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  1. It's not simply a Mesa thing. I've had this happen on Wukong Prime and Equinox Prime as well as Mesa Prime. All only on the PoE. I remember I had this issue waaaaaay back in the day (literally like 4-5 years ago) when I first started playing, but it disappeared one day and I've never had the issue again. Until now.

    I've been running Ghoul bounties heavily the last couple days and it seems like every other one I get bugged.

  2. The archwing weapon elemental mods have inconsistent costs.  For arch-guns, all pure elemental mods cost 9 at max rank except for Venomous Clip, which costs 11.  For arch-melee, all pure elemental mods cost 9 at max rank except for Galvanized Blade, which costs 11.

    Proposed fix: Make the costs consistent.

  3. I've noticed some issues with the Weapon Comparator on the site.  Here's what I did to replicate it:

    • Leave only "Rifles" checked as the category of weapon you want to see.
    • Select the Gorgon Wraith, the Prisma Gorgon, the Supra, and the Supra Vandal for display.
    • Put a check in the "Only selected weapons" checkbox.
    • Click "Remove all equipped mods" button.
    • Add 10/10 Serration to all weapons.
    • Notice that the damage numbers on anything past the first weapon have been inflated.

    This seems to be an issue with most mods, in that if I did this for Split Chamber, it would do the same thing.  This leads to some very interestingly incorrect numbers.  It seems to be pulling values from previous calculations without taking into account what weapon the mod is supposed to be applied to.

  4. The Napalm's fire rocket projectile has a HUGE area of effect on impact, and seems to still suffer the old "through terrain" damage bug the Bombard did for forever.

    The initial explosion FX needs to be expanded to encompass whatever the actual range of effect is, and the range of effect needs to be smaller and NOT go through terrain and other solid objects.

    Napalms are currently by far the deadliest enemy the Grineer field, and it's all because of cheesy bullsh*t.  Make them spread fire all over the place but make the initial damage low or something.  Past level 40, Napalms basically 1-2 hit kill most of the physically weaker frames.  And they do it from like 10m away.

  5. Ok, I'm going to say this very directly: Host migrations almost always completely break missions for me.

    Why?  This has been an ongoing issue for literally years now, since I first started playing back in 2015.  I have a very hard time believing that the coding team of this otherwise relatively-well-functioning, great game can't fix this.  Has this simply not been a focus for the dev team?  Why not?  I realize that general engine upgrades and new functionality is important, but I would argue that a large amount of needless pain comes about due to host migrations.

    To list just a few of the issues I've had due to these ulcer-causing events:

    • Doors no longer function.  They aren't locked by a lockdown or other access panel, they simply do. not. work.
    • Doors are permanently locked.  This time, they DO get locked via lockdown, but the lockdown state doesn't carry over with the host migration (or something), so hacking an access panel to lift said lockdown does nothing.
    • Powers cease to be active.  This one's particularly nasty because the enemies become active and start moving around/punching you in the unmentionables/shooting you in the face at least half a second before you regain control of your character.  On high levels this almost always means instant death unless you're like Valkyr Prime with maxed armor.  And even then it's iffy whether you survive that initial onslaught.  If you're a Loki?  Hahahaha.
    • No more spawns in endless missions.  Did the entire Grineer military suddenly all decide to go AWOL?  Maybe the Corpus finally got some vacation time for their hard work.  I don't know, but it makes endless missions literally impossible to complete, requiring that you abort the mission, rendering all progress and drops null and void.
    • And finally the newest one: Complete freakout of the UI.  The host of a fissure endless mission quit after 5 missions (pansy) and the result was that none of the rest of us could use the UI (there was literally a template or something up that had things like "LABEL" and such) and the automatic countdown to begin a mission and just get void traces never activated, requiring all of us to actually Alt-F4 out of the game.

    So yeah, there are so many damned issues with host migration that have been lingering for ages like a particularly malodorous dog fart.  THEY NEED TO GET FIXED.

    I get that netcode and synchronizing is complex.  But I also refuse to believe the dev team isn't up to the task.  Time to air out that dog fart, boys and girls.

  6. On 5/2/2017 at 5:14 PM, (Xbox One)CW Chippi said:

    :blush: My bad, you are good. 20 didn't see any Prime changes. I had to make additions to my no Prime page.  If yo like I will edit that out of the comment(?).

    Nah, no worries.  It's all part of the public record, so to speak, so go ahead and leave it. :)

  7. I think you've got the basis for a very powerful tool here, but as of right now, the layout and functionality is pretty confusing.

    If you will allow me to make some suggestions:

    • Try to make the feel consistent across sheets and within sheets.  This includes color schemes, column widths, font sizes, having column entries be either left justified OR centered but not both, etc.
    • For sheets where filtering is used, try and make the layout so that the filter buttons don't overlap with the contents of the cells.
    • Hide sheets that are there specifically to hold data for use in lookup tables (e.g. DucatTable).
    • Try and minimize left/right scrolling on monitors of a certain size. (Pretty much achieved this with the exception of the "Weapon Tracker" sheet.)
    • For user-entered data, if you are expecting specific things (such as "Sold", "Arsenal", etc. for the "Weapon Tracker" sheet), make the list a dropdown the user can choose from.
    • Documentation and instructions.  This is critical to any complex project.
  8. 5 hours ago, (Xbox One)CW Chippi said:

    Nice work:highfive:

    Looks like you need the release 20 updates

    Ir if you are ready to hang up the updated here is another option


    What updates are those?  I've only been minimally active the past couple weeks due to finals coming up, but the last change to the prime tables that I remember are those that occurred when Banshee Prime went live.

  9. I was playing an alert tonight and had the ever-so-fun experience of a host migration.  When the migration occurred, the hostage had been rescued and we were in the process of moving to the extraction point, with the first alarm level having been triggered.  Post-migration, the doors locked and hacking a nearby console didn't fix the issue.  I wasn't carrying Liset air support so I don't know if that will bypass the bug.

    The tileset was the Grineer Shipyard, but I've also seen this happen (under the same circumstances) in the Corpus Ship tileset.

  10. @Stoi84

    I was wondering if you could add a "charge time" stat to blank weapons, to allow us to effectively simulate those weapons that use it.  I realize this can be mimicked by messing with fire rate, but it's also very useful to see an actual charge time if it applies.

  11. I'm just here to say that this is STILL a severe issue.  Nothing like having all your buffs up, having a host migration occur, then getting one-shotted because your buffs aren't up anymore, BEFORE you can move because the game's not fully set up yet.

    Fiiiiiiix iiiiiiiiit.  Please.  Your player base would love you even more.

  12. I can't tell you how many times I have had to abort a mission because of a host migration that completely screws the mission state.  Like missing rescue targets, perma-locked doors, unhackable lockdowns, among others.  Not to mention that if you're in the middle a swarm of enemies when the migration occurs you will die almost without exception because the migration doesn't carry over the state of your buffs and doesn't give you control back until after the enemies resume activities, like shooting you in the face.

    So here are my suggestions:

    1. Have some sort of unified data set that every client keeps in sync with the host, containing important things like each client's ammo count, warframe energy, powers active, exact state of the mission (hostage rescued, their health, lockdown state, objects destroyed, etc.).  When a host migration occurs, nothing is lost because it's all contained in this data set.
    2. If/when a host migration conditions occurs, pause the game on all clients (including the host) until each and every client is loaded back in.
    3. Once every player is back in the game, put up a short countdown timer that signifies when the mission will resume normal play.

    Take it or leave it, but please for the love of Clem, implement some sort of fix for this pain.

  13. I was helping some alliance members farm the Raptor boss on Europa for Nova parts when I noticed a really annoying bug.  Specifically, if you have your secondary weapon equipped and pick up the bomb that pops out of a Raptor when you kill it, when you drop said bomb, your primary weapon automatically gets re-equipped.

    While it's not a huge, game-stopping bug, you start getting annoyed by things like this when you have to run 14 missions because RNGesus is being cranky.

    I can see two possible fixes for this behavior:

    1. Whatever weapon you have equipped when you drop the bomb stays equipped.
    2. Have the game remember what weapon you have equipped prior to picking up the bomb, and then equip that weapon again once the bomb is dropped.

    I personally think the second option is the better of the two.

    Thank you for your time,

  14. @Stoi84, I took the liberty of compiling a small list (with wiki links) of everything I have noticed missing from Warframe Builder at the moment.  I hope you will find it useful in adding everything.

    Valkyr Prime

    Primary Weapons:
    Cernos Prime

    Melee Weapons:
    Venka Prime

    Chilling Reload
    Condition Overload
    Corroding Barrage
    Dispatch Overdrive
    Drifting Contact
    Enduring Affliction
    Guardian Derision
    Healing Return
    Icy Avalanche
    Reinforcing Stomp
    Relentless Combination
    Savior Decoy
    Streamlined Form

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