold up detecting glass resonance" spawning enemies that are automatically alert of your presence instakills any chance of doing undetected riven challenges. The entertainment factor on that stuff is long gone anyway, can we opt out of it already?
  4. Yep. I might pay for a cool cosmetic, but fix the drops on stuff like this already.
  5. True that. I remember how excited the gaming press was about DE publishing the drop tables, not so impressive when the results don't actually match the claims.
  6. I've had exactly 1 drop from the bounties over multiple days, the isolation vaults weren't much better. Could someone please for the love of gawd make it an actual common drop and not just labeled that.
  7. Aye :) I was just out doing the kill x enemies on dropships and happened into that solution just now. Still wondering what's going on with tycho, that used to be my go to.
  8. . Need em for the riven challenge, but the usual "oculysts scanning you..." never happens.
  9. This one used to work for me, I've opened many, but I can't get any to spawn on lua lately.
  10. Hotspots not spawning is preventing me from finishing riven challenges to catch rare fish. (Yes I know how to find them) Fish spawning in general is much much lower than before, normally I could get a dozen in a minute or two no problem, now it's maybe one every 5.
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