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  1. Same here... been watching since 11m EST, linked, unlinked, relinked like 4 times now. Just did it again and will see what happens in 30 min. But this is nonsense... it works like 30% of the time if you are lucky
  2. Same here. Half the clan has issues, other half doesn't. And even that's intermittent. Sometimes I can invite no prob, sometimes same person says could not deliver. It's so whack right now. Restarted WF, restarted console, nothing fixes it.
  3. Same here. Rebooted console. Still having some invites work no problem, others could not deliver. Half the people on in clan right now have issues, other half doesn't. It's so weird and inconsistent.
  4. Nah, theres something else going on here. People reported a hotfix was seen or something a few hours back and now matchmaking and invite system all messed up. It's also inconsistent as well. Some work, most dont. Cant explain it.
  5. Think you forgot about the Fae Step ephemera... unless I'm missing it somewhere
  6. Hmmm, is the aura forma actually purchasable in the arbitrations market? Looks like a typo...
  7. Honestly, I think you hit the ball outta the park with this guys. I love the new melee system. It makes combat feel so much better imo. Quick melee was all fine and good but it was boring. Melee was much more fun having your full combos available but it slowed the combat down having to hard switch to melee and then back to gunplay. This new system, especially with the Tatsu (which by the way, the animation guys did an AMAZING job with, is so smooth and enjoyable. Directional slam attacks are awesome. The flow of the combat back and forth is awesome. Auto blocking is great and doesn't hold you back. Honestly dont know what else to say. Cant wait to see what else is gonna happen with this. Dont know what more I would want lol but an intrigued what you guys have in mind.
  8. For real, we should be getting a separate update with ALL of tennogen 14 at this rate. Gonna be 2 months since launch on PC soon.
  9. Seriously if I'm reading this right, we are still gonna be an entire tennogen rotation behind? And they already announced round 15? DE, I would love to give you and the designers in the community money but... no tennogen, no money. Extremely disappointed.
  10. Word from Danielle is that they are sending the build to cert TODAY, as reported in the switch stream today. Meanwhile, thanks for the ps theme. Looks and sounds great. Grabbed it yesterday.
  11. Guys for real tho... where is Fortuna for console? You are already talking part 2 in some detail and we don't even have part 1... no real info later part of the past week. I understand its a huge update and it takes time but dont go all mum on us now... it's getting a bit much
  12. Personally I think the whole idea of the login rewards is kinda lame. No offense but you're locking content behind people logging in for like 3 seconds daily even when they can just as easily log off right after. That's not an "active player". Personally I think coming up with new events or even rehashing old ones and putting these mods and weapons and stuff behind token or score based performance would be soooooo much better than just logins... at least the people who get them would have to be somewhat active.
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