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  1. Seconded here as well! TYPE: In game (Orbiter, Social space, or mission), cosmetic, reward DESCRIPTION: PHASED, GLYPHED, and GILDED clan sigils don't apply to Operators. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Via the Orbiter, customise Operator Appearance and apply any of the three clan sigil variants to the character. EXPECTED RESULT: Respective clan sigil (i.e. PHASED, GLYPHED, or GILDED) should appear on the Operator. (Example of own clan sigil in-game presented below) OBSERVED RESULT: Lotus Emblem (default to when a clan has not submitted a personalised logo) appears instead. REPRODUCTION RATE: Consistently, observed across numerous Cuirass' too.
  2. Broken Warframe then is it? Not sure if I prefer the concept over some of the others that reached the design council (like the Hive or Ghost In The Machine concepts) - but I am very intrigued to see what Eornheit cooks up for its main concept. Excited to see it as it develops! I adore these interactive challenges between the community, keep it up! 😄
  3. What: Mite Raknoids (and their fiery variants that appear on Thermal Fracture events) are currently missing from the Codex, and as such they can't be spawned in the Simulacrum or Captura. When: As far as I'm aware this has always been a bug since the release of the Orb Vallis and Fortuna. Where: Codex, Simulacrum, Captura. Mite Raknoids spawn on the Vallis, and the scans taken by myself were done using the Simaris Synthesis Scanner, should that make any difference.
  4. What - Small QoL/Aesthetic bug, certain plants (i.e. Jadeleaf/Threshcone/etc) that spawn on Earth tilesets have unusual positions and in some cases are floating entirely off of the ground, example attatched: Where - Earth, Grineer forest tilesets. Image above is of the mission-specific CAPTURE extraction tile (Where Grineer targets can flee their pursuers to result in a mission failure for players). Currently this is the most noticeable that I have experienced, may update w/ additional details and images if further cases are discovered. Why - Uncertain, presumably result of graphical overhaul for Earth some time ago, and certain (obscure) plant spawns being overlooked? When - Uncertain, best guess is the time of the Earth Remastered update, as mentioned above.
  5. Even in the most decrepit halls, Even in the most rotting of bodies, Love may still find a way to strike
  6. Personally a little disappointed about some of the Lich changes as I feel they step outside of the lore and immersion of the game as a whole (somehow knowing what weapon your larva-ling will have even before they've actually become a Kuva Lich). Not to mention what I assume is the complete removal of animations for when the Lich performed it's finishers? I feel quite bad for the animation team in that respect. That aside however, it is great to see that player feedback is still being listened too, and overall I have to admit that the changes and fixes in this hotfix show tremendously good work from everyone on the team. <3
  7. #2022581 Missing Door transitions on certain areas in Grineer Settlement tilesets (Mars).
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