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  1. Wasn't expecting any updates or hotfixes for a little while, but this all looks really nice! Experienced some of the new Arbitration, and I must say it feels much more rewarding with the intermittent rewards every 5m, though perhaps a little less challenging than before (that just me?) Either way, big thank you to all of the members at DE, both those who've worked on this or are occupied with other projects!
  2. Same issue here! (Only noticed upon loading into Strata Relay with Scimitar. Colour scheme probably doesn't help much!) EDIT: Yeah, back inside the Orbiter now and it appears fine. Some sort of issue on account of it having cloth physics perhaps?
  3. Yeah, one of the changes that came with Melee 2.whatever. A lot of interesting changes came off the back of that, and while I do appreciate the concept of fluidity they seem to be reaching for - I think that openly swinging at thin air just to get out your melee is a little bit of an immersion breaker.
  4. So as the title states, there's a minor bug/oversight in the 'Customise Key Bindings' section of the ESC Menu that leaves players with the option to bind a key to two individual options that effectively perform the same function. An image probably explains this better than I can so, here you are: https://imgur.com/a/CfSeewM Presumably this is just a minor side-effect of 'Melee 2.999997' being implemented into the game, given that we can't switch to melee without first attacking now - but seeing as it could potentially be a point of confusion for newer players I've highlighted it here. Fingers crossed it's an easy fix, and thank you in advance for any notice/replies!
  5. Liking the sound of these changes, certainly seems like a good rework on paper. Can't wait to test it out in-game! Thanks for the update! <3
  6. Took a lil’ bit of a while but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity! I hope this suffices for a post, first time entering any competition since the ‘savage Kubrow’ screenshots way back when.
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