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  1. Necramech needs some rework in my opinion 1) Energy sources should not be limited(allowing all sources of energy like for warframes) and some energy regen/energy for health mods 2) Allow normal healing with abilities and health orbs 3) Allow to use arcanes like on warframes/archwings. 4) Reduce animation lockdowns(end of jump/end of slide and on) by 50% 5) Increase invulnerability duration of Storm Shroud to 10 sec minimum and allow to recast it without turning it off 6) Increase projectile speed for Arquebex by around 500% allowing to easily shoot at good distanc
  2. This little flying squid is a horrible piece of code. It is very annoying sneaky squid. 1) It deals significantly more damage than every other random encounter creature 2) It flies high and is small, it mimics sky color so there is almost no way to see it 3) It drops you from archwing 4) You cannot roll-dodge it 5) It staggers for 2 seconds 6) It IGNORES damage immunity on it's sucking attack 7) It dispells all abilities on it's sucking attack that cannot be dodged. What should be changed in my opinion: 1) Make it visible enough to see and kill
  3. So after some changes it got at bit better but still Xaku looks underwhelming. Xata's Whisper Not so bad in general, just needs more damage % at base. Grasp of Lohk It needs optimization to targeting code(there is a big delay(around 3-4 seconds) before it targets and enemy that appeared in range). It needs more targets to grab. It needs to be additive with a cap of 10x initial targets. It needs double duration. It needs at least double the shooting range at base. The lost It takes too long time(hold to use and casting animation time make i
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Empower does not scale with power strength VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: Infuse Empower to any frame EXPECTED RESULT: Empower scales with power strength like every other ability OBSERVED RESULT: Empower gives flat +50 strenth REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  5. Nekramech: Here is a vehicle for you! Someone died in it already but just ignore that dead body, you will be okay!...Probably. And after obtaining one you start to understand why there is a dead body of previous owner. Squad interaction is broken completely. I guess that dead body corroded some contact plates inside while it was decaying. How else it could happen that you cannot get heals or energy from squadmates and pets and your arcanes do not work? Why pet vacuum does not work, maybe it is blocked by another old bone? Also i think that there is pelvic bone stu
  6. TYPE: In-game, Cambion Drift DESCRIPTION: Some enemy types have broken interactions with Mesmer Skin VISUAL: Not needed, very easy to reproduce. REPRODUCTION: Take Revenant with MesmerSkin to Cambion Drift, Some enemy types will not interact properly. 1) Flying spitting squids will not be stunned and will land on Revenant disabling MesmerSkin instead of taking out one charge and get stunned. 2) Infected drones spit their bullets and do not get stunned by Mesmer Skin at all 3) Penis-shaped creatures with two boxes instead of head do not get stunned by Mesmer
  7. TYPE: Mission, Cambion drift DESCRIPTION: Ore spawns are bugged sometimes VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Enter and search for ore, some will be bugged EXPECTED RESULT: Ore should spawn in harvestable way OBSERVED RESULT: Some ores are bugged and cannot be harvested REPRODUCTION RATE: Sometimes
  8. So it is underwhelming as expected. Please return nerfed abilities to their normal values. Also please make Empower ability scaling strength from mods like normal abilities do. Also playing with Dispensary i found that it has too low duration even in original state(on Protea with 143% duration), i would give it a permanent duration like Wisp's 1st ability. Other ability would be also welcome - Shine: Adds +100% range(scales with range mods) for next cast. Also would be good idea to let us infuse all Helminth abilities in one slot(infusing another Helminth ability would
  9. TYPE: CambionDrift, bounties DESCRIPTION: Looks like drop tables are messed up VISUAL: - REPRODUCTION: Play a mission and rewards are weirdly the same - Got 3 MaimingStikes in a row while they should be rare drop. EXPECTED RESULT: Common drops should be more common than rare drops OBSERVED RESULT: Drops repeat several times when you repeat mission. REPRODUCTION RATE: For now 3 times in a row i have same drops, got 3 useless MaimingStrikes(Rare drop) and 0 Scillant(Common drop).
  10. Tokens are nice but we miss exchange function for them. Would be good to make permanent exchange option for tokens: Tokens that are 100rep can be exchanged at 1:1rate, other tokens will be exchanged based on rep they give(Granny:15base(100rep) tokens=1Granny token), Son:5base tokens=1SonToken). So if i want 20Granny tokens it would be for example 20*15=300MotherTokens. The idea is to make exchange be available all the time so we can get what we earned when it is convenient.
  11. Type: Mission, Cambion drift Description: Most possibly script crash(game works, even renders something still but you cannot interact with it in normal manner) Reproduction: After a bounty do to extraction, wait there until timer nearly runs out, see one of players on nekromech trying to enter and getting dead, exit extraction area right before timer runs out to save that player. Expected result: Or stay or go to nekralisk. Obesrved result: crash, video of crashed game here: Reproduction rate: Unknown as it is quite rare situation.
  12. Xaku is too weak, only useful is his 1(as it adds a bit of damage). 2 is too bad without recasing. 3 is too clunky. 4 eats too much for what it gives.
  13. Another good solution would be to keep Granny and let her do straight exchanges of all token types(as they all have 100rep cost they are all equal). Instead of timed items for exchange(like it is now) will be just exchange of any token type for any token type(you select what you give and what you get like MomTokenx30->SonTokenx30 or DadTokenx5->DaughterTokenx5). I think such exchange will surely solve the problem as anyone can easily exchange any tokens to type they want.
  14. I would prefer /bug command working in-game (no restart needed). Would work like: This way game can dump mission data from client and send it with report, i'm sure that this debug data can help a lot with client-related errors.
  15. Hello! Since now we need much more resources to feed our gluttonous wallbeast i would suggest a bit of QoL mods for this problem. 1) Helios - "Plant Extractor" - adds ability to auto-scan all types of extractable plants(no reputation/exp gain from fully scanned ones).(no ranks,just works) 2) Oxylus - "Wildlife Detector" - highlights wildlife in 100M radius, adds audio signal to Tranq rifle letting us detect direction to nearest wildlife by sound.(no ranks,just works) 3) Carrier - "Mineral Miner" - automatically mines ores/gems in 10m radius, mining takes 5-15sec(1 to 3 poin
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