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  1. It was to emphasize that the weak point idea was introducing a new mechanic to the game and not necessarily related to any currently existing weak point mechanics. I'm sorry my formatting has caused you distress. I have played enough railjack to understand your frustration with visual overload. As a counter-point, the headshot mechanic exists in this game. There are mods that build off that mechanic, and DE has announced in their recent workshop that they are planning on adding arcanes and mods that make it even stronger. This idea is functionally similar, except it adds more "heads" and some melee interaction with the gunplay. Another point that has already been mentioned before: DE will probably address this. One key mechanic in shooter games like Warframe is the ability to aim. If some part of the game unintentionally interferes with this, it will probably be fixed. This is definitely one factor contributing to the unbalance between ranged and melee weapons. My idea was not intended to address this, but there are some ways to implement it that would help. It's possible for the weak points to explode when struck and do some AoE in addition to the damage buff. Maybe reduce this effect with higher fire rates since a high fire rate allows you to switch targets quicker and mow down packs of mobs. Thank you for bringing this up. My original idea was something exactly like that, with the weak points a little more obvious since I was imagining synthesis target points. For something more unique, we could also have certain parts highlighted similar to how codex/synthesis scanners highlight objects. Obviously some kind of way to adjust its visibility would be needed to make it less obnoxious for some players.
  2. I am indeed a mouse and keyboard user. That explains a lot about our different viewpoints, huh! Good point. I envisioned initiating fights with melee and closing it out by shooting them with ranged but having to disengage before shooting them does make it very clunky. This could be remedied with mods/functionality that can push away enemies after lifting them (or vice versa), but then this would mean more work needed just to get something to work. Ultimately I think mine is a flawed solution to a current problem. I still want to leave this up in the air for someone else or maybe even DE to potentially consider or build off of.
  3. Admittedly, this is the most glaring issue with the idea. The only thing differing this from the current method of weakening with ranged > finishing with melee is the order in which you do them (and which weapon is doing what). However, I think this will still be effective in eliminating some of the unbalance between melee and ranged weapon viability. Another good issue you bring up. I would argue though that this is not that big of a deal since Warframe is a very mobile game; you can (almost) always just slide or bullet jump away from the enemy before aiming at them. I see no difference between this and closing the distance between you and an enemy to hit them with melee. And in the cases where you can't make distance, well - what system doesn't have weaknesses? Most melee weapons are ineffective in sniping enemies across the Plains of Eidolon. I agree completely. I originally had in mind slam attacks hitting only enemies at the edge when I was thinking about this, but closer enemies would indeed be harder to shoot. We would definitely need some melee mods/functionality changes that could create distance between enemies and the player. I should add that my original intention for extending the lifted status to slide and bullet jump attacks was to address this a little. In both cases you are moving past your enemy and thus creating some distance. Barring the points I made earlier, I disagree with this point. Once again, Warframe is a very mobile game and I don't think pressing the melee button every once in a while as you move around to set up for ranged weapon kills is that cumbersome. Players already bullet jump, slide, and double jump a lot to get around. I can see the cumbersome argument stemming from how some of these attacks are animation locked, so that is something that might need to be changed. Is this pointless? Possibly. But I think this would much better than a straight damage buff to primaries and secondaries. Many people thought wall latch and aim glide was useless when it came out, but they both have some utility in parkour (giving players more breathing room between moves). Adding the ability to build around some innate cc for melee weapons could help with scanning things. Hell, maybe even reduce the effectiveness with combo multiplier so melee isn't made any stronger than it already is. This way you can build a melee specifically for survivability. The door is open to different ways this can be implemented/changed.
  4. From observing many high level builds, it is clear that melee is very strong. One reason for this is the fact that ranged weapons can be built around melee weapons (e.g. Applying statuses with AoE weapons and then smacking them with Condition Overload on a stick). I believe we can encourage the inverse of that by adding ways to build melee weapons around ranged weapons. I suggest making the lifted status proc from melee weapons more prominent and while also revealing weak points on enemies. More specifically: Also applying the lifted status from slide attacks and bullet jump attacks (on top of slam attacks) Adding mods that affect lifted status duration, range, and/or weak point generation/size Adding mods that increase damage/critical chance/status chance when striking weak points (Potentially) decreasing weak point bonuses based on weapon AoE size and/or multishot By implementing these changes I hope to encourage more diversity in gameplay by adding more options for endgame viable builds. I can see there being a potential issue with future weapons needing to fit into either a "support" or "damage" role. Perhaps when raw damage is less relevant, we can see a rise in using more utility oriented weapons. Please also note that I have not gotten very deep into the late game so some of my opinions may not be accurate. Thank you for reading this suggestion. Feedback is appreciated. I'll try to respond when I can.
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