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  1. Melee weapons are silent by themselves(hit that does not touch anything) BUT if you hit something(like crate or wall) it can make sound and alert enemies around. Also enemies get alerted seeing dead bodies(sometimes the are bugged and can get alerted from "seeing" a body even when they are asleep).
  2. Tigris can bleed enemies, but Redeemer cannot.
  3. Actually you can shoot silently with every weapon EXCEPT gunblade, does it seem logical?
  4. The most interesting category of melee is gunblades(at least to me). Yes, they are rare, I would like to have more of them. But what we have is a bit underwhelming. 1) Redeemer - a good looking shotgun but it has flaws a) Blast damage only while it should be IPS for bullets b) It's broken sine long time as it cannot use combo bonuses mods for bullets anymore. c) It's no longer silent so only 2 frames can stealth-kill with it. d) Damage falloff is taking away lot of damage 2) Sarpa - good but a) Accuracy is horrible b) It's broken sine long time as it cannot use combo bonuses mods for bullets anymore. c) Damage falloff is taking away lot of damage 3) Redeemer prime - same as Redeemer. So for problems listed I propose to: 1) Make shots fully count as melee attacks with the same IPS proportions and crit/status chances as listed in modding. 2) Improve Sarpa's accuracy 3) Make all gunblades silent when invisible. 4) Do not restrict modding - everything for melee should work as expected. Also I would love to see twin gunblades weapons because just one is not enough 😉 To those who will tell "It's too OP already, no need to give it more power!" - look at other weapons first, gunblades are not the most powerful category!
  5. If not fixed yet please fix gamebreaking bugs! Tickets #1490012(game crashes on host( WAR-2048721 ), details in tickets) and #1490770(game has blackscreen on client but not host, details and log in ticket).
  6. Even with a good riven it was less powerful than i want.
  7. Why nerf it? We need a weapon for eidolon hunts, right? And if i knew it will be nerfed i would not get rubico prime at all.
  8. Sadly according fortuna page Garuda will be much worse than expected - only 1 and 2 look to be useful.
  9. Roger that, Megan! Please keep informing us daily if possible 😉 Personally I don't want to miss such update, it looks tasty even if it will be almost certainly a big bug mess(as it always happens with big updates with new mechanics) ^_^
  10. Why do you call it a fix? That's a nerf, not a fix. Fix is when you change something that is not intended to work like it works from beginning and if you released it that way it means it is intended to destroy nully bubbles. I do not believe you did not do any testing before release, that's simply impossible, right? So now Revenant is even more useless against corpus crowds that hide in nully bubbles and shoot removing skin in a second or 2, maybe you have a workaround for the issue?
  11. 4 missions or 1h in total what comes first. (gives option to do for example 1h long survival to those who want it, or can be done under 20 min on short missions(even under 10 min actually)). Also for those who run sorties - they have 3 missions already(sortie1, sortie2, sortie3), doing any quick one in 2-5min won't be a problem, right? 300 mobs a day just to show you don't for example take limbo and idle in rift absolutely useless(as we all know there are lazy players sometimes) Also as i said before - both current and my variant can co-exist giving option to reach rewards 4 times faster if you play a bit.
  12. > Creating a system that makes people "prove" that they're committed to this game, something that tests whether they're a "real" WF fan, accomplishes absolutely none of this. Just putting carrot(like real milestone rewards) near is enough to entertain people, no? Or we can try both ways at same time - one like it is now(login and get but takes long) or log in and play a bit and get 4 times faster what you want.
  13. How about reducing milestones to 25(stashes)/50(weapons/mods) days BUT conut only days if person plays at least 4 missions(or over 1h in total) and kills at least 300mobs in one day? That is not much to play, easy to achieve even for mr0 people and proves that you don't just jump in for rewards but play a bit.
  14. Running with a booster and it does not double wisp reward in bounties. I heard there can be wisps on ground but i never see them even if players put mark there.
  15. And again... Why do you think a good(effective) use=abuse? There is a thing that affects game a lot more in a negative way - no consistent way to farm wisps. Considering a big amount of them needed(100 for full arcane, 10-20 for amp parts, 10 for clothes parts, some for zaws) you should make them drop x10 or make separate bounty that gives only wisps. Running bounty for literally hundreds of times is not fun. Bunties are massively repetitive and do not spawn enemies far enough(that adds to annoyment when you see empty base and enemies spawn out of nowhere when you approach to their shooting distance).
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