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  1. I was not able to be online during Tennocon and i think i was not the only player who missed it. Can you please add it to game shop so it will be available for everyone?
  2. Okay.. Thinking.... 1) Throw damage is based on base damage. 2) Base damage gets 2-3 times weaker. 3) Damage/speed boosting mods get weaker from loss of berserker mod and big nerf to BloodRush/ConditionOverload. 3) Glaives get 2-6 times weaker(in total, counting base damage and mod nerf) for any attack.
  3. That looks really bad - in high lvl content you cannot kill that fast. Also making it incompatible with Fury/PrimedFury ruins a lot of builds for slower weapons. Already you did nerf a lot melee system compared to what it was and now you are making it even worse. I strongly oppose this kind of policy "It it is good we nerf it, we do not want things to be good!". You did it many times before but almost every time it was not a good option in the end. Can you please stop doing it already? It is already weak enough and you are making it even weaker. Do you want to nerf every useful mod out there? Maybe you should think of buffing well primary/secondary instead to give good options? Now you are literally killing one category of melee... Sure, most popular one as it is convenient to use. Instead of looking at why other categories are less used(and buffing weakest options) you always target the one that is more popular to nerf it to the ground. Wait, how would we aern them if the only more or less working option for Steel Path is melee that you will nerf a lot? Ad as a buff you offer us Arcanes and Mods that work on kill/headshot kill so will be useless for high level content as we cannot kill those mobs with guns anyway. So both primary and secondary will be as weak as they are(excluding Kuva Nukor that gets nerfed) and melee will be nerfed. Looking at all those changes i feel like there is a really wrong move - those changes do not change situation for the better for melee and guns. Literally buffs offered here are fully irrelevant because they do not address the main problem - most of guns fall off too much to kill anything. And melee nerfs do make killing even harder for Steel Path. Please consider some good changes that will be relevant for secondary/primary. And if possible please stop decreasing our power again and again as it makes even less fun every time. Also as this update will be centered around SteelPath please give us good weapons to do it.
  4. I understand your point but on the other side there all the time will be some people that are unhappy(some % of people are never happy for wahatever reason they can find). Also this optional grind will give people like me something to enjoy doing for months or even years. It's like with focus - i did fully level it up even useless tree brances because it gives more reasons to play.
  5. 1) This grind is fully optional 2) How would it devrease quality if more power increases quality of gameplay?
  6. Exactly! If they put same message ingame but indicating "free if you already have AmazonPrime, if you don't it's 6EUR a month before taxes" instead for just "free" it would be fully okay. So marketing is not bad, lies are.
  7. That sounds really nice to me! Also would be nice to overcome 75% efficiency limit and reach 99% efficiency to make us able to cast all the time even with low energy pool. and to those that tell about powercreep - to me even having a one-shot mod was not a power creep.
  8. It is not really about the rain itself. Problem is much deeper in open worlds/railjack - those modes really lack proper optimization. I have MSI Afterburner to watch for current stats of CPU and GPU(it prints stats ober ingame frames), yeah, it does interfer with game image but in a legal way:not giving any advantage. So i did find that in normal mission GPU load is around 54-60w(for my 2060Super) but "open world" missions and railjack often give load of 75-175w. Still there is no problem running them for me except much louder noise as GPU fans are set to keep temperature below 75c(preferrably even below 60c when possible). My CPU is really old already - i7-3770k but it is still enough to play. So i7-3770k and 2060Super is enough to play even during rain at 60FPS(with some occasional frame drops from using DX12) with good enough quality on FullHD screen. If you are having some frame drops from just a rain - probably your GPU runs hot or something eating CPU and RAM.
  9. I don't really care much about paywall on other service, but i strongly dislike lies(when they say ingame "it is free" while it is clearly not).
  10. Look at this screenshot: https://ibb.co/DkHwprM Is there anytingg about Amazon Prime (which is not free)? In game it is told that item is free but following link gives " Become a Prime member to claim " So i really wish that DE will stop using some direct lies as part of marketing plan.
  11. Right now- yep, but is it intended? I remember tons of nerfs just telling "this was not intended" so it is better to raise voice before something bad(like making it match what is in description of ability) could happen. The thing i offered is around how it works right now(to be sure it will not suddenly change to values that are there, just not applying right now).
  12. DE, please actually play the game a bit before finalizing changes (and not on test stage but in real mission like mid tier 40-50lvl survival or defense)! Gloom drain is just crazy in places you need the ability to survive. So when you have 10+ enemies around(which is a situation when you need it) it will drain from 7.5(which is a lot already) to 75(which is crazily lot) energy/second at base. Actually in max drain it will eat full energy pool(not even including activation cost) in just 2.5 seconds. What can be done with it: 1) Current min drain(7.5) would be new max drain. 2) New min drain will start from 0.
  13. Look of the frame is great. But abilities and stats are not good enough. 1) Squishy like a marshmallow - will die on all high lvl missions and on most of middle lvl missions too 2) Energy pool vs energy costs - very low pool and huge costs for things like Gloom 3) Abilities should be able to kill middle level enemies at least(lv40-50) easily 4) Claws are so weak, low range and low damage 5) Range is too low So as i did criticize i should offer a solution to the problem. Here it is: 1) Up the health to 2500 with full Vitality, up the armor to 150, add passive Hunter Adrenaline for both frame and shadow. 2) Cut Gloom base drain to 1-3/sec. Having a draining ability running is already a big debuff and without it he can't survive well enough even with higher health pool. 3) Double the base range for Sow and Gloom. 4) Up the base damage for Reap to 350(it is a bit low right now) and double shadow's speed in the ability. 5) Up Embrace base range to 30m, Consume base range to 16m + while dashing hitbox 5m, Death's harvest's range to 30m and base duration to 30sec(it costs half of energy if not modded for efficiency).
  14. Huh? I thought that infinite spawn on corpus missions was intended(like it is for most of normal missions). If it wasnt then everyone in DE did not notice it before releasing which i find very doubtful.
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