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  1. Some questions for devstream: 1) Primed Stretch - when? 2) Do you remember that Lua spy missions need a fix for Ivara's augment? 3) Universal formas or "add another polarity to slot" mechanics? 4) AI fixes for invisibility and attacks 5) Deimos Saxum fixes (AI fix to prevent from attacking invisible players, damage reduction fix as at high level they are nearly impossible to kill).
  2. I agree but also there should be additional hardware(or software in worst case) for cleaning/dynamic range compression(or multiband compression with a limiter). And it is not that much pricy, someting like UR22C with a mid-level studio microprone would do well if software processing(FabFilter bundle and ERA noise remover) is tuned well(sound team knows how to do thar).
  3. We already have all textures of the game in local copy. All we need to achive is to make processing of textures happen before render engine needs them instead of "on sight" processing that happens now. So it will take same or even more time to process BUT it will happed smoothly and discretely so players will not see the lags. We do not need to store every map, we can know for sure which textures belong to the tileset/enemy faction, can get room info before we see it and process all smoothly. At least it is how we do normally for long actions(in my work case it is generatin
  4. I'm sure it does not happen as after starting the game it stutters a bit when moving in orbiter, especually when opening a room for the first time after game load. Actually nope, late players just recieve more mission data(some mobs are killed and on), but they can process spawn rooms then rooms around spawn and so on to go smoothly. They don't need rooms that are far enough right now, first they need what is around them. P.S. My main idea is to move processing to points before render happens(right now it is mostly happening right at render time(time to see new thing a
  5. Hello! I have an idea about how to decrease DX12 texture processing lags which make micro-stutters right now. This post will not be interesting for most players and is targeted for DE tech team so it can have some terminology that most of players will not understand without googling. First things first - this texture processing will be better off main threads so game core will keep running smoothly. Second - please implement saving processed data to disk so it will not be re-processed every time the game restarts. With this in mind we can continue to next steps. A
  6. I already was at DX12, and the problem they adressed just got worse on DX12.
  7. Actually those did increase(they got bigger like instead of 250ms they got to 1000ms) after update.
  8. Hello! There is a huge problem with waypoints that appears from time to time - they actually lead nowhere. Had to abort survival after 30 minutes because i could not find extraction point - marker did lead me to several dead ends and on big map it was not showing at all. Hope in 2021 it will get fixed to make game more comfortable.
  9. Sure, but with this rework you can up you counter really fast so it does not matter much anymore. Affinity i don't care so much anymore as i have all Focus maxed since a long time. The function of healing allies/objects is lost and to heal frames Trin can do much easier, also some other frames can heal themselves. Affinity radius i don't care, usually team is close enough together. Damage reflect is very weak compared to to enemy health, armore can be weakened/removed by many other tools like weapons and frames, Void Shadow i used a bit after changes but it was not so
  10. Hello! I think it is time to talk about Focus system and operators. As it does not fit fully into any category i leave it in General. Since some changes did occur it did affect Focus balance in a bad way. Let's look at what we have: Zenurik - the only one that was useful and still is(on most frames). Naramon - not very useful since melee nerf/rework Vazarin - sadly has nearly no use anymore because of negative changes. Unairu - the only use is for Eidolon fights, otherwise is fully useless Madurai - was not any useful by itself I guess prob
  11. But it should be reverse - Nekramechs need healing too! Already Vazarin was nerfed to nearly useless(in most cases just 500hp is nearly nothing) and now the only use it had is removed. Also they need more energy sources to be useful(like abilities and arcanes). P.S. Don't forget to make Nekramechs available in every mission!
  12. Great! Finally we will be able to see stats without additional clicking again! I also hope that we can move priorities in item list too(for example credits for me have lower importance than basic resources).
  13. Hello! There is some control over in-game sounds but in my opinion we need some more volume controls (those can be put into separate advanced sounds tab): 1) Nekramech movement(the most intrusive sound set, while sounds themselves are not bad they are too loud in most cases) 2) Background excluding containers(especially on Deimos - there background is loud and sometimes people have jumpscares from huge worms making their idle talks) 3) Own gunfire 4) Own melee 5) Own abilities 6) Containers 7) Hit(maybe headshot) acknowledge sounds(with fast guns sounds
  14. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: BoneWidow skills do bug out sometimes. Shield does not appear/Sword is missing after activation or stops swinging at all. VISUAL: n/a yet REPRODUCTION: As host - starts to happen after some time of using, as client can bug out directly from the start. EXPECTED RESULT: Skills work as expected. OBSERVED RESULT: Bugged skills make progress much harder. REPRODUCTION RATE: Random but increases deeper in mission when using BoneWidow all the time and trying to rely on skills as much as possible.
  15. ABILITIES: MEATHOOK Completely useless, not worth energy and casting time. SHIELD MAIDEN Does not block enough as almost every enemy has an AoE. Should be also fully blocking AoE to be useful. FIRING LINE Sadly i cannot find any use for this one - lining up enemies for absolutely no reason seems pointless to me. EXALTED IRONBRIDE Summon a devastating exalted blade. This one needs buffs a lot: 1) Animations are painfully slow and have stoppers(like swing...swing...swing to ground....wait... wait... finally pulls sword out of the ground and starts moving aga
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