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  1. I don't see why it would be a problem? It was a light source and it was correctly counted as one. And if it gives a buff it should not be a problem.
  2. Not fixed fully, still having troubles on exiting it. Just had a situation when i was LOCKED fully for mission duration(could not see anything but a grey wall, could not use anything except chat, even main menu was locked out(it was not even present o the screen after pressing esc)) and after mission i was floating inside railjack like stationary balloon in the air.
  3. I have a suggestion of how to improve companions and make them less useless. Types of companions right now: Sentinel: Good side - they are nice because they do not bug out somewhere during missions. Bad side - cannot be revived, have extremely low health, makes them useless on high levels. Kubrow: Good side - Can use stats links, but mostly have underwhelming abilities. Bad side - can easily bug out somewhere. Kavats: Good side - can strip armor, have not so bad abilities in general, can use stats links. Bad side - can easily bug out somewhere. Moa: Good side - have nice abilities, can use stats links. Bad side - can bug out somewhere, abilities are force-limited to 2. Stats links(Health/Armor/Shield) are good but have a big downside for squeeshy frames. What can we do for stat links: Let us do permanent stats links to specific build of selected frame, make them universal for all companion types. How will it look: When putting a link we choose a warframe and then build. This will allow to run with Ember and having companion with health linked to Grendel at the same time. Example: I plan to run mission with Ivara(which in my case has no survivability mods) but i want my companion to be going well and not die from every sneeze of enemy. I put in my Kavat Health link mod and link it to my Inaros with high health build. Sentinel/moa weapons are underwhelming, also aiming is not good, sentinels have different shooting mods. What can be done to fix this: 1) Improve those weapons stats(500 damage/sec minimum for non-crit and 250 damage/sec minimum for crit weapons). 2) Remove per-sentinel shooting mods(moas included), make 2 universal mods: Head/Weakspots Aim(100m max) and Body Aim(200m max), no not OP because at far distance accuracy/travel time/range limit will not let hit targets consistently. 3) Change aiming priority: 1) Shoot null bubbles(with head aim will target bubble drone) 2) Shoot arbitration drones 3) Shoot Ancients 4) Shoot units within 5m 5) Shoot heavy/eximus units 6) Shoot anything in range Sentinel and their mods improvements: Djinn: Respawn augment delay goes down to 5sec at max rank, Sacrifice mod will be blocked after use for 30 seconds. Carrier: Passively generates one random ammo pickup every 5 seconds. Dethcube: Vaporize damage and delay scales with mods on sentinel weapon. Didriga: Arc coil will scale with mods on sentinel weapon. Helios: New mod called Scientist can be used instead of Investigator, uses Simaris scanner only(and gives Simaris rep), scans everything possible to scan in 100m radius, Unranked delay 10sec, Rank10 delay 1 sec. This way it will provide passive Simaris rep and collect extracts automatically. Suggested place to find: Simaris rep shop for 50 000 rep. Oxylus: Scan Matter mod should be replaced with Detect Wildlife: finds all forms of wildlife and their traces(poop and footprints(makes those easily visible when detected)) in 100m radius, if wildlife is detected marks them with unique marker(s) of green color which can be easily visible from distance. Shade: Rework Ghost mod to have no cooldown and avoid breaking it on attack, will break invisibility only on making sounds(like Ivara's Prowl), enemy detect range becomes 20m. Taxon: Molecular conversion will apply to BOTH warframe and Taxon, Plain 200 will change to 150+10% of warframe's shield capacity. Wyrm: Negate will work permanently for Wyrm, Warframe and any allies in 5m. Crowd Dispersion will have 2 sec of delay and strip up to 40% armor per use(similar to corrosive procs). Moas: Remove ability limit, let us use as many as we want(they take slots anyway). Kubrow: New Kubrow mods: Cripple(reduces attacked enemy move speed by 90%, Targets priority: VIPs, Melee, Heavy) and Violent Bite(Creates a weakpoint, if you or your allies hit it all damage on this mob will be converted to forced Slash proc). Kavats: Cat's Eye cooldown goes to 10sec.  Charm cooldown goes to 15 sec with chance 100% at max rank, we have too many random buffs there so let's make at least buff rolls guaranteed and more often. Draining Bite should work passively on every attack. Transfusion should have no cooldown, it is limited by your pet's health already and drains % of health. Additionally i propose to add /unbug command similar to /unstuck command that will re-init pet's AI and teleport it to player's location.
  4. Host migration breaks Shedu for me with same symptoms. Did ESO tests - ESO does not bug it for me. But sometimes scorpions do if they time dragging attack well.
  5. You are asking a bit too few, i would suggest -66% cooldown(from 3 to 1 sec) and speed boost of 100+% to at least match grineer fighters speed. And often even with Amesha too. Just you see flash finished after you destroyed crewship and you are dead already because of another crewship. Here i would suggest nerfing enemy damage so it will not be insta-kill. Other thing to do - give blink a period of invulnerability of 1 sec(which with reduced cooldown makes you able to keep it up if timed well). And also invulnerability period of 6 sec after exiting any ship would be good. For archweapons - enable prediction cross like for turrets if you have the skill, shooting it will make projectiles HOMING so they are guaranteed to hit the target even if it changes trajectory. Make damage reduction less crazy or buff guns so all guns can be viable at Veil. Changes for archwings: Engineering 8 gives +100 instead of +30 Amesha: all enemy projectiles are force-attracted by bubble when they enter the bubble. Elytron: Explosions from 1 3 4 will detonate all enemy rockets in range of explosion, gives 1 energy per detonated projectile. 3 bubble range increases several times in size Itzal: 2 energy consumption becomes 0.25 of what it is at base, when moving Itzal still remains invisible while allies aren't, every enemy in "ally cloaking range" gives Itzal "cloak support cost" of energy per second(so if for my build cloak will eat 0.43 energy then with one enemy in range it becomes 0, with 2 enemies or more in range it gives me 0.43 per second for each additional enemy). 3 vaccuums everything including enemy projectiles in range, invulnerable for duration +3 sec. 4 drones now have attack range of 600m(still a few) and sacrifice themselves to block damage like Amesha's 1, base energy cost divided by 3. Odonata: 1 blocks damage fully from one direction converting it to energy, damage x4 at base for shooting 2 base cost reduced to 10, acts nonstop for 10 seconds at base and in 500m area 3 base cost reduced to 5, number of rockets increased to 40, damage becomes 600 per rocket with even IPS(200 impact,200 puncture, 200 slash), range becomes 1200m 4 changes a lot - ability range becomes 100m base, cost becomes 25 base and it will convert enemies to homing projectiles with damage equal to their remaining health+shields, travel distance is 2xability range. No, it will not be overpowered as armor is not taken to effect and damage reduction from it is still crazy.
  6. I would say for now it more like "We all bug together!". I know DE is working hard to fix numerous bugs introduced in Railjack .... just it's crazy amount of bugs including crashes (I sent over 5 crashes already but did not take time to save numbers as i wanted to rejoin team as fast as possible). I know update was rushed to fit in 2019(as there are bugs that could be found easily during internal testing phase). What I lost during Railjack missions so far(from introducing Railjack): 1)Archwing 2)Primary weapon 3)Arch-weapon 4)Melee 5)Ability 6)Railjack ship itself 7)Secondary gun 8)Mission(i mean not like failing a mission but getting teleported to a blackbox outside of map). 9)My kitten(that got to dead state while not even being spawned). 10)Whole HUD 11)Enemy base 12)Gear wheel Also I'm tired to look like Priapius with my arch gun showing from my crotch all the time. xD
  7. No need to nerf Amesha, better buff others. Like for Elytron bursts globe should be 10 times bigger than Amesha's bubble - this would help a lot cleaning up smaller mobs around the ship. Buff Itzals vacuum to make Itzal invulnerable for duration+3sec and suck EVERYTHING in a really big radius including enemies and their bullets for 5 sec base. Make Odonata's shields block all damage from one direction like Volt shields do and triple slingshot range when having shields on.
  8. In my opinion we have a problem - any archwing can be one-shot by even lowest level crewship. Also crewships aren't so easy to find - they look similar to other ships so its hard to distinguish them at distance. Even Amesha's bubble is useless against such attacks. Second thing - why grineer are having 10-50times bigger firepower and much huger hull HP(on easiest missions)? Why do they have HOMING bullets with NO FALLOFF but we don't? Also blink cooldown is too big for such intense fights - in a second(1 to 1.5 sec) you are dead already because blink is still charging and new swarm of homing rockets is near. Enemy small ships are having too big speed - they are around 2 times faster than archwings in full speed mode. Not even talking about their evasive movements that would put over 80g on a pilot if we apply physics laws to their speed, acceleration and trajectory.
  9. Sadly we cannot remove all flaws yet - even having slider at 0 leaves some around. Also slider does not apply to broken painting of the floor. Please fix it fully, i wish my orbiter to look clean and new!
  10. Grendel is not so good, it needs some changes in my opinion: 1) First ability should do 50toxin/sec(base) and restore energy to Grendel at rate it drains right now. 2) Second ability should additionally restore health 50%(base) at cast for health buff(to both Grendel and allies in range) and 50 energy(base) for energy buff to allies; 25 energy(base) to Grendel, base duration of current buffs should be tripled, also it should allow stacking all buffs up to 3 times with refreshing duration. 3) Second ability should apply all 3 buffs on hold(for triple cost and if having all 3 types inside, for two types inside just double cost and 2 buffs), no need to switch between enemy types as it is extremely slow and does not match combat speed. Optionally it can be possible to hold for long time and it will cast all buffs repeatedly(until energy runs out(can happen in 2-3 casts if no Trin around or if not a huge amount of enemies in gut) or no enemies inside or button released). 4) Third should shoot enemies at rate of 2-5/sec on hold. This way it will be useful to store enemies and to use buffs and it will make Grendel scale if many enemies around BUT not scaling infinitely as enemies will die from toxin over time.
  11. Hope to see [Auto Breach Prime] with 100% chance soon enough ^_^
  12. Wait, how did you even do that? My Grendel is too picky, he does not eat eximuses of any kind at all... Sucks in all other enemies but never sucks eximuses in.
  13. Grendel at interview for a job: And if seriously - i do not see in what Grendel can be useful: His 1 does not take some units and has gigantic drain(and after some time drain gets extremely huge). His 2 does not even give back energy. His 3 and 4 deal very few damage. Yeah, he is tanky but other tanky frames bring something to the team unlike Grendel.
  14. I agree with increasing smaller weapon range but for bigger weapon range it is a significant nerf. If possible please consider increasing range for polearms/staves/whips. Also please put back speed on faster weapons like Hirudo with Grim Fury, even if combos feel more fluid they feel like 1.5-2 times slower than before. Blood Rush seems to be now much weaker at max combo. Possible solutions are 1) Increase Blood Rush from 60% to at least 120% 2) Increase combo counter cap from 12 to at least 24 Condition overload - please put it back to original or to your draft (120% but takes only 3 statuses), in current condition Condition Overload is underwhelming. Also an option to op-out lifted status will be very welcome, it very much slows down progression by letting all enemies drift away.
  15. I have some feedback on combos: In overall they are now smoother but for SOME weapons fluidity is now broken. Gunblades with bullet dance - cannot chain shooting anymore using E+hold E and E+hold E+hold E. It is VERY inconvenient to use without it. Lost moving back+EEEEE combo. Even if it was not used very often it was a good enough tool for holding back crowds while running backwards from them. Zenistar - changing to middle click is bad choice for me, i would prefer hold E to launch the disk.
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