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  1. Sure you gotta wait but the entire fight takes a min, cause he opens up his port after three or so shots. Another min is just traversing the map depending on how far ruk is and how far extract is. 2-3 shots to his ports and they go bye bye
  2. I run Ruk for my clannies if they are trying to farm orokin cells. With a rubico it takes to go through the entire thing in 2 mins. Going for a long farm usually frustrates people since they are waiting a long time for something to drop only 1 at a time unless they have boosters.
  3. Ruk is literally the fastest. Takes 2 min to get his assassination done unless you have low powered weapons. I usually farm plastids in Titan and get orokin cells as a side quite reliably in a 15min farm. Maybe try orokin derelict missions if saturn isn't working for you. 6 in 8 hours with a booster is terrible. Maybe get someone to help with Ruk if he takes too much time for you ?
  4. I noticed one today in orokin derelict. The three lockers that are always neatly tucked at the back of the top balcony on in one of the "storage" rooms with laser traps. One of them weren't today and it irked me that I never noticed this in my 4 years of playing this game. Now that people are chiming in, hmm.....
  5. It's broken because it was built with old AI and it's utterly broken with the updated AI. They didn't revisit the challenge to factor in the additional difficulty due to improved detection the mob has. Best way to cheese it to use any ranged melee. Glaive, cerata, falcor, orvius, all will solve your ills in no time.
  6. I would say the article is aimed at specific demographics and not at all a bad decision either for the site or for the game. I play the game for the "content" as much as I do for the aesthetics. Warframe is completely alien compared to all the stuff out there. I'm super uninterested in most other sci-fi looter-shooters just because how run-of-the-mill their aesthetics are. My girlfriend, an avid pokemon and animal crossing fan wasn't at all interested in the game until she heard me gush about ayatan sculptures, fortuna people and how much personality oozes out of the warframes. Now she's a better frame farmer than I am and drags me to all the prime farms cause she just wants that fantastic "dolly dress-up" this game delivers. While this is indeed going in a direction that most games of the genre don't heavily invest in, warframe does make a very unique proposition. Up and personal power fantasy, with fabulous style.I think the review serves a purpose and caters to certain types of players and that's not at all bad. One might argue that this would just push the devs into making more cosmetics and not deliver actually playable content, the truth is, the studio is only going to do what's going to make them the most amount of money for the least amount of labour. Their revenue model seems to be releasing new frames>outsourcing cosmetics through tennogen and deliver one big update each year that adds to the gameplay and serves as good marketing material. So yeah, this is beneficial for how they are running the business currently. I do want warframe to get to the point where customization is as wide as was advertised for anthem, at the same time I don't want it to come at the cost of its soul. That's possibly a thing most warframe vets would have a hard time to grapple with. But I only wish the team more and more success, whichever route they go. They have so far done a great job at balancing a ton of things, especially when it comes to crunch work. Never want my entertainment to come at the cost of suffering. This is not to say content draught isn't real, it's very real.What I'm hoping that they worked on Empyrean to deliver steady content which works with a different framework than the rest of the game. Heard quite a few times how the team kinda feels trapped with the current damage and modding system they have established.
  7. Excal is still the most used frame but in content like ESO, people like to use nukers. Excal has great single-target damage but he can't really work through a crowd as efficiently as volt/saryn/equinox can. Best place to farm focus and xp so efficiency is always a priority for most people joining the mode. Excal can't help much there. I'm sure if there's content where you need to work on a miniboss/boss that's a damage sponge, excal would be people's go to. But then Ash exists. Issue is really that the game's oriented around the grind and thus encourages fast, efficient builds and that leads to some frames not being used as much. They can hold their own sure but not as great as the meta frames. Took forever to kill the wolf with excal, where as ash took a few seconds. As far as his kit goes, he's a great all rounder. Good ehp, highly mobile, has great cc and the dps on his 4 is insane. And all of the powers work together very well. He's just not specialized for any content out there. Not yet atleast.
  8. I was super stoked for the lighting changes, possibly the the main thing that had me excited about the update since I feel warframe can look so much more juicy. Felt like a slap in the face after it dropped 😄 Well, that's software development for you. S#&$ breaks all the time and this sadly coincided with the weekend.
  9. One of those times you absolutely gotta love the vision DE has for their game
  10. Same issue here actually, the only thing that helps somewhat is turning down the brightness to 35, disabling adaptive exposure and bloom.This isn't going to get addressed until tuesday sadly since there's a long weekend in canada and the studio's closed
  11. I run a build of 205 range and 240 str, 55 eff and 73 dur. Running with adaptation works magic with desolate hands, you don't mind the daggers having too much range and there's enough str to maintain 4-9 daggers for a reasonable amount of time until you need to recast. I only use elude when I need to lose restraint quick or need to survive something nasty. While the way I play him keeps him alive for stupid amount of time, the damage output of his 4 is very lackluster. It's like he's built to be a caster-tank hybrid with cc potential on his 4. Don't know why you'd want him on team while equinox exists with much higher cc and dps potential. I feel like he'd be great as an aggro sink if there was a such a mechanic outside of guardian derision. Who knows, maybe that's what DE had in mind when designing his kit. Not a killer, just someone really good at stacking damage reduction and pulling aggro.
  12. Same here, my scimitar mimicked the colour of a iridescent gold and green bug, now it's flat yellow. Haven't checked the other prisma stuff but I'm dreading it. Basically anything golden looks very flat now.
  13. Got it done with loki. Every Capture point has a segment where it zooms and another segment where it slows down. Just chase it when it zooms and stay with it when it slows down. Each have fixed routes.
  14. Wishing you a speedy recovery ❤️ Really happy with how 2019 is going for warframe. You guys put a lot of effort in and it shows. Exploiter fight is a bold new direction for boss fights and looking forward to having more of that kind of experience in warframe. Great job with Equinox prime, it's no longer going to be a struggle to fashionframe with her now. Both aspects look distinct and really cool. Thanks for daily grind you guys do for the game.
  15. The hash-scanning part of the event was a great disappointment. There's no way anyone would even get the first scan right out of fortuna unless they had helios with them, and even then it can completely escape their attention. On top of that there's no way in-game to figure out where the other data-hashes might be. Lots of people don't diligently follow social media or forums like I do to be aware that there's a map for the datahashes, out of game no less. ARG's are an okay way to hype something up but they shouldn't be essential to play the game itself. I made a guide for my clan so they can painlessly get the hashes and even then some just couldn't be bothered with this superficial "community goal". Even after getting the map there's a large chunk of people who don't care enough to spend time scouring all over a cave to find something that's placed arbitrarily without any connection to lore. With all that's been going on - razorback, nightwave and thermia - who's going to make time for this bs ? If it were so that some players scanning would point to other players, through in-game means like acolyte tracking, this might've worked. Even then, this didn't do anything to unlock more lore or a reasonable reward to motivate players to do it. I really respect you guys and think that you are one of the most passionate and sincere devs out there, but this should be a learning experience for you that maybe you're a bit out of touch with player expectations and attitudes. Maybe when working on this you got yourselves hyped up in a way that didn't carry on to the playerbase and if that's the case you need to be more self-aware. You did really well with nightwave and the melee revisit and maybe I'm expecting too much from a possibly overworked bunch of people but I have to be honest, this was really disappointing. As a side note, I don't think making lore hard to access is a good way to make people care for it. I love the game and the universe but I can't really be bothered to find kuria or mem fragments when there's no thread leading from one lore bit to another. I hope it's something you guys can work on to improve in the future. That said, looking forward to the orb daughter fight o/ Edit : Just wanted to add that I do find fortuna and orb vallis to be a great achievement. While scouring through the map I took my sweet time to take in the vistas properly and you guys have done a damn good job with it. Much respect and love ❤️
  16. I'll start with the good : Melee-focused gameplay feels way more viable than before, since you can interrupt your attack if they feel ineffective against a target (a bombard if you are not sporting radiation on melee) or if a out-of-reach target takes priority (ancient healer or arbitration drone for example). The instant swap alone makes me want to use melee weapons that I previously disregarded since they felt cumbersome in situations like this. Feels good to not feel bad about ranged weapons being the most reliable dps and me wanting to use melee but holding back on that in a team setting. Now I am experimenting with all types of melee since I know I can fall back to my ranged in an instant if I get into a particularly problematic situation. I have 2.5k hours logged and I have been a melee guy since the beginning and I hated that I couldn't use high damage melee like scindo prime and the insane broken bull combo because it felt cumbersome to me. It felt like I was missing out on a melee experience because it cost me mobility, which to me, what warframe is all about. Now, it's just perfect. I feel confident in every situation since I know I will not be encumbered with swapping animations and lose my combo. This change just made melee more accessible, rewarding and reliable, without disrupting mobility. My repertoire now isn't solely polearms. The level of flexibility this has brought is very satisfying. Ground slams are what kept a low MR me going with melee against high level mob since I could cc them but it always felt a bit out of my control, and with the aimed slams, a veteran me has reasons again to use them, for mobility and for cc. Phase 1 changes feel like the foundations of something great to come. I'm really hoping this is DE testing the waters for a bigger work to fall in place Now for the problematic : Blocking and combos that require blocking is awkward. I'm okay with the auto-block since I never found a use for blocking except when I was low mr, but now it's a thing that happens mostly conveniently and emphasis on mostly. Sometimes animations get interrupted by auto-block which breaks the flow and I'm hoping you guys will do something about that, and also about the weirdness that is aiming with a ranged weapon to set up a melee combo. Flow-breaking and mobility-stealing combos are just bad. They were bad before and they are still bad, maybe worse since you will actually get into those catapulting combos without intending to do so. They are aesthetically pleasing, and bring a lot of character into the gameplay, but they still break the flow and takes away control in a way that isn't good. Combos for dual daggers and such can take you out of the fight completely, which has always been unwelcome. Hoping that's something you guys have on your to-do list for one of the phases. Removing them or reinventing them will go a long way towards establishing melee 3.0. In conclusion : I feel you guys have done well to revitalize melee with the core changes - Instant swap/Combo interrupt-resume/Aimed Slams/FX upgrade (oh my !). Sure you broke some stuff along the way but nothing game-breaking. I'm confident you will address most of the issues the fine people in this thread are critical of : issues with blocking and flow-breaking combos. Looking forward to what you bring for phase 2 and what melee 3.0 ultimately shapes up to be. From what I've experienced so far, it's stellar. Phase 1, for me, feels very much like the foundations for something great to come. Godspeed o/
  17. Really happy with the overhaul of almost half a decade old alert system. Gives me, a vet, and my newbie friends and clannies a very consistent, transparent and certain way to get slots, potatoes, nitain and cosmetics. Instead of hoping to catch something that lasted an hour, we can now work our way up to stuff we want and ignore stuff we don't want. I don't know much about how battlepasses work and if this is similar to those but I don't care about that either since this system just serves me very well. Tying some lore with this was a great idea as it gives a vet like me more reasons to play through it all. Enjoyed the encounter with the wolf too 😄 Reminded me of the first time I met stalker. While some people might have valid criticisms of this, I just want you and your team to know that you have done a swell job with the overhaul. Didn't really expect it to deliver this well.
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