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  1. like on earth the Drill is at the standard earth drill heath and shields
  2. FOUND A FIX Open the Start menu and locate your Warframe shortcut (or Steam) Right-click the shortcut, and then click Properties Select the Compatibility tab Click Change settings for all users Under Privilege Level , check Run this program as administrator Click Apply hope this helps!
  3. now im bitting the standard update failed Update failed!The preprocess pass appeared to crash.If possible please step through the crash-handler and note the WAR-number you were given when it completed.Please contact support at http://support.warframe.com/ and include the WAR-number for further assistance.The update will be restarted shortly...
  4. unfortunatly did not work ive done everything and still nothing, any other advice please any would work.
  5. fresh install and it did not woirk
  6. i really wish i could help more, but i personally have no clue what is going on.
  7. One of my friends said that i could be a file missing so the only real way to fix it is probably reinstall warframe unfortunately
  8. dont know my internet is bad at just under 1 mb/s
  9. just gonna reinstall warframe
  10. never mind i didnt fix it
  11. ok so i fixed this but now im stuck on a manual optimizing download cache
  12. Failed to load URL http://launcher/agreement.html?language=en&steam=1&cluster=http://content.warframe.com with error ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED (-105). help
  13. hey uuuuhhh the launcher is crashing can some one help?
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