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  1. rux616

    Warframe Builder

    I've noticed some issues with the Weapon Comparator on the site. Here's what I did to replicate it: Leave only "Rifles" checked as the category of weapon you want to see. Select the Gorgon Wraith, the Prisma Gorgon, the Supra, and the Supra Vandal for display. Put a check in the "Only selected weapons" checkbox. Click "Remove all equipped mods" button. Add 10/10 Serration to all weapons. Notice that the damage numbers on anything past the first weapon have been inflated. This seems to be an issue with most mods, in that if I did this for Split Chamber, it would do the same thing. This leads to some very interestingly incorrect numbers. It seems to be pulling values from previous calculations without taking into account what weapon the mod is supposed to be applied to.
  2. rux616

    Warframe Inventory & Mastery Tracker

    I think you've got the basis for a very powerful tool here, but as of right now, the layout and functionality is pretty confusing. If you will allow me to make some suggestions: Try to make the feel consistent across sheets and within sheets. This includes color schemes, column widths, font sizes, having column entries be either left justified OR centered but not both, etc. For sheets where filtering is used, try and make the layout so that the filter buttons don't overlap with the contents of the cells. Hide sheets that are there specifically to hold data for use in lookup tables (e.g. DucatTable). Try and minimize left/right scrolling on monitors of a certain size. (Pretty much achieved this with the exception of the "Weapon Tracker" sheet.) For user-entered data, if you are expecting specific things (such as "Sold", "Arsenal", etc. for the "Weapon Tracker" sheet), make the list a dropdown the user can choose from. Documentation and instructions. This is critical to any complex project.
  3. rux616

    Warframe Builder

    @Stoi84 I was wondering if you could add a "charge time" stat to blank weapons, to allow us to effectively simulate those weapons that use it. I realize this can be mimicked by messing with fire rate, but it's also very useful to see an actual charge time if it applies.
  4. rux616

    Warframe Builder

    @Stoi84, I took the liberty of compiling a small list (with wiki links) of everything I have noticed missing from Warframe Builder at the moment. I hope you will find it useful in adding everything. Warframes: - Valkyr Prime Primary Weapons: - Cernos Prime - Javlok Melee Weapons: - Venka Prime Mods: - Chilling Reload - Condition Overload - Corroding Barrage - Dispatch Overdrive - Drifting Contact - Enduring Affliction - Guardian Derision - Healing Return - Icy Avalanche - Reinforcing Stomp - Relentless Combination - Savior Decoy - Streamlined Form