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  1. Это аура, результат проявляется в миссиях, вне миссий изменения не обсчитываются. Аналогично ведёт себя аура, увеличивающая здоровье. Вне миссии (во время установки модов и на орбитере) цифры не меняются, но в миссии видно, что здоровье подросло. Попробуй в одной и той же миссии в соло с этой аурой и с другой чтобы увидеть результат.
  2. Hmm... Maybe Stalker got enraged a lot? Did you humiliate him? P.S. Just joking, that's a bug of Stalker being able to move for some time after death. But more interesting mystery - why there was no bleed timer?
  3. Open support ticket at https://www.warframe.com/zendesk and attach it there.
  4. Can you please enable toggle scarf option on Umbra skin? Scarf is ugly but Umbra skin is good, can i use Umbra skin without scarf? It became interesting option for me since metallics on Dex skin are ruined by rendering upgrade(as everywhere else, just Dex skin is not fixed yet).
  5. Hello! I seen some reports about something rendering improperly but i see it as a general problem. You brought some new rendering of light/reflections with the update 25.7, i pretty much understand that it was rushed piece but taking out this code could be longer than fixing it. So what really happened in render engine i cannot tell but i can tell results of those changes. 1) Light got visually brighter everywhere it was bright, i mean LITERALLY everywhere - missions, orbiter, relays, dojos and on. 2) There is a HUGE problem of reflections on metallic objects which makes them look like cheap plastic when old colors like gold/silver are used. 3) There is some problem with shadows/dark areas when adaptive exposure is on - bright areas are too bright while dark are too dark. 4) Darker colors look brighter now and it does not look good. So it looks to be a bug in rendering code and i think best way to solve it is to change the code itself. P.S. I do not use volumetric lighting since it was released as it reduces much visibility for me.
  6. I guess no update for me today - primetime will be tomorrow at 02:00(for my timezone) so i will sleep during it as i have to work tomorrow.....
  7. I hope to see this topic updated daily until release happens. Even if all i really wait is frame and weapons.
  8. Actually, you CAN farm them exactly as you want - check the caves. No party/boosters/abilities needed.
  9. Sadly scarf toggle is not there after update, i'm not the only one that has no toggle button.
  10. Some melee stance upgrades maybe? Just asking, because melee is my favorite way to deal with mobs. Because for polearms ALL 3 stances suck compared to old quick-melee. Also please let us walk at full speed while doing combos(except moves that change position much by themselves). Some ideas for prime mods(just in case you will be interested) - Berserker Prime(+175% speed max), Shattering Impact Prime(24 base armor removal), Drifting Contact Prime(+20sec,+80%status), Energy Siphon Prime(4-5/sec). All those will have standard capacity for primes(14). Hope you will like my ideas and if possible comment them on devstream.
  11. That's why i call them Defecators xD
  12. Sadly as cloudwalker duration was nerfed to the ground i see no more use for it... And for wukong itself too as it lose both attractive sides it had for me - defy and cloudwalker. Now cloudwalker cannot be a stealth booster for my zenistar. Defy now cannot protect me from enemies for a good time.
  13. If not fixed yet please fix gamebreaking bugs! Tickets #1490012(game crashes on host( WAR-2048721 ), details in tickets) and #1490770(game has blackscreen on client but not host, details and log in ticket).
  14. Even with a good riven it was less powerful than i want.
  15. Why nerf it? We need a weapon for eidolon hunts, right? And if i knew it will be nerfed i would not get rubico prime at all.
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