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  1. OP, the hero we need but not one we deserve. Also thumbs up to anyone in the future bringing something that's similar to warframe but is worse in terms of grind. I mean, screw wanting anything reasonable, because something else is obviously worse so any complains to warframe is unwarranted.
  2. Space mom wants to know your location
  3. Hmm, happy moments. Does discovering the mute button counts lmao
  4. Wow, someone quoted me. Kudos to you champ whoever you are
  5. Yeah, been getting all these new lighting effects. My settings weren't changed at all and it'd be nice if we could turn some of the new effects off. I'll consider myself lucky at least since they didn't botch color correction since playing some frames with color correction is like Vauban's lightshow.
  6. Oh no, me hate chinese. Chinese bad. Down with the chinese
  7. I thought steel past was to cater to people askinh for a difficult warframe? Woulnd't soloing it be the best challenge experience?
  8. Oh oh oh, is this the part where we say stuff like. "Don't like it? Then don't play" or maybe something like "Not having fun? There are other games for you" or my favourite, "Exit is that way"
  9. Yeah ofc the catchmoon would feel great if you've never experienced the better version of it. It's like giving a hungry african cold abouy to spoil chicken, they'll say it's good cuz they never tasted a freshly cooked fried chicken
  10. The right to freely change my name and rank to Grind Master
  11. Honestly, I don't even care that they suck in dmg wise compared to melee. Guns just feel so awful to use. The recoil just feels really bad, then we have these reload that looks like you just learned to use your fingers. Then there's the ammo economy and the accuracy etc. It's a small wonder why the ignis wraith is popular. You can hold the trigger for a long time, decreasing accuracy is actually beneficial, no recoil, decent status and crit and very good ammo economy.
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