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  1. Zilotz

    Trade broken

    Looks to be fixed silently. Topic can be deleted.
  2. Zilotz

    Trade broken

    Hello! If someone from DE listens - please fx it. If i put in trade box a mod it will put 2 mods - one levelled i use and one i chosen. It really affects badly gifting i do - i like to gift things to people sometimes. And putting two mods weirdly is not so good as i should do manual removing of them before trade. It is a 100% bug which appears on trading.
  3. While your idea is good but it would require at least (player count)*(mission count) space in the database.
  4. For old players it will be big progress. Why? Because some of them did 1000+ runs(if claim 300 as designed chance which actually isn't, it is 67 actually with 1.5% chance) and still getting nothing. Also my proposal is not to replace chance of getting but to add a guaranteed one with exactly designed rate(which is calculated from drop tables). I propose to get lowest chance(from drop rates) of additional thing and still it does not stop you from "possibly"(really not for me except one time in few years) getting item before that.
  5. Nope, because annoying to "f* this" means i get annoyed and just stop playing for some time. Also not all items are trade-able at all. Playing is fun and playing if we can know we will be rewarded will be even better, right?
  6. Just think of it like a permanent booster - it is a bit similar in mechanics(but doubles chance for specific items only and has no time limit). Personally i would pay for it easily(even if it would cost 10 000plat) because RNG is really annoying for me(having bad luck with it since years makes me work 2-10 times more than expected by drop chance to get an item). For trading system - that is other topic to discuss and is not related to this one.
  7. Are boosters avoided? As i told before - i would like it to be free but i'm not sure if DE will wish to add it as core mechanics instead of paid item(you can read reasons in this topic).
  8. I cannot tell, all i know is that DE mentioned server cost increase from rivens. I don't know how much but it was important enough to mention.
  9. @Tsukinoki Thanks for reading and asking! I would like it to keep counter. Yeah, it is a bit p2w but will still require effort like boosters do. That's a good question, didn't think of it at start. For corrupted mods it can be solved easily enough(by making them incompatible with each other like Umbral Vitality and Vitality do for warfame slots). It does not. As every device is individual it will only work individually by counting chances. And still everyone gets normal drop like it is now, device can add to owner additional thing(s) when counter(s) is(are) full. It is a way to individually reduce grind by investing plat AND still doing missions.
  10. But on the other side it increases server cost so it should be kind of investment to avoid DE lose profits if they implement it. Sure i would like to get it for free as base mechanics but i understand that there are two sides - players and DE so it should benefit both sides.
  11. First things first - sometimes RNG gets beyond annoying, that is problem of any RNG in games in general. But there is a solution to this problem, i will explain it as much as possible. My idea is to add a counter for having guaranteed drop chance. I think of it like this - player can buy a "device" that will have 5 slots initially(yeah, i know it will increase DB load like rivens did so it will cost 1000-2000plat for device and 100-200plat for every additional slot). Every slot can track only one thing at any given time. For example - i need aura forma, eidolon lens, cetus wisp, arcane energize, arcane grace. I put those chances into 'device' and it tracks the progress. Initial data in device: Slot1 - Aura Forma 0/67 (100/(1.5 which is lowest chance in drop tables for this item)) Slot2 - Eidolon Lens 0/21 (100/(4.73 which is lowest chance in drop tables for this item)) Slot3 - Cetus Wisp 0/10 (100/(9.39 which is lowest chance in drop tables for this item)) Slot4 - Arcane Energize 0/20 (100/5) Slot5 - Arcane Grace 0/20 (100/5) Every time i have chance to roll item in slot it adds 1 to the counter in that slot, once counter is filled i get the item and counter resets to 0. You cannot put same item in other slots(like it is for mods), every time you change item in slot it will reset counter for the slot. It is not pay to win, it is a way to pay for making results predictable. For example if i want to get Legendary Core i can do it but it will require me to do (100/0.18)=556 sorties while keeping one of slots occupied with this task. Yes, it can be used as resource booster but only for selected resources in slots so it will not be cost-effective for most of cases.
  12. There is a weird and very annoying(for me) bug: After returning from POE/OV there is NO option to leave squad for some time. The only way to leave quickly is to fly to orbiter(and fly there and back takes some time too). Can we please have fast leave in Cetus and Fortuna? P.S. This bug is easily repeatable - just return from POE or OV with someone and you see only "View profile" option in team menu.
  13. If not fixed yet please fix gamebreaking bugs! Tickets #1490012(game crashes on host( WAR-2048721 ), details in tickets) and #1490770(game has blackscreen on client but not host, details and log in ticket).
  14. Even with a good riven it was less powerful than i want.
  15. Why nerf it? We need a weapon for eidolon hunts, right? And if i knew it will be nerfed i would not get rubico prime at all.
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